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RE: ATTN::: Shawn Nelson ~ You asked me to write you; Dawn E. Worswick/ CNN is looking into this as well.

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Subject: ATTN::: Shawn Nelson ~ You asked me to write you; Dawn E. Worswick/ CNN is looking into this as well.
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:01:16 -0700

Hello Mr. Nelson:

This letter is intended to be for you Mr. Nelson. Please don’t pass this responsibility onto someone else. This is a very important matter. I am asking YOU to look into OC CPS abuses and help me help these kids. I really DO appreciate your calling me the other day but I am really sick and tired of the abused being ignored while the government turns its face away. We talk so much about fighting human trafficking but nobody in government wants to talk about the child trafficking going on with CPS. I am a survivor of CPS CA LA county children’s village child sex trafficking. For four years I was sodomized, raped, sold to satanic pedophiles, and made into a child porn star. Nobody even to this day in government seems to care.

Now as I look for ways to help out kids and families, I see overt and obvious CPS and family court abuses. When I try to speak with officials about this growing problem, I get the shaft. There is no doubt we need a real CPS but the one we have is beyond dangerous for our kids and I will stop at nothing to get it fixed. It is a criminal enterprise stealing children for government funds and there are plenty of won civil cases to prove my point. Children are taken from their parents under the pretense that they {the state} are a better parent for the child while the child is abused, neglected, and often forgotten about by CPS workers except in the courtroom while the workers lie, cheat , and steal to get the right of the parents removed, for what????? For adoption to a family that is less qualified than the family that the child was stolen from to begin with. Is this even AMERICA anymore?????? Children are begging to go home. They are scared, terrified, lonely, and feel unloved. I know because I was in the system until I emancipated at 16. Did you know Social workers have less education that the average McDonalds worker and they are making life changing decisions with the help of money hungary judges and other state workers???? THIS IS A TRAVESTY! Please our kids need you. YOU CAN make a REAL difference here and save some families and lives of children at the same time!

I admit my personal case was a bit horrific but so is what is going on. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! I have  permission from Sarah Sandy, whose  file had been ‘shredded’ as the judge put it, to give you ANYTHING you need to look into her case.  He also directed the social worker to recreate the evidence in the file. That is ILLEGAL!!!!!!  She is desperate. Her children are being abused in foster care and there is NO ONE to turn too. Her baby boys are begging her to bring them home telling her they are terrified if the foster father. They miss their mommy and she has done nothing wrong except be the victim of domestic violence whom they gave her new baby too after she had been molested in the foster home that an 8 year old boy witnessed and told Sarah!~ HOW is this JUSTICE??????? Now this little girl is scatted forever for what???? Government funds??? She belongs with her mother where she would have been safe. No wonder so many foster kids are being trafficked by pimps, homeless, and are now criminals in jail. The state is doing a horrible job!!!!! The state is a horrible parent!!!! There in NO LOVE IN FOSTER CARE and the state is raising kids who want to do nothing but get back at everyone who harmed them!!!! Believe me, I know. Been there done that.

Now Her new baby that was stolen from her from the hospital has already been sexually molested in foster care, where do you go from there???? Who protects the baby now? Her new baby was not meth positive as someone erroneously told you in this case. There is no record of that nor will there ever will be. PLEASE, can’t you see????? These babies need their mommy! This crime is happening all over the US but you have a chance to make a HUGE difference here. PLEASE, as a survivor of CPS, I know the facts about CPS. I LIVED IT! PLEASE. Don’t you care about these broken hearted babies???? They need their mommy! SHE has done NOTHING wrong! These children are being punished for NO reason! I have known workers to lie. As a child it was an everyday occurrence but hey, whose going to believe a kid right???? That’s their hope so they can go on committing these heinous crimes where children suffer the most at the hands of the state for the sake of money. I am begging you to take a stand, that is YOUR job that YOU promised the people. Aren’t you going to keep your promise? You can’t ignore crimes being brought to your attention without backlash. Please DO the right thing. These babies need you more than ANYONE HAS EVER NEEDED YOU!!!!! I am begging you for your HELP PLEASE!

I will keep a copy of this letter for the press ~ CNN is looking into CA CPS abuses. You want to be the HERO, not the villian!

Evil flourishes when good people DO NOTHING! ~


Dawn E. Worswick
Child Safety Advocate and Author of the Free At Last Series
Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking & Porn.
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DAA Sharmane Bock, Founder of HEAT, Oakland, CA.

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Subject: RE: ATTN::: Shawn Nelson ~ You asked me to write you; Dawn E. Worswick/ CNN is looking into this as well.

Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 15:57:55 -0700

Hi Dawn,


I received your email, but I have yet to have the chance to discuss the matter with Supervisor Nelson.  He has been out of the office for the last two days on county  business.   As you well know, he is aware of the situation.  I or the Supervisor himself will be in contact soon.


Scott Carpenter

Policy Advisor

Office of Supervisor Shawn Nelson

Fourth District/County of Orange

Phone: (714) 834-3440

Fax: (714) 834-2045



From: Dawn Worswick []
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 3:53 PM
To: Carpenter, Scott
Subject: FW: ATTN::: Shawn Nelson ~ You asked me to write you; Dawn E. Worswick/ CNN is looking into this as well.


Second E-mail. Please respond.

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July 6, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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