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The proper boards to complaint too in California and Oklahoma

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Complain to the proper licensing boards. I find I have to write to one board to get the right board for that state. I have three workers under investigation right now for their crimes against children and their families!!!!

Don’t wait, do it now! 

For California the right board is the Board of Behavioral Science. 1625 North Market BLVD st. s-200 Sacramento, Ca 95834

Oklahoma is OCCY 1111 N. Lee Ave. Suite 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73103. ATTN:::: Michael Walsh

These are the correct boards because I wrote to the board of psychology and social work to get the right board. Write your full complaint out. The directors of these two wrong boards were horrified to say the least.

I complain about the specific case I am complaining about with the individual crimes and the individual criminal workers, judges, and DA’s. This shows the scope of the corruption and takes the case out of the department and into he hands of someone who can do some REAL damage!!!! Complaining to the wrong board also shines a light of the problem to people in the field of social work but not with CPS. They are horrified by these complaints and want to find out more to stop these sort of problems which brings more professionals to our side! In order to shine a light on corruption, we must be willing to take ACTION against the criminals involved!


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September 30, 2011 at 11:24 pm

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  1. Family law case removed my son with nothing but my exwife believes I need mental help. The opposing attorney has filed the new parent plan as repenting me and sing for me to approve. When I filed a bar complaint it was said in email asking for me to be jailed for the complaint. The judge accepted hearsay and has made nothing I have asked for possible with violating a order to not have 3rd party ingestion in any four of any form. As I have a sepia to supply records from this in court. I was given a bill and a response NOT provided to court records And full of lies. As well as picturs of Joe Griffin. This is been documented as this has not given a real court providing fair facts but im forced away from my son. If you know where to get help with this please email CXHEIN@GMAIL>COM

    Craig Hein

    October 23, 2015 at 3:24 am

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