How to File a Complaint to the Sacramento CPS

By Barbara Howard , eHow Contributor

updated  July 20, 2011

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Sacramento Child Protective Services (CPS) is a  county agency that investigates reports of child abuse and neglect. The primary  mission of the CPS is to keep children safe. However, they also offer adoption  services and provide training and licensing for family day care homes and foster  families. You can file complaints about suspect child abuse or neglect with CPS.  There is also a mechanism in place to file complaints about the agency  itself.

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  1. Complaints Regarding Suspected Child Abuse or  Neglect

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      Call 911 if the child is in an urgent life-threatening situation and requires  immediate intervention by the police or sheriff’s department. Law enforcement  will investigate the matter and contact Sacramento Child Protective Services  (CPS).

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      Call the 24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline at 916-875-5437  begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              916-875-5437     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (875-KIDS),  to report any suspicion of child abuse when there is no immediate  life-threatening incident that requires law enforcement on the scene. The  hotline is managed by Sacramento CPS social workers.

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      Provide any information about the suspected child abuse to the CPS social  worker. The information you give is confidential. You are not required to give  your name when speaking on the hotline. The Sacramento CPS social worker with  review the report and determine the appropriate intervention and prevention  procedures for the case.

    Sacramento DHHS Ombudsman

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      Call the ombudsman’s office of the Sacramento Department of Health and Human  Services (DHHS), which reviews and investigates complaints about the agency  itself and concerns about other cases regarding child welfare. Anyone can call  the ombudsman; again, all discussions remain confidential.

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      File a complaint in writing if you are making a claim about activities  regarding the Sacramento CPS agency itself. A complaint form can be downloaded  from the website of the Sacramento County DHHS  (

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      Contact the ombudsman’s office by telephone if you have any questions or   concerns. Mail the formal complaint directly to their  office.


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Tips &  Warnings

  • If the child is in your custody, Sacramento CPS states that “the most  important thing is to stay calm and supportive for your child. Reassure your  child that s/he will be protected and that it is safe to talk to trusted adults.  Do not, however, try to get details about the incident(s). Questioning your  child is not recommended.”

  • Due to budget cuts, you may experience extended hold time when calling the  24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline.


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Read more:  How to File a Complaint to the Sacramento CPS |



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