FBI Investigating This CPS Office! (via CPS Corruption Has To Be Stopped)

A dshs, child protective service worker came to my parent’s house and took my brother's baby.  Procurement of an order to seize a child through distortion, misrepresentation, and/or omission in court and is a violation of the fourth amendment. ( Malik v. Arapahoe Cty. Dept. of Social Services.  (10th Cir. 1991)   That is exactly what the cps worker did.  She either failed to fully investigate intentionally or recklessly, withheld potentially excu … Read More

via CPS Corruption Has To Be Stopped

3 thoughts on “FBI Investigating This CPS Office! (via CPS Corruption Has To Be Stopped)

  1. I am a mother and my children were taken. I was arrested for something that I did not do. CPS was told I was crazy. They started from the beginning telling me that I am crazy and they can do whatever they want to me and my children. They said if I do not do what they say they would hurt my children and I more. I took numerous tests proving I am not crazy but they kept it all out of court and filled every report with lies. They write the opposite of what I say. I told CPS when they had a meeting about putting my 6 year old with my husbands’ mom that my husband was accused of severe mutilation and sexual abuse by my children. I also told them that his mother aids and hides her son and his crimes and threatened to get rid of me if I tried to get justice. She did not even care about my children or me and helped her son abuse me for years knowing he locked us out in nowhere without food or money or a way out and abused me all night. I finally found a chance to run away and then all of this happened. CPS gave my child to my husbands’ mom and she has claimed abuse consistently ever since. Dear God please can anyone help me make this nightmare stop? I need a miracle for my baby. Please. I do not have money or any idea of what to do. CPS stopped me from being able to report the abuse and they are trying to help my husbands’ mom adopt my baby. They hide the abuse and my baby almost died once. All she asked me is could she please at least come home for the weekend before daddy kills her. I am dying everyday and I am so desperate. Please can anyone help me?

    • Where are you? Do you know how to clean? Do you have a car? I am asking because you can get on your feet cleaning like I did, I have a cleaning business. Pray girl. CPS is a criminal organization and I am suggesting you contact the sex crimes against childrens unit in your town and report this abuse. Bring any and all evidence to the fact and file a lawsuite against the city and CPS. Start digging on these workers and try to get your ex and his mother arrested on unrelated charges with proof that you can send to the FBI like ties to child porn or human trafficking. Praying for you and your babies. You can contact me me here dawne.worswick@hotmail.com I am so sorry. You need a good paying job and a safehouse for you and your children to hide.

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