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A note to Leigh Ann Jackson ~ SW

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I’m a Social Worker and I work very hard every day. I have plenty of cases and don’t need to look for “babies to steal”. I hope each and every one of you fix your personal lives so you do not have to deal with social workers. I’m a wonderful person and your insults are just words that mean nothing to me, but I am not going to let this page go on without a word from those of us who care and do our jobs. Some of you sound as if you may need to seek mental health care. There is usually a local place in your town or a nearby town to do that. It might help with the rage.


I have to say, the things you have been posting are completely disgusting. Any true professional in the field would not post such nonsense. I think it’s you who needs mental health help. I spent four years of my life (ages 3-7) being raped in a state run orphanage where the porn is still available today and yeah, everyone, including my stupid worker knew.

You workers seem to think you are something. YOU are NOTHING but trash, child abusers, and kidnappers!!!! I know my rights!

Yeah, I know us foster kids are worth your paycheck, sex, drug testing, and adaptability is a great asset for a child to have but let me tell you a little something, us foster kids are fighting back. CPS is going down!!!! CHILD PORN SERVICES is GOING down!!!!!!

There are PLENTY of stories to PROVE my point besides mine and if any of you EVER came to my door to steal my child, I can guarantee you one thing, you would not make it out alive!

If you really cared about us foster kids, you would work hard at HELPING the children. Not terrorizing their families with lies you can’t prove in court while stealing them away giving them PTSD and then putting them on ALL kinds of medication to cover up the fact that these children MISS their real families.

Sure, there are real cases of child abuse but you don’t focus on that, you are too busy padding your paychecks with ‘adoptable’ children!!!!

I know the FACTs, I lived them and I still see the abuses all over the country. Don’t act like you are better than us because you are a CPS monster!!! A child abuser and family wrecker!!!!

I have the right to FREE speech and if you EVER tried to retaliate against me, you will RUE the day you EVER came across my path! Your CPS services created me. I HATE YOU and your services!!!!

Want to talk down to somebody, it isn’t me, So please SAVE it!!!!


Written by dawneworswick

October 4, 2011 at 11:02 pm

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2 Responses

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  1. SHARED!

    Thank you for ripping this filth a new one. You speak from personal experience – one that most would not like to even think about, much less ‘know’.

    I speak from personal experience on the receiving end of torture and discrimination against Men and Fathers.

    Either way, the government pukes think they can do no wrong.

    Their day is coming. Count on it.


    October 5, 2011 at 12:15 am

    • Thanks Buddy! We MUST stand in UNITY against these criminals and bring this evil to light!


      October 5, 2011 at 12:29 am

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