HCF Awards $4.4 Million in Mental Health Grants For Extreme Recruitment of Adoptable Children

HCF Awards $4.4 Million in Mental Health Grants | Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association: We just received news that we were granted the funds to start a new program: Extreme Recruitment! We are so excited to be able to offer this wonderful new service!! Thank you Health Care Foundation for making this possible.
Dawn E. Worswick: EXTREME RECRUITMENT OF ADOPTABLE CHILDREN!!!!! In the healthcare industry, so that means pharma is involved!!!!!! LOOK FOLKS at HOW MUCH $$$$$$$$$$$ is involved in this grant!!!!

We must advocate for these children, write letters, speak out, and ask lawmakers and political persons to care about what we care about if they want our VOTE! It is hard work, I know, but if you get to know several families and advocate personally for them by complaining the facts to the proper BAR, medical, and licensing boards when the corrupt DA’s, judges, social workers, CAS, or psychologist act criminally. This is NOT happening and they are getting away with MURDER!!!!! Children are being stolen, drugged, and killed!!!! Look at the story on my page about the 4 MILLION $$$$$’s in Grant $$$$$ from the medical community for EXTREME RECRUITMENT of adoptable children. They will steal these children from good families (Maybe some not so good), drug them up with pharmaceuticals, and adopt them out ASAP!!! They can care LESS what happens afterward as long as they get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Read story here:


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