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Katherine Cherry

My former boss at FedEx, who sought a bachelors in criminal justice, listened to me for hours on the details concerning the SS confiscation of my daughters, and he is the one who informed me that the people who received my children were guilty of COLLUSION. I had never heard that term before. He was referring to the actions of my then husband, the couple who received my children, the Mormon appointed facilitator for the exchange of child visits, and SS, who all worked together behind the scenes creating the lies that best suited SS. I had a divorce coming my way and did not know it yet, and my ex had plans to make me pay dearly~ assisting a known criminal from my past get my children suited my ex’s plan perfectly. The collusion between these ppl for the purposes of gaining custody of my children is highly illegal, and very difficult to prove. If the fraud committed by SS upon worthy birth parents weren’t so easily manipulated by alienating parents, by angry ex-spouses, AND BY CRIMINALS, then the collusion in my case could not have occurred. That my case involves such incredible levels of collusion speaks volumes about our country, or perhpas I am mistaken about the integrity I bestow upon my fellow Americans. My case involved so much corruption on the part of SS that this too is unfathomable, and speaks volumes about SS. The details of the collusion in my case may be unique, but the corruption in the processes of SS are not~ we have seen this in our movement as we shared our circumstances and discovered the deep corruption in their investigative processes and judiciaries. Does the American public believe that criminals are not fully aware of SS corruption and how easily manipulated the system is? Of course they are. Can we still believe that ALL the officers of the court in family courts are not fully aware of the corruption by their own hands? Why is it that Senator Nancy Schaefer so sternly warned that SS is fraught with corruption and in-house pedophiles before her murder? How can the largest crime in the world today, child trafficking, continue to carried out by governments under the auspices of child protection?

I believe that ‘collusion’ encompasses more than an industrial application, unless my example above which includes corporate-like busy-ness of SS fulfills that meaning.


Written by dawneworswick

October 13, 2011 at 7:59 pm

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