Dear Deputy District Attorneys Jon Hatami, Scott Yang, and the LA County District Attorney’s Office

Dear Deputy District Attorneys Jon Hatami, Scott Yang, and the LA county district attorney’s office,

First, I would like to say thank you for prosecuting the Gabriel Fernandez case and for trying to hold social workers accountable for their crimes against families and children.

I am a survivor of criminal CPS. My name is Dawn E. Worswick. I was kidnapped from my father October 7, 1977 by criminal CPS and placed into a foster home where I was brutally raped over and over again. I had to be taken to the hospital to have my female parts repaired.

My parents did not deserve to lose me in the manner that they lost me. My father served this country in the Vietnam War, my father is a war hero. My mother is a survivor on all fronts of horrific abuse by her family, she was off getting some help when all of this happened.

Ruth White made up lies about my father and had no excuse to take me, so she claimed my father raped me when in fact, it was the foster parents’ 12-year-old son that raped me over and repeatedly. All of them apparently knew about it! Criminal CPS covered this up. The hospital records show the date was after I was in care when the abuse happened, and the surgery took place. My criminal social worker is an evil, evil woman. I hope that sick nasty woman is dead.

After this incident, my father received a bill from the hospital I was born in. This is how he had found out that his baby girl had been brutally raped before she was even three years old. My father called the DA of the time. My father called the judge. My father made a police report. My father did everything he could to try to protect me. But criminal CPS covered it up and the judge told my dad basically too bad, so sad and placed a gag order over him, so he couldn’t speak out.

That I was placed in children’s Village in Beaumont California where I was brutally trafficked into child pornography, SRA (satanic ritual abuse) for four years, until I was seven. Everybody knew about it. There was 43 of us until Reiko was adopted and then there was 42. Although the staff knew that this was happening. They did nothing to stop it. They even sent us to a psychiatrist to make sure that we didn’t tell.

This abuse went on until I went to a foster home in Palmdale, California. The Osbornes couldn’t handle me. I stayed there for a year. The social workers did not tell them that I had been raped and abused for the last four years while at children’s Village. By this time, I was a terror!

Then a Patricia Avery took me in, in Lancaster, California. She adopted me but when I disclosed the abuse against me at children’s Village, I was then removed from her home and placed in a mental hospital until her insurance ran out. Then they moved me to Camarillo state mental hospital. At these hospitals they tied me down to beds and shot me up full of dangerous drugs like Thorazine and other dangerous psychotropic drugs not meant for children.

I then was moved to McLaren Hall in LA California. From there, I was in and out of group homes. I lived on the street a lot until I ended up in juvenile hall for stealing. I finally was able to convince a judge to emancipate me at 16 which he did, to the street. That was the first nice thing a judge ever did for me. He did tell me if I got into any legal trouble, I would end up in prison instead of juvenile hall.

By God’s grace, I was able to find my parents at the age of 16 without the help of criminal CPS. My adopted mom, who unadopted me, sent me some pictures that were snuck to her by one of the social workers. It had my Social Security number on it, my father’s name and my mother’s name, and my grandparents address. I was able to write to my grandparents and get in touch with my real family. You can imagine the surprise to my father because they told him that I was dead. I moved to Florida to be with my dad and because I was already pregnant, I had a baby.

I live the rest of my life trying to overcome the trauma that criminal CPS inflicted upon myself and my family. My father did not rape me. I went to regressive hypnosis and found out the truth. I also now know my father and I know that he could never do anything like that.

Criminal CPS destroys children and their families. They do not protect them. They are in the business of acquiring children for adoption trafficking, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, medical trafficking, organ donor trafficking. They are not in the business of protecting children. I know this because I lived in it. So many children are suffering right now because of criminal CPS all over the country, not just in LA county. They don’t like to get children that they can’t sell. Therefore, children like the Fernandez boy was left in his home to die and criminal social workers continue to get away with their crimes against families and their children. I guess it’s A-Okay with that appeals court to lie, falsify documents, and not do your job if you are a CPS worker!!! (Sarcastic)

Criminal CPS is not about protecting children, it is about making money. Therefore, nearly 75% of the children are on dangerous psychotropic drugs. Therefore, they steal children from new mothers at the hospital. Therefore, the system is so full of children because the money is so good that children have become currency for the state and it’s FOR PROFIT co-conspirators AKA adoption agencies, group homes, foster homes and anyone else that make big money from the states contract. Criminal CPS will sell children to anyone that pays the highest price. Foster care is not safer for children, that is a fact!

Anyone that comes against them in any state is either railroaded or murdered. It is nearly impossible to get justice against criminal CPS because they are not held accountable for their crimes against children and their families. Yet they have immunity to act without impunity or care for the families and children that are entrusted to them. There are many, many ex social workers that will speak out against these criminals, many attorneys have been disbarred for trying to fight these criminals, many judges threatened or removed, many doctors threatened and removed- you need to really investigate the facts as to why this is so.

There are many families speaking out against these criminals. Many survivors like myself, families whose children or grandchildren were kidnapped and adopted out to strangers. Senators have been murdered who have tried to expose these criminals.

One such brave woman is Nancy Schaefer; a US Georgia senator was murdered in her home in the summer of 2010 after she exposed criminal CPS for their crimes against families and children. She also exposed criminal CPS for child sex trafficking. If you really want to know the truth if you really want to do what’s right, if you really, really want to fight for good, then you will look into this and you will do something about it.

There is so much testimony, so many facts, so many stories… It is nearly impossible to ignore it if you are looking. There are good people fighting these criminals in every state, but the criminals have unlimited state resources. They have unlimited power to abuse families and their children. They have unlimited support from the community because people refuse to see the truth and do something about it until a case like Gabriel Fernandez comes up and then they want to do something about it. But, still to this day, nothing has been done to fix the problems of criminal CPS.

Those social workers were not punished for their crimes against children. They are still able to commit more crimes against more children and the problem remains in every state in the country.

If people continue to believe that criminal CPS is for children, the problem is not going to be resolved. Criminal CPS is not for children. Criminal CPS is for profit. Criminal CPS uses large for-profit organizations to acquire adoptable children and they provide analytics for agencies to do just that. Adoption and sex trafficking is the United States largest cash cow. The back-door cash that flows from that pays a lot of bills.

This is your job to investigate and find out why, how and where this is happening. If you’re going to do anything about it that, then your part of it. It’s as simple as that.

I’m writing you this letter because deep down I’m praying that there is somebody that still cares about children and I thought that maybe that was you. If it’s not and you don’t want to look into this, I will just put in my mind you are as bad as the rest of them and don’t cite me the law, because criminal CPS is breaking the law every single day and every single County of every single state in the United States of America.

They are abusing their authority under the color of law, they are abusing the constitutional rights of the families and the children and they are out right breaking the law by falsifying documents, creating false positive in tests, by committing perjury in the courtroom, and criminal judges not following the law in his own courtroom by placing gag orders on the families so they can’t speak out against the crimes being committed against them by the very agencies that say they are protecting them.

They lock children up in a mental hospital so they can’t speak, they tie him down to beds and shoot them up full of drugs so they can’t speak out against the crimes that are being committed against them. I know this to be true because I lived it. Now you are going to do something about this or you’re not! It’s as simple as that. You claim to uphold the law and investigate crimes against citizens…. We’ll see about that. Join us and fight against criminal CPS that is torturing, drugging, endangering, kidnapping, trafficking, and murdering children.

I mean business,

Former Foster child,

Dawn E. Worswick


In the case of Anthony Valva, why aren’t you prosecuting the presiding judge who purposely punished the mother by alienating her from her children because of this criminal abusive pig of a cop, and the criminal CPS workers in this case who clearly, purposely left this child in harm’s way. Criminal CPS DOES NOT PROTECT CHILDREN and you put more children in harm’s way by putting them in the care of more criminals!!!!

Clearly, they are both culpable for the death of Anthony Valva. Clearly, they purposely left this child with an abuser, clearly, they KNEW he was dangerous. What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???? If the child hadn’t of died, none of you would have gave a fuck because you are criminals just the same as they are!!!!

As a survivor of criminal CPS LA CA, I know your game. You, the judges and criminal CPS all work together to cover your asses and make those BIG FEDERAL BONUS checks for the state and when a child dies, all of you work to cover your ass!!!!

This case only highlights the complete charade of protecting children. The surviving children are without their only protection from the world because of criminals like yourselves. This child died because of the incompetency and greed, of the judge, criminal CPS workers and yourselves. All of you are a disgrace to justice and America. ALL OF YOU DESERVE THE ELECTRIC CHAIR FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. You know damn well what is going on and you continue to participate in it and allow it to continue. God help you someday because us parents and survivors surly won’t.

Please message these people and give them your thoughts on FB!!!



In Response to: Trump Administration Asks for Comments on Child Sex Trafficking in Foster Care System


let me introduce myself. My name is Dawn E. Worswick. I grew up in your criminal child protective services organization in LA California during the years of 1977 through 1991.

I was kidnapped from my father under false allegations on October 7, 1977 by a Miss Ruth White. Her allegation was that my father supposedly raped me.

I was then sent to a foster home where I was brutally raped by a 12-year-old boy and I had to go to the hospital to have my female parts surgically repaired and guess who got the bill? My father! He took this evidence to the judge, who did not to care! The judge gagged and sanctioned my father and moved me to a worse place, Children’s Village in Beaumont California, where I was brutally raped for another four years. My father had no criminal charges and there was no proof that my father did any awful thing to me. My rapes began while foster care. The social workers took it upon themselves to kidnappe me from my father, lie, and sell me to child traffickers and pornographers who not only practiced Satanism but used me in ritual, satanic abuse.

Not only was I raped in this place. I was sold to other people along with 40 other children. They used us for satanic ritual abuse and child pornography. They made us do nasty things with animals. They did horrific things to us and yet nobody seems to care. Nobody cared then and nobody cares now!

At seven they deemed to be adoptable and so I was moved to a foster home where my behavior at this point was out of control. They had neglected to tell the Osbournes that I had been raped for four years and so they gave me up after year.

I then was moved to another foster home. Ms. Avery had no idea what she’d gotten herself into at this point. I was unmanageable but yet she still adopted me because she loved to me but when I disclosed the abuse to her at children’s Village, Guess what happened then? They kidnapped me from my foster mom and sent me to the mental hospital where they tied me down to beds and shot needles in my ass full of dangerous psychotropic drugs. They used to lock me in a room by myself for hours at a time with nothing in it but a bed to tie me down to.

After I finally got out of that place, I went to McLaren Hall in LA California, a very dangerous place for kids. It is a warehouse full of kids, languishing, until they can find homes or placements for them. Most of these kids were not abused by their families. Most of these kids were abused in a foster home or a group home.

Finally, I left McLaren Hall and I went to a group home and then after that group, went to another group home and then after that group, went to another group home. Then after that group, went to another group. Finally, I did something really stupid and I landed myself in juvenile hall. This is where I was able to ask the judge to emancipate me when I turned 16. He agreed and after I turned 16 I was emancipated to the streets.

That year, I emancipated from the system. I found a boyfriend I found my family. I had a baby and I moved out of state of California. I found out every single lie that my social workers told me about my father’s was a lie. I found out that my mother was trying to get me back, but they refused to let her have me. I found out everything they told my foster mom was a lie as well. I hope that social worker is brought to prison and rots in hell for the things that she’s done to my family.

I found out every single thing that the system told my family was a lie. They told my father that I was dead. What is sick evil system it is. The people who run the system are the sickest on the planet. Anyone that can break the child’s spirit and steal them from their entire family and adopt them out while lying, cheating and stealing these childrens innocence while alienating them from everyone who is ever loved them, including their extended family, deserve a prison cell. The system keeps these children from their entire family  including grandparents or extended family who love them because they want to make money, so they adopt them out to someone else.

These evil pigs deserve the deepest darkest prison that there is. There is no doubt that families need help sometimes. But the system that we have today is a disgusting representation of any kind of help a family would get. The system is not about helping families. Its is about making money.

There are plenty of advocates, former foster children, former attorneys, current attorneys, former foster parents, current foster parents, judges, social workers, ex-social workers that believe that the system is corrupted from the ground up. And why won’t you listen to us??? The survivors. I have only been screaming about my story for 40 years. The system is disgusting and it needs to be abolished. There is no doubt that there are families that need help and that people that hurt their children. But if the system only helps those children there would be only 1/3 of the children in the system. The back door money that’s being created by adoption trafficking, organ trafficking, abortion, sex trafficking, medical trafficking, and a host of other evil things is sick and we are going to put an end to it.

I have to tell you if any one of these evil people were to take my child, you would have to lock me up for the rest of my life because I would not rest until I found my child. I would not rest until I put that evil pig where it belongs. I would not rest until my child was safely back in my arms and do you think that us Americans are so stupid is to allow these people to continue doing what they’re doing???? Absolutely not!!!!!!

If you think I’m furious….wait until these children grow up. Look at our country today is an absolute mess!!!!   Thousands upon thousands of families and children are ruined because of criminals that run social services. It’s going to be 100 times worse. Coming up, these children are bad. They’re tired of being lied to, drugged up. locked up. They’re tired of being stolen from their families and their parents are mad. Everybody’s pist off and you know deserve the electric chair???…It’s these criminals. They deserve prison. They deserve the electric chair. They deserve every evil thing that comes to them but yet the United States of America protects them with immunity  While they are happily making crimes against children and their families.

I know people that will give testimony. There are thousands upon thousands of stories. The evidence is clear and has been for a long time. These social workers sell these children to whoever pays the most. These adoption agencies are making so much back door money on these children. They are private agencies. Not only getting federal dollars, but getting dollars from the underground to sell these children and the child sex trafficking, adoption trafficking, the medical trafficking and so much more. If you really want to do what’s right, you will investigate every single state and do something to stop this today. Otherwise, anything short of that. You’re not doing anything to help because these criminals will continue doing what they do unabated.

These criminals steal children from their families with the help of judges, attorneys that work for the states, guardian ad litem’s and GALS -both of which have no training whatsoever in the legal field or in the area of child protective services other than a six hour course that they take and they follow the direction of the criminal social worker on almost every case.

The judge should not be listening to uneducated monkeys making decisions, life altering decisions for children…. on false allegations no proof needed. Just somebody’s word. Even in criminal court. there must be a trial. When will you people wake up and realize that this is been going on for a very long time unabated. It will continue to go on if you don’t do something. There is no fix here other than to change the laws where the social workers will not be able to steal people’s children on false allegations. In many of these cases there is no criminal charges against the parents. Yet the children are stolen from the family sold to someone else with their parental rights terminated. The cash is flowing. You can bet that.

I have another person that would like to bring to your attention too. Her name is Nancy Schaefer, a US Georgia Senate member who brought up a report against criminal CPS for child sex trafficking and adoption trafficking. She was a hero. She spoke out against criminal CPS which is a very strong agency that will do anything to continue doing what it’s doing. They murdered her in her home in the summer of 2010 and called it a murder suicide with her husband. Now I know some of the people that knew her and they told me that she would never have been killed by her husband because they were in this together, they were Christians and they loved their community. She was about to introduce a law 410 that would have changed the incentives for criminal CPS and it disappeared from her home along with the report against criminal CPS.

Recently another Senate member also died by suspicious circumstances in the state of Arkansas .

“A former Arkansas state senator, Linda Collins-Smith was found murdered in her home last week in Pocahontas, Arkansas. According to reports, Collins-Smith was closing in on a child trafficking ring which was being run by the Arkansas government.”

So you can see the anybody that tries to come against his criminals. Either end up dead were excommunicated from the community.

The only reason I survived is because I have God. He saved me is to expose, criminal CPS and my mission on this earth is to expose and dispose of criminal CPS. Call me crazy, but I’m a tell you this, I will not rest until this system is brought to its knees and every single person involved goes to prison for their involvement in adoption and child sex trafficking schemes against children and their families. This is not a joke. These children will be back, and they will be taking out their pain and suffering on society. They may not be lucky like me because I was saved by God. They may come back with an automatic shotgun because this is the mindset that they will have. So you either do something about these criminals or we will. ​If criminal CPS doesn’t destroy America than these children may because they are going to be so angry they will do anything to get back at the criminals that did this to them and mark my words, it is not going to be pretty. And we as a society will deserve it because we did nothing to stop them from hurting these children.

 So you fancy-pansy suits can sit up there all day pretending to do something, but if you don’t do something for real,  it’s on your head. You are just as much a criminal as they are because you know that this is going on, the evidence and the research is there, but you’re not doing nothing to stop it. And that is criminal. I speak for us survivors. I speak for the families. And I promise you this, we will not give up. 

Dawn E. Worswick

Another few horrible facts to behold about criminal foster care:

The stark horrific reality of state sponsored kidnapping is having its dramatically negative toll on America and its people.  The emphasis on Termination of Parental right and selling them into adoption trafficking schemes is sick and twisted, yet it’s happening all over the USA. Sellable children ripped from their families to be sold to another family is called foster servitude. This is a long way from the idea in 1853, Charles Loring Brace founded a program that would become the foundation of modern day foster care.

There are thousands of horrified stories from survivors of criminal CPS/DHS. Parents and children alike yet no one seem to be able t fix it because the corruption runs deep. The money is too good.

We, victims and survivors demand change!! What kind of monsters do this injustice to innocent children? Lie, cheat and steal-commit perjury, falsify documents, threaten children and their family’s while criminal judges look the other way, refuse and ignore viable evidence and allow children to be traumatized, victimized, demoralized without proof?


Another few horrible facts to behold about criminal foster care:

  • 85% of children that were stolen from their families age out of foster care are angry, hurt, and have low self esteem end up dead in prison, or trafficked into the sex trade. Foster care, a pedophiles delight. Thanks!!!! You did a great job! How about that raise and bonus money for your state! Was it worth it?


  • Pimps love foster kids because social workers and foster homes have done their job for them. Broke them down until they have no will to live. Way to go!!!!


  • Stealing a child from her family is severely traumatizing and is considered child abuse. Alienating her from everyone she knows, including her extended family…placing then with strangers and trying to adopt them out for CASH. Studies have shown foster care is often NOT the better choice. The state does not do a better job at raising kids. But Its all about the MONEYYYYYYYYYY!


  • Lies, false allegations, secret courts, falsified documents, bribes, and threats are all apart of the game. Stacked against the parents who can’t win against criminals who cheat to win without evidence or due process. There is so much proof to support this accusation, you will be buried in it in a courtroom sized pile.


  • Know you will not get away with it forever. Your day of judgement is coming. I hope you remember every scream and tear of the innocent while your paying the price for your crimes against humanity. EVIL PIGS!!!!! Our prayers are against you! May God punish you thoroughly, you will feel the full weight of it!


We are raising money for SCPSLKC ( or, an association of over 3,500+ parents. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.

Stop Child Protection Services from Legally Kidnapping Children (SCPSLKC) is working to change what has been happening in all 50 States with some of the most vulnerable members of our society, children, to ensure they and their families receive constitutional protected advocacy and fair legal representation. We will work to get these children and their parents reunified, and to get them the PTSD psychological care they will need after these horrific experiences. Currently the government doesn’t provide for post child / parental reunification psychological care. See the Harvard study “Foster Children Suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at Twice the Rate of U.S. War Veterans”

2,637,381 children have been forcibly separated from their parents in the last 10 years.


Our Children Are Priceless!

Help SCPSLKC Fight For Their Constitutional Rights, Undeniable Freedoms, Core American Values and Family First Beliefs.

The mission of SCPSLKC is a nationwide multi-state litigation strategy. It is an expensive undertaking from a legal services perspective. See our Mission Statement at

SCPSLKC has filed the first of many federal civil rights lawsuits in Minnesota that will challenge the constitutionality of their Social Services system. [Case Number: 18-CV-01091] Erick Kaardal, a graduate of Harvard College, has participated and won cases before the US Supreme Court and is chief counsel to the Association for their multi-state federal litigation strategy. See

For decades, the US Government has been unnecessarily separating millions of families and traumatizing American children based purely on allegations with no supporting evidence. As last reported, 437,465 children were removed from their families and placed in foster homes according to the federal government Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System.

While not involved in what is currently happening to immigrant children at the border, seeing this is a dramatic visualization of what has been secretly happening to Americans children for years.

This traumatization of US children has reached epidemic proportions. According to a 10-year study by the American Public Health Association, an alarming estimate that 37.4% of all children experience a child protective services investigation by age 18 years. That results in 27.7 million children investigated based upon the current U.S. population census of approximately 75 million children under age 18 or 49 million parents being investigated according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau findings.

What’s even more alarming is that a staggering 84% of all child removals are not related to any physical harm to the child whatsoever as reported to the US Congress in the AFCARS report above. Furthermore, 61% of the placements were considered neglect, which is based purely on social worker discretion, which basically translates to the freedom to do whatever the caseworker wants. What they see as “neglect” is often just what poverty looks like. Instead of getting help to parents, the parents get their children taken. Please see the annual U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report.

In June of 2018, 540 organizations from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico which have well-recognized expertise in the fields of child welfare, juvenile justice and child health, development and safety, reported that the separation of children from their parents will have significant and long-lasting consequences for the safety, health, development, and well-being of children.


Federal payments – our tax dollars – go to states to support the entire foster care and group home system. Payments begin the moment a child is taken with bonuses for “special needs” such as medication, then more bonuses to state agencies for termination of parental rights or adoption of children even if parents are still fighting for custody in Family Court. The most recent figures are that foster care in America is a $29.1 billion per year industry.

Please see and

Our goal is the preservation of the family through federal legal channels and the power of the people. We seek to stop the systemic government abuse in the national child protection services, foster care and adoption system, and the current secret closed-door child protection court system and instead establish independent privatized oversight with direct authority and accountability.

If the current system were truly honest about helping children, it would have nothing to hide. Caseworkers would be rejoicing and sharing their honest deeds with everyone. They would want the country to know what they were doing really was good and in the best interest of the children. Instead, the government hides behind closed doors, conducting their court proceedings in secret / private hearings across America so that the citizens of this great nation are unaware that Social Services and the Court System are permanently scaring children emotionally by terminating a parent rights to their child forever without a jury trial, in a closed court proceeding, before a single Judge.

Defendants in criminal courts have more rights than parents in Family Court. Children – even nursing newborns — are taken without evidence, warrants, or the ability of parents to face and challenge the accuser in court. Parents do not get a Jury trial in 44 states when their parental rights are permanently terminated.

Just think about this, a thief will get a jury trial for stealing something as small as pack of chewing gum, but a parent will not get a jury trial when the State takes away their child forever.

Federal TITLE IV-E payments to States begin when the child is taken into state custody. States can demand child support from parents even while they fight to regain custody. Medicare provides funds for medicating taken children, including with psychotropic drugs.

Child Protection Services in America does the opposite of “PROTECT”; instead the agencies intentionally traumatize the children they are supposed to be protecting.

Do you really want to live in a country where the government can traumatize children by separating them from their families forever just for being poor? How about not vaccinating, home schooling, getting a second medical opinion, parental discipline, allowing children to play in the backyard with friends, riding a bicycle in front of your house alone or falling out of bed while sleeping and injuring themselves?

Do you really want to live in a country where the government is not required to show any evidence of physical or mental harm to your child before traumatizing them forever by forcefully removing them from your home and placing them in a shelter, group home or foster care?

Do you really want to live in a country where social workers can fabricate negative evidence and hide positive evidence in their investigation and presentation to the court to affect the removal of your child from the family home?

Do you really want to live in a country where Social Services and the entire judicial process has no periodic or annual case review process, no independent oversight, no “checks or balances”, and no one insists on accountability?

Do you really want to live in a country where the government has a closed court system and operates in total secrecy so that they can protect bad judges, bad lawyers, and bad institutions that serve those courts, such as child protection services, which allows them to hide their traumatization and abuses to children and to cover up their misdeeds?

Do you really want to live in a country where if you even question the legality and constitutionality of the traumatization of your child, the Judge issues a “Gag Order” on the parents and puts them jail for speaking out against the corrupt practices of the system?

Do you really want to live in a country where the entire Social Services system, the Judges, Guardians Ad Litem, County Attorneys, Public Defenders and the County paid Psychologist, Doctors, Testers, Evaluators, and other government witnesses are exempt from any wrong doing by governmentally created immunity in State and Federal courts, so your case challenging any wrongdoing will never be heard or considered, thereby depriving you from seeking any legal redress from the traumatization of your child by State officials?


Furthermore, parents must stand by helplessly and watch their children be traumatized and abused by the very same system that is chartered to protect them or risk being jailed while attempting to protect their families.



Approximately $290 billion of our tax dollars have gone to funding government agencies that unethically, illegally and unconstitutionally separate hundreds of thousands of children and families every year often without any evidence of abuse or true neglect. For decades the government has shown they are incapable of running or correcting a failed child protection and foster care system; therefore, the current systems need to be abolished and replace immediately.

Furthermore, the government puts the children into a horrible, antiquated, and utterly broken foster care system that promotes disparity and further traumatizes the children. This has been thoroughly documented in numerous independent reports over the course of the last 30 years. Nearly one third of the children in foster care reported being abused by a foster parent or another adult in a foster home. That study didn’t even include cases of foster children abusing each other. What’s even worse, statistics suggest bleak futures for children who grow up in foster care, therefore as a society, we are failing our countries children. It’s time to keep all families together and put children and families first.

(Please see

Federal lawsuits, such as the one we filed in Minnesota could be filed in the remaining states to stop the practices listed above once and for all. We plan to pursue this litigation as far as necessary, even to the U.S. Supreme Court, to stop all of these unconstitutional practices by State and County agencies. While children need protecting from truly abusive situations that cause them harm, the current system does NOT require this showing of harm to the child before removal from the family home. Because children’s civil rights are being violated daily, the CPS practices need to be fixed immediately!

Nationwide Litigation Strategy

Our national strategy is based on stopping the travesty of state child protection agencies legally kidnapping children under unconstitutional laws.

The nationwide litigation strategy against the 50 states’ child protection systems is focused, simple and will require resources to fund. The strategy is straightforward. The U.S. Supreme Court needs to declare that it is unconstitutional that any of the 50 states have statutes terminating parental rights, temporarily or permanently, which do not require that the child be substantially harmed or threatened by harm. Instead, the 50 states have unconstitutional statutes regulating parental manners, conduct, etc.

The strategy is simple. We need to argue to the U.S. Supreme Court that it is unconstitutional for the state governments to take a child from a parent, even temporarily, unless it is to prevent a substantial harm to the child or threat of substantial harm to child. Because this nationwide legal strategy is so defined and specific, we have been able to adopt a budget of $11,500,000 to accomplish the goals of implementing the nationwide legal strategy and presenting these claims to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In collaboration with the nationwide litigation strategy, we have a lobbying strategy. We will be lobbying Congress to amend current federal funding laws to prohibit federal funds to be used by state agencies who are operating under unconstitutional statutes. Our political message is “No federal funds should be used until state laws are amended to reflect the constitutional standard that no child shall be taken unless substantial harm or threat of substantial harm is being prevented.”

So, when we win in the U.S. Supreme case we bring and Congress enacts the amendments we seek, it will be the end of state agencies legally kidnapping children under state laws which do not require the state to show a prevention of substantial harm prior to taking a child away from a parent. Our victories will be a victory for children, their families and America!



It is our responsibility to put an end to criminal Child trafficking Protective Services/ Human Resources/ family court/adoption Services abuse.  I am writing this letter to you on behalf of myself and millions of families and their children across America.

Children are being used in child sex trafficking situations via Child Protective Services.  Children are being wrongly placed in foster care/ adoption services to increase bonus funding for the states to increase their budget to increase the salary budget. Social workers are lying in courtrooms across the country about innocent parents and are not being held accountable when hard evidence is presented to these facts. This is a miscarriage of justice and it must stop!!!! Children are dying in foster care and it is being covered up. There is no due process. CPS is judge, jury and executioner and most of the time they have no evidence, they make it up as they go.

There is plenty of evidence to the facts, yet, nothing is being done! Once a child enters the criminal child protective systems, the child becomes a commodity. The child is worth federal funds. Deem that child special needs and that child’s worth rises by 30%. Everyone gets a piece of the pie, the social worker, the lawyers, the mental health workers, the foster families, the doctors prescribing the psyche meds and everyone else in the mission of stealing America’s children from their families for profit.

The immigrant families got more of a fair trial than American families. The judges make life altering decisions based on lies, trickery, and falsehoods. When the parents try to present their evidence, they are denied by the presiding judge. Many times, the social workers will trick the parents into not showing up for court.  WE demand fair trials with due process. WE demand warrants before children are removed from their homes. WE demand children go to family members instead of strangers. WE demand our children RETURNED to their rightful families. WE demand criminal charges for lying social workers and judges. WE demand children do NOT GO TO PREDATORS!!!! In California alone  it was found that over 1,000 foster parents were registered sex offenders. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!! OVER 1,000 FOSTER PARENTS WERE REGISTRED SEX OFFENDERS!!!

We are in a very dark place in history. People say we are the best country in the world. We ARE NOT. WE ABUSE AND TRAFFICK OUR CHILDREN FOR PROFIT WITHOUT IMPUNITY. There are 500,000 or more children in the foster care system at a time. Times that by over 100 years. That is 500,000 x 100 years = 500,000,000 MILLION LIVES RUINED. And we are not even talking about the families of these children, mothers, fathers, grand -parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, family friends, and anyone else who loves these children.


Mr. Trump I am a survivor. They stole me from my parents on Oct 3rd 1977.  I was sexually abused in the very first foster home I was in. My social worker covered it up and moved me to Children’s Village in Beaumont California where I was trafficked into the child pornography trade for four years. EVERYONE KNEW!!! They even had a psychologist that used to tell us not to tell anyone what was happening, or we would get in trouble all paid for by your tax dollars.

I was 7 when I left children Villages to go to a foster home where I tried to be normal, but I wasn’t anymore. Then I was moved to another foster home until they locked me up in a mental institution where they tied me down to beds and shot me up full of drugs for over two years. Then after that I went from group home to group home where I ran away constantly. Finally, at 16 a judge allowed me to emancipate after a stint in juvenile hall for a shoplifting charge. When I emancipated to the street. I met a guy, he took me to South Carolina and through the grace of GOD I met my parents. By this time, I was 16 and pregnant and the story goes on from there. The things that told me about my parents were lies. The things they did to my parents were cruel, evil and criminal. I have been screaming about this for 20 years. I spoke many times about this at human trafficking conferences across the country because that’s what it is, state sanctioned human trafficking. It is just as traumatic for children to be stolen by social workers as it is to be stolen by strangers.

I will NOT SIT BACK ANY LONGER Mr. TRUMP. Now I voted for you because God told me too.  DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND END CRIMINAL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES AS WE KNOW IT. It needs reforms. Children need to be returned to their families. We have true blue-blooded Americans who are doctors, lawyers, advocates, and people of great integrity fighting against this criminal system. Won’t you join us? The very fabric of your society is being ruined. When these children grow up they are going to be criminals because they were stolen from the very people that love them and they know it. It was only by the grace of God that I was able to straighten out. It was because God had plans for my life and he wouldn’t let me go. This is my mission to and criminal child protective service abuses. No longer will we stand by and let social workers destroy our families through lies, deceptions, and falsehood. No longer as a society are we going to stand by and allow our children to be raped, trafficked, murdered, drugged, and kidnapped. So, these criminals can line their pockets with their blood money.

Every single one of these people deserve a jail cell and I think it’s about time Mr. Pres. that you did your job to protect the people and our most vulnerable, our children. If your friends are lobbying for child protective service, and foster care services, you are going to have ask yourself why. It’s because it’s all about the money. And If you don’t do something about this, God will punish you for it because you are the president, you are the boss, you have the power to change it and you did not. Think about that.

Are more afraid of God? or are you more afraid of your friends? Remember what God said in the Bible about his children being offended. He said it’s better to put a millstone around your neck and to be dropped to the bottom of the sea.

Do something Mr. President!!! Do something worth doing for our children for our, families, for America!!!!  Get rid of criminal child protective service abuses via adoption trafficking and foster care trafficking. Remove the incentive to take children from their homes, demand that the courts will no longer operate outside of the law, demand justice for criminal social workers and put them in prison for lying, falsifying documents, and perjury. Charge them with kidnapping and using the system for false pretenses.

IF We were to implement these policies. Mr. Trump, there will be few and far between, who would risk disobeying the law. As it stands right now, American children are worth the bounty. They can be stolen from their parents, with little or no evidence and adopted out for thousands of thousands of dollars. Families are broken and hurting and screaming for help. Children are so screaming for help and nobody is listening. Will you listen Mr. Trump? Will you do what is right? Will you help our children and our families? Let’s make America great again. Remove criminal child protective services and return children to the rightful families. Let’s have fair trials and warrants before children are taken from their homes.

There’s a lot to be done in this area. Mr. Trump and there are people that will help you, but you must help us. Otherwise, America will remain a swamp with deadly vipers stealing the very life blood of our communities. America’s families and children are the lifeblood of America and if you keep allowing criminal child protective services to destroy families across the nation, it’s going to destroy America.

You say that you love America. Mr. Trump, then you will help us fight for our families and our children. Nancy Schaefer, a US Georgia senator, gave her life in the summer of 2010 because she was murdered for exposing child protective services for kidnapping, child sex trafficking, over drugging, and using children for profit. She made many speeches and she was a courageous Christian woman who fought tirelessly for her constituents.  She also  brought a life changing bill to the floor that would have changed the funding and incentives program that reward the agencies for kidnapping people’s children needlessly. All that died with her but us survivors have not forgotten her and her sacrifice and we will not give up fighting back.

Now, It’s your turn Mr. Trump. Give us back our families and our children. Take away the incentive for kidnapping America’s children into foster care HELL. It is not fun for children. It is traumatizing, it is criminal, it is evil, and we are not going to take it anymore.

I am a child of God. Mr. Trump and I will pray, work, and fight to end this scourge on American society. I do not believe that God is happy with the situation as it is. It is our duty as Christians, as Americans, and as citizens to do what is right by our families and our children by getting rid of criminal child protective services and ending the money laundering scheme that involves abusing our children in unimaginable ways. You are either with us or you are against us. Mr. Trump, there’s no two ways about it.

I sincerely hope you consider this proposal because while you’re sitting in that office. You have a great responsibility to our families and our children, and there would be no bigger responsibility to end a criminal enterprise that allows our children to be abused and stolen from their families where they are loved and cared for. The state does not take better care of our children, nor does the state give them love. There are some wonderful foster parents out there and thank God for them, but, it is a criminal operation running and being sanctioned by the government. It is government sanctioned child abuse operation, and everyone involved should go to prison for the rest of their lives because that is exactly what they have done to these children. They have decided for the rest of their lives they don’t get their families, they don’t get love, they don’t get care, they don’t get nothing unless the state gives it to them and they decided that because of power and money and no other reason and that is wrong!


So, I thank you Mr. Trump that you are on our side and I pray for you. I pray by the grace of God that you get this letter and you act upon it. Nancy Schaefer did a thorough investigation and when they murdered her, they stole all her files. The evidence is readily available. There are thousands upon thousands of families and children that would love to tell you their stories, share with you their evidence, advocates and lawyers that would be overjoyed to help you fix this problem. If you truly want to drain the swamp. Mr. Trump start where the swamp is the deepest. We need you Mr. Trump. God put you there for a reason. I truly believe this is the reason.

I wanted to say thank you for returning those children to their families of the border. My heart is broken every time I see another child stolen from her/his family. The family court crisis is out of control. Please Mr. Trump… Imagine 500 million children screaming for help and then add their families to that as well, CAN YOU LIVE WITH THAT? Because if you can’t, you should contact me, so we can get started on making America great again!!!



My prayers are with you,



Dawn E. Worswick

Churches + State Funded Foster Care = DISASTER

Churches need to wake up!!!! The criminal organization funded by our government called ‘Child protective Services’ is tearing families apart with their lies, corruption, and straight up demonic power over others. The family court/ CPS tragedy is largely being glamorized by the church and those of us Christians that know the truth are sick of it!

It’s no wonder the church is losing the trust of millions of Americans and families worldwide because it has sided with the devil on this issue. Child sex trafficking and adoption trafficking are serious issues that the church feels strongly about but it completely looks the other way when it comes to our own government not only participating int, but funding it with our tax dollars. Most people think that CPS is the Holy Grail when it comes to child protection but it is just the opposite.

Nancy Shaefer, a former US Georgia Senator, was murdered in her Georgian home in the summer of 2010 for exposing CPS for child sex trafficking, adoption trafficking, over drugging, child labor, and straight up funding corruption. CPS is an industry revolved around stealing and selling children and using the family courts and the church to do it.

We must step up and fight back

Here is an article that can put things into perspective:


Dear Mr. Conlee,

As a survivor of child sexual abuse I would like to tell you how disgustingly un-Godly and reckless your decision to publicly support a person who sexually abused a young member of the church and then involving your congregation in this disastrous decision. You are leading your congregation into a dangerous situation and that is criminal! Especially, for the youth! Not only are you denying justice to the victim, you are using your status as a weapon to say, “We don’t care about sexual abuse by our members of staff. We don’t care if there are victims left in their wake. Just SHUT UP VICTIMS because we can DO what we WANT!!!! We don’t care because we are selfish pigs who care only for ourselves!!!” That is exactly what you are saying.

Well, I am telling you this: You will NOT get away with allowing predators to hurt others again in a position of power. He has already proved he can NOT handle the position. And then he LIED about how he handled the situation while YOU look on and condone such criminal actions. YOU are NOT the LAW!!! And us survivors will NOT TOLERATE it.The victim is speaking and you are ignoring her. She is telling you and the world what happened and you continue to move forward.

I am a Christian and my spirit tells me::: A church like yours that allows proven predators in leadership rolls in the church is not only a dead church. It is a church leading people astray. You may forgive but that does NOT give you the right to put other people lives in danger!!! Your church was used to silence the victim and now you are re=victimizing her by calling her a liar and reinstating a sexual predator. I question your pastoral ability. I am glad Mr. Savage is under investigation and the the person who forced her to stay silent.

You should be ashamed of yourself! Better get to praying because I am sure God is not looking favorably upon this situation. In my eyes your are not a pastor. A true pastor loves and protects his congregation which you are not. That means not allowing KNOWN predators in positions of power. YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR CONGREGATION IN DANGER!!! If another person gets hurt because of your decision, I think you should also go to prison.That standing ovation will echo across eternity of approval of sexual abuse and silencing the victim. What a sickness your church has cultivated. I’ll pray no one else gets hurt!


This will be open letter so anyone will be able to read it.

Dawn E. Worswick