Filing a Complaint with the Board of Psychology

update::: I revieved a letter in the mail regarding my complaint against CPS OC CA SS Deanna Peterson. It says she is with the board of behavioral sciences and I should contact them 

And so I will send the same complaint.

Should I Report Unlicensed Practice to the Board? (CPS workers are unlicensed and often violate this law!)

Yes. If you have evidence that an unlicensed person is participating in activities that require a license, you should report the individual  to the Board. The Board will investigate the allegations and, if sufficient evidence is found, will forward the information to the local District Attorney for criminal prosecution.

Sample complaint:::

Deanna Peterson is a social worker out of Orange county. An agency that has a long line of documented corruption and bad choices made for children. She has openly diagnosed Sarah Sandy, a mother who is a victim of domestic violence. She falsly diagnosed Sarah of bi-polar disease and has disregard any psychological evaluation in Sarah’s favor claiming only she knows the truth and knows whats best for her children.

Sarah’s children entered into foster care because of a domestic violence situation that left her in the hospital and she needed help to get away from her abuser after she was in the hospital. Since then, OC CPS has often made a dangerous determination about her mental health without a license. They cruelly manipulated her to get her newborn baby after she was born determining she would be a danger to her baby because she a was a bit ’emotional.’ later to admitting they had made a mistake but have neglected to rectify the situation in any way.

Since then her new baby has been sexually molested in the care of CPS and although the foster home was shut down, no charges were brought against the abusers. Now her baby resides with the father who is the original abuser in this case and a methamphetamine addict.

Now Her boys are going through psychological torture in the foster home where they are living and the worker care none for these children’s well-being all while making psychological decisions about Sarah Sandy and her children that only a listened psychologist can make. The judge commissioner Jade is putting these children at serious risk because she refuses to hear real testimony about Sarah’s true state of mental health which has already been determined by a licensed psychologist but Deanna Peterson claims to know what she is talking about and continues to bully Sarah into doing what she feels is medically correct. They shredded Sarah’s file which is a federal crime and then the judge ordered the file to be recreated which is also a federal crime.

These boys are being abused in the foster home with documented domestic violence on file with the police department. These are criminal crimes made against this mother and her children for the sake of power and control. Sarah’s mental health is being determined by a unlicensed, in educated social worker and Deanna Peterson  is a danger to the public’s health, especially these children and family she serves. Judgments are being made on he bi- polar status that Deanna Peterson has diagnosed her with. There are court transcript to support my allegations and it has been brought up in court. The DA is aware of this case and refuses to take action. They have done everything to hurt Sarah and have not done everything  they can to protect her children.  None of this is in the ‘best interest of the children.’

Please help her.
Please call Sarah Sandy at #########

Deanna Peterson  at  714 704 8000

2 thoughts on “Filing a Complaint with the Board of Psychology

  1. in most states domestic violence is not a valid reason to remove a child from the home and is prohibited from being used as a reason. may be another addition to the obvious malpractice here.

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