A law that just might work against DHS

It turns out there is a law that just might work against DHS. DHS has been a harassing my daughter for child support money that she does not owe. We have sent them 2 copies of the court order and were told 2 times that they would stop but they did not. I called the Governor’s office and told them about the court order and also told them that I could only think of 2 options. #1 to call the Governors office and #2 To call the Feds and let them know how DHS is in violation of the FDCPA act written by the Federal Trade Commission. This law says it is illegal for someone to harass you over a bad debt (money that is not owed). I told Mr. Bret Thomas with Governor Fallin’s office that I was in the process of writing a cease and desist letter to DHS to let them know about the violations they were guilty of and I would also be contacting the Federal Trade Commission. He told me to hold off and give him some time and I agreed and told him thank you very much. 5 minutes later we got a call from DHS saying they had just received a message from the Governor’s office and they would be looking into the case. With all we have gone through I see this as a small spark of justice finally.


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