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PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY – How Social Services and CPS might manipulate you through Perception Control Management: Technique revealed

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PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY   [psy-cho-anti-lip-sey]

Is a technique of perception control management, that could be used by a social service agency against an individual, to create a false representation of that individual, or create an event that does not exist, for the purpose of wrongly influencing others.

The process consists, of any number of methods or formulas already developed and borrowed from various disciplines and sub-disciplines, such as behavior science, psychological operations, psychological warfare, Platonian dialectics and nuero-linguistic programming.

Formulas and or methods are used to manage the perception of an individuals image, speech, actions, reactions, or to change and control the perception of an event to influence an intended audience, for profit.

A manufactured representation, of an individual could be fabricated and weaponized with propaganda at any time,  without the knowledge of that individual.

This is accomplished by creating a false representation to achieve the proper response, from a targeted audience the social  service engineer’s objectives is designed to obtain.

For example, PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY could be used to manipulate a victim or an  event, to control an outcome of an investigation or wrongly influence the judgment of a court case.

PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY was created for and is the intellectual property of:

[SSEC]  Social  Service Economic Crime (research) © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.   

This definition may be reproduced with attribution of authorship to:

[SSEC] Social Service Economic Crimes (research)

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Nicolas Stathopoulos

Social service crimes researcher

SSEC Social Service Economic Crime (research)


2 Responses

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  1. people that find themselves in these situations should try and view themselves as the sw is viewing you, perceive yourself through the eyes of the sw. stay strong and dont feel threatened by their perceptions of you. research doublespeak and study. knowledge is power. be honest, upfront and always check your reports are written with truth. If they r not talk to the sw to change the words in your report so to you it is from truth. If u stay away from fear you will stay on the side of truth.

    pixie pois

    January 30, 2012 at 11:48 pm

  2. Really need immediate help with this exact issue and can provide much evidence can’t find help anywhere please contact me Asap I beg you.

    Dustin L Harris

    October 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm

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