Fight Corrupted Family Courts and CPS

Fight back and get your kids back NOW!

The three things you MUST DO to fight CPS and succeed!

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‎1. We must get protective orders against CPS for our kids.Get a lawyer that HATES CPS and has a successful track record as soon as you realize CPS is involved in your life no matter how small the involvement or accusation!!!! This lawyer will help you to quell any accusations right away and get your story on record and possibly keep your kids at home before they are able to steal them from you unlawfully. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and study how to keep your kids safe from predators and CPS criminals.
2. Complain to the proper licensing boards. I find I have to write to one board to get the right board for that state. I have three workers under investigation right now in two seperate states!!!!  I complain about the specific case I am complaining about with the individual crimes and the individual criminal workers, judges, and DA’s. This shows the scope of the corruption and takes the case out of the department and into the hands of someone who can do some REAL damage!!!! Complaining to the wrong board also shines a light of the problem to people in the field of social work but not with CPS… they are horrified by these complaints and want to find out more to stop these sort of problems which brings more professionals to our side! In order to shine a light on corruption, we must be willing to take ACTION against the criminals involved!
3. Join a network marketing company to learn HOW to earn residual income and join a leader in the industry!!! WHY???? Because Lawyers …are expensive and this industry offers a REAL solution to three problems you face getting your kids back:
 A. Financial. We must have a lucrative income to fight CPS in court and beat them at their own games
B. Unstoppable Leadership and self-improvement Training. CPS will make you feel small, insignificant, and worthless. YOU ARE NOT!!!! Surround yourself with winners!!!!  
C. A solution for other people like you. You will be able to offer a REAL solution for others like you and offer and add VALUE to other people’s lives and know how much you ARE WORTH!!!!! I can’t stress this enough!!! Surround yourself with people who are POSITIVE and SUCCESSFUL so you can succeed!!!! This is true for ANY business, endeavor or industry you are trying to succeed in!
I am a leader for my team and have innovative ways to create fresh leads of people looking for what you offer with real value and content.
Check out my company and see if we are a fit: Click on Videos and then watch Opportunity Video. Call me if you want a real leader that will offer value to your life and want to create a real income!
If you don’t choose me or my team to lead you, please choose someone with a team and company with a documented track record like ours,  because CPS is hard to fight without an income or a lawyer and both are required to fight CPS successfully in most cases.
Network Marketing is a fabulous industry but without the proper tools and support even the best businesses can fail.
~If It’s to be it’s up to me~

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October 1, 2011 at 2:21 am

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