A note to Deanna Peterson & Michael Myers with OC CPS

Deanna Peterson & Michael Myers,


Hello. let me introduce myself you you. My name is Dawn E. Worswick and I am a survivor of child sex trafficking via CPS LA. I was raped, tortured, and sold to pedophiles for four years while my disgusting social worker Mrs. White and the lovely people at Children’s Village, looked on. The ‘Barnyard babes’ porn made from those years of abuse is a very popular brand of child porn and I hold people like you, accountable. Do not think for a minute you are going to get away with your crimes against these children. We have proof, evidence, and testimony from people that you thought were your friends.


Your county has a well documented account of corruption that has been iterated throughout civil court and courts in other states. I am not afraid to stand up for these children, for their families, and against you. Come after me and see what happens to you. I am no longer a child or a misinformed mother. I would have you prosecuted in a federal court to the fullest extent of the law. I already have a good case against you and I don’t even live in Orange County. The proof is abundant for family court cases where the abuse is rampant and the lies, misconduct, and the laws broken. Justice will prevail. We have plenty of testimony and proof to back us up!


I am sure the two of you don’t believe in Justice, God, or proper care for children because if you did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Gag orders from corrupt judges will not stop Justice from prevailing and crooked judges will be thrown from the bench. This has been demonstrated again and again and again that the OC CPS office and family courts are as corrupt as they come with their one sided secret meetings, and so are the workers and judges who lie and refuse to hear real evidence. I have contacted every single person about your abuse of power towards these children and their families. I will be heard. You can bet you bottom dollar on that!


While in YOUR care Brianna Sandy was sexually abused as a newborn and now resides with a meth addict. You will be held accountable for this crime. Tell me… where is the best interest of this child? Sarah Sandy’s boys are being abused in a less than satisfactory foster home yet, you can care less. Again, where is the best interest of the children?  Her boys feel unloved, feel unsafe, and are scared to death and they verbally tell her so yet, you tell her to shut up and she isn’t supposed to fight back? Where is the best interest of children? You kidnapped her newborn baby on false pretences because she was ’emotional?’ What kind of sick person are you? All mothers are emotional after having a baby you evil broad! Even her doctor told you she was no harm to her child yet you stole her anyway. You lied to her and cruelly manipulated her into believing your sick and twisted stories. You have stole another childhood. Broken another precious bond with her mother and child. Broken another innocent beautiful heart. Where is the best interest of the child? You are sick, sick, sick! What kind of person does this? A sick one I say!


Why are you so intent on ruining these families???? Specifically, Sarah Sandy. Is it because she is a domestic violence survivor? Os it because she demonstrated the various signs of abuse inflicted upon her? There are police reports detailing domestic violence in the foster home where her boys reside but you, the all powerful CPS, can’t seem to protect them from the abuse in that home. Why is it foster homes and children’s homes are riddled with gregarious documented abuse while parents have to jump through impossible hoops in the hopes of getting their children back, oftentimes with little or no abuse charges? What the hell is your problem? Oh, it must be the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and the power it gives you!!! Isn’t that always the case? I hope it is all worth for you to RIP these families apart without a shred of conscience or proof. There are places for people like you, In a deep dark prison. Just as you have sentenced these children and their families too, I hope you suffer 100XXXXXX’s for what you are doing!!! I know the pain and the suffering you cause firsthand. Don’t you ever forget these children and their screams for mercy. You will pay. JUSTICE will be served. You don’t deserve a life outside of prison and I intend in making that happen with proof and evidence you can’t erase. These children’s lives are more important than your paycheck…you have made your bed now lay in it!!! I know you can care less about or you wouldn’t doing it! Only a person without a heart can do these things to children and their beloved families.


You insist on the lies you can’t prove. If you could prove it, you wouldn’t have needed to shred the file which is a FEDERAL CRIME by the way. Evidence tampering, perjury, and recreation are ALL crimes punishable by lots of federal time. I am sick of the corruption of CPS and family courts and I will see you both in prison, along with every other corrupt worker in this state. You can no longer hide behind the facade of CPS “In the best interest of the children.” You do not hold immunity as a judge so wisely stated in Santa Clara county in 2008.


Don’t even think of trying to retaliate against me, that doesn’t work here. As a person who fights against child sex trafficking for my county and for children, I am well liked here, and it will be you who is looked upon with disgust.


Here is a poem that would break a real person’s heart, but there is NO chance of that since yours is made of stone!




A Note To Child Protective Services From ALL Children that you have Kidnapped under Color of Law From EVERY LOVING HOME invaded.


by (nonya) on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 3:05pm




Please Know this, I am A Child,

Not a Check,

Not another one of your bills to be paid, at the end of the Day,

My Parents do not owe your debt.


You keep me away from my Family,

Completely Against my will,

I can not eat, I can not sleep and I have cried to the point,

Even my Feelings, I can Not Feel.


You force me to suffer,

You make my already burden’d Family Grieve,

You Carelessly Impose your Irreparable Harms,

To the point that, this is all, beyond abusive to me.


I thank God that atleast I have him by my side,

To Protect me and Comfort me,

While you continue to attack my Parents,

With all of your Laws and your Orders and Your Lies.


You came that day, with no other intention than,

To Break us apart and make us suffer,

To rape my Family, Of all our God Given Rights to be together,

All in the name of Making this Government another Dollar.


God sees your actions,

ALL of which he will repay,

Your Motives are as evil as are the Liars who gave you the False reports,

To come and Terrorize our Loving Home, that day.


I am young and strong, I will survive the damage you have done,

My Daddy taught me Patience, Strength and when to bat,

My Mommy gave Birth to me and Loves me with all of her Heart,

And No law or order you pass, Will ever be able to change that.


May God have mercy on you because I sure won’t. Give Sarah Sandy her kids back! They are NOT better off in YOUR care, they are being abused! And all the other families you are lying about,  give back their kids. They are being abused in YOURcare and you will be help accountable for your crimes against her and other families you have so carelessly ruined with your lies. Your lies can be disproved in a real court of justice. PTSD is real in children stolen from their families for no good reason or don’t they teach you that in school? Apparently, they didn’t teach you much of anything worth learning because you have no integrity or class, and you are in a profession where corruption and breaking the law is as easy as breaking the hearts of children and their families for no good reason. It is all fun and games all in the name of money for you. Yes, you will pay!


Laugh at this E-mail if you will and let it be known and known, your professional days are numbered. We the people, parents, mothers, fathers, and survivors, will not tolerate corruption in CPS or family courts. The provable facts are available to us and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the federal law.


Never to be forgotten,



Dawn E. Worswick

Child Safety Advocate and Author of the Free At Last Series

Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking & Porn via CPS LA

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