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File: CSB worker promoted Instead of Fired In Child Rape Case

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No reprimand given to manager after abuse cases

October 22, 2011
By ADAM FERRISE – reporter ( , Tribune Chronicle |

WARREN – A department head at Trumbull County Children Services who oversaw the cases in which one child was killed by her foster parent and another child allegedly raped during a supervised visit inside the agency’s building by a known sex offender was promoted after one incident and was never officially reprimanded by superiors, according to a review of her personnel file obtained by the Tribune Chronicle.

Marilyn Pape, a department manager at CSB, who answers directly to the agency’s executive director, never was officially reprimanded and was promoted to a newly created position that oversaw foster care placement one year after 21-month old Tiffany Sue Banks was killed by her foster mother that CSB placed her with.

Two calls and a message left seeking comment from Pape were not returned. Marcia Tiger, the former CSB executive director, who promoted Pape and gave her glowing performance evaluations, said she would not comment because Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins advised current CSB Director Nick Kerosky not to speak to reporters.

Kerosky defended Pape’s employment history Friday, pointing out the excellent performance evaluations done by his predecessor.

Pape works directly under Kerosky and oversees several CSB functions. She earns more than $77,000 a year plus fringe benefits.

”She’s been an employee here for 26 years and has received nothing but glowing recommendations,” Kerosky said.

Kerosky also responded Friday to Watkins’ call for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to determine whether any employee was criminally negligent when two relatives recorded themselves performing sexual acts on a 13-month-old girl in CSB’s care inside the agency in mid-July. Watkins made the recommendation after attorney David Engler, representing a relative of the two children who were related to one another, called for Watkins to ask for an independent criminal investigation.

Two relatives, Cody Beemer, 22, 332 Austin Ave. S.E., and Felicia Banks Beemer, 21, were charged with rape and a slew of other charges. Both pleaded not guilty to charges and are being held in the Trumbull County Jail. They were also charged with making a similar recording of them performing sexual acts on a different 18-month-old male relative. That boy was not in CSB’s care, but after police found the evidence of the video, CSB took custody of him.

Beemer, according to court records, was serving probation after he pleaded guilty to assaulting Banks Beemer in March.

Investigators believe the video was taken about mid-July inside a CSB visitation room at the agency’s building at 2282 Reeves Road. Authorities said Cody Beemer is a sex offender and one source close to the investigation said CSB knew he was a sex offender because they investigated the case when it happened.

The 13-month-old child has been in the custody of Children Services since the day she was born.

This week Engler filed a court document asking a Family Court judge to give a relative, Loretta Banks, partial custody of the girl so she can ask him to move the child to a different county’s Children Service agency.

Engler also asked Watkins to bring in a criminal investigator and appoint a special prosecutor, which Watkins has said he is holding off on until he believes it’s necessary.

Loretta Banks said Friday she believes everyone involved with her two relatives’ cases at CSB should be fired.

Kerosky, in a written statement said the agency welcomed an investigation by BCI, who will “provide the final word on how this case was handled.”

“We share your disgust and sadness at this unspeakable event,” Kerosky wrote. “We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to protect children. It is our mission. TCCSB is an accredited agency with dedicated people who remain committed to the families of our community. Although we still cannot discuss the facts of this case, our visitation and supervision is carefully determined for each child. We ask that you withhold judgment until all the facts are in and all the investigations have been completed.”

Watkins also advised Kerosky to ask the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to independently review CSB’s policy’s and procedures.

Kerosky provided a letter sent to CSB from Job and Family Services detailing its investigation’s scope. The letter from Job and Family Services acting deputy director Jennifer R. Justice said that agency began its investigation Wednesday and expects it to wrap up about Nov. 14. A written report of findings will be issued to CSB.

The probe will review the 13-month-old’s case file and whether CSB complied with in-house and statewide visitation regulations and procedures.

The Tribune Chronicle also obtained the visitation guidelines CSB outlined for caseworkers. The four-page document says visits generally are scheduled once per week and that the visits should take place within the agency.

The guidelines said research indicates that “reunification or permanency can be realized quicker through quality visitation in the least restrictive environment.” Supervisors and caseworkers are encouraged to “be creative with visitation and come up with individualized visitation conditions” depending on the “dynamics of the case and the long-term case plan.”

The guidelines said that the visitation is important for caseworkers to observe because it gives them a window into how the family interacts with one another. It’s also important, the guidelines say, because caseworkers must detail the activities that occur during the visits, as well as concerns and improvements in a report for each visit.

The guidelines also ask caseworkers to detail what kind of visitation room their case dictates, including one with “monitoring capabilities.”

A written statement by Kerosky said supervised visitation ranges from a caseworker being in the room during the visit, monitoring on a camera or checking in every 10 to 15 minutes.

“Visitation can be increased or decreased based on a number of factors,” the statement reads. “Those factors can include: the child’s level of stress or anxiety with visitation, or expressed statements from the child regarding wanting or not wanting to visit, the conduct of the parents – including lack of sobriety and/or active mental health concerns, observation of parenting abilities and a demonstration of good parenting skills, demonstrated progress on case plan objectives, and any special needs of the child.”

Pape, according to her job description, was one of several people who determined what kind of supervision the 13-month-old was to receive as well as signing off on every child put into a foster home, including Tiffany Sue Banks, who was immediately taken into CSB custody after her birth in June 2007 and later died in the care of her foster mother, Bonnie Pattinson of Newton Falls.

Pattinson pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in 2009 – after being charged with murder – when police found Tiffany Sue Banks, who was 21-months-old at the time, dead from asphyxiation with multiple blunt traumatic injuries.

Pattinson was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Pape was promoted her current position, with a 3 percent salary increase, in July 2008, one year after Tiffany Sue Banks died. Pape, whose compensation package including salary and benefits totals $129,953, was given the job that had “broader assignment areas.”

Her new job placed her as the head supervisor of foster-care placement, among other duties. She was praised in written reviews by former executive director Tiger who suggested she may be in line to become the executive director someday. In one review in 2007 Tiger calls her “one of the emerging leaders in the agency.”

Her negative qualities, according to several performance evaluations, said Pape was late to work and coming back from lunch and that she took personal calls. In one performance review, Tiger wrote that family issues, including her children’s sickness and other matters, were likely the cause of her showing up late to work.

She also needed to “work on going the extra mile for clients, adoptive and foster parents. When it is ‘right’ to go above and beyond, do it, even though it takes extra time and effort.”

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Oct-22-11 11:08 AM

And for the SB5 supporters. Let’s pass SB5 and possibly be able to reduce CSB’s workforce and give supervisors the ability to assign more cases to less workers. Do you think that is a good idea? No matter what the business is, government workers, GM, Packard, WCI, school employees, you will always have lazy workers who main goal is to work the system and not do their job. I hate to say it but that seems to be your common American worker. How many people do you know anymore that take pride in their job and come to work eager and enthusiastic to do a good job even when nobody is looking. There are some but they are a rare breed. Wonder how many SB5 supporters have abused the system, called off sick when they were not, complain “that’s not my job”, and just have an overall bad attitude at work. Yep SB5 will instantly cure all of this!! Lol this is like beating a dead horse.


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Oct-22-11 11:00 AM

Nepotism creates a jaundice eye when things go bad. The lack of a timely investigation may result in evidence left uncovered. When the promoted employee is related to people in powerful political positions, the obvious cover up by lack of investigation, begins. I politely remind people, to not lose focus on the issue at hand…the abused child at the hands of a civilly or criminally negligent CSB. It is great to hear BCI may investigate as they will eliminate the silent political influence of this necessary investigation. Those in charge need to resign immediately.


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Oct-22-11 10:49 AM

I don’t know all the facts or how CSB operates but here is my opinion. Pape is a supervisor that oversees hundreds of cases. I’m assuming she assigns workers to cases because it would be impossible for her to do all the work herself. I’m assuming the individual case workers report to their boss then their boss reports to Pape who reports to Kerosky. In this case Pape is more than likely guilty of failure to indirectly supervise. Indirect supervision means Pape is responsible for the work but not for the worker. The workers direct supervisor is responsible for the worker and the work he or she does. However, once you take that position and even if you are on vacation when the event occurs you are still responsible. The people here that should be whacked the hardest are the ones further down on the supervision chain, and anyone that had direct involvement that dropped the ball.


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Oct-22-11 10:38 AM

There is a real problem at CSB,HOWEVER,it is obvious that the trib has an agenda!They have not done this kind of “investigative journalism” on any department in the county for eons!!!This is all about the TRIBS endorsement of SB5.They will continue to print every piece of salacious gossip they can,until election day.The week leading up to voteing day,we will get stories about problems in the police and fire depts.They will dig for dirt on a teacher also.The overwelming numbers of public employees are decent,hard working people.Vote no on SB5!CSB is under scrutiny,and they shall atone!!


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Oct-22-11 10:26 AM

I agree Annie, and I will say again. SB 5 will promote this type of behavior. Merit base raises will be determined by who you know, or who you B**w. If anyone thinks merits will honestly be handed out by merit, think again. The system will STILL be ran by the government. I do support an honest merit pay system. But as long as you are talking public service, politics will ALWAYS prevail. Is that right, no. But it is a cold truth which many do not like to admit will happen. Instead of complaining about tenure based pay, they will complain about people getting merit pay because they get on thier knees for the boss.


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Oct-22-11 10:21 AM

SupportSenateBillFive, you state that SB5 allows merit pay increases. And you want the taxpayers to take back control? Ok, who do you think will be the people deciding the merit pay raises,, that taxpayers??? No, it will be the government. They will determine who gets the raise by using a merit pay scale. Which, has not been decided on how those raise will be determined. As of now, many of us are being told our supervisors whill determine who gets the raises. Well, who do you think the supervisors work for, the government. Taxpayers will not have a say in who gets the merit raises. So you argument is not valid. With all due respect intended.


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Oct-22-11 10:19 AM

OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I believe that the local agency should be closed-down, FOR THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN, until a determination is made. Place the remaining children elsewhere until the investigation is complete. It is MY opinion that it appears that there was some dereliction of duty on many levels.


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Oct-22-11 10:17 AM

” SB5 provides that pay must be determined by merit.” EXACTLY. Which is why you will see MORE of this type of thing. People will get merit based pay raises under SB5 which are not deserved. It is obvious this person did not deserve a raise, but yet under the merit raise system, she received a promotion.


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Oct-22-11 10:00 AM

Let it be investigated. No one on here has all the facts. It will be exposed. In the mean time, SB 5 will go down. God Bless America and No One Else!!


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Oct-22-11 9:47 AM

?Taxpayers need to take back their local government, and end this buddy buddy pay raises and promotions. SB5 provides that pay must be determined by merit. Obviously, this Marilyn Pape CSB negligent person should have been fired, not promoted. Wait till the special prosecutor gets done with the CSB, they will all be guilty of a crime against a defenseless 13 month old in one way or another.


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Oct-22-11 9:47 AM

Glad prosecutors office is looking into this.


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Oct-22-11 9:45 AM

So what else is new in Trumbull County. It happens all the time. Not what you know or how effecient you are, its all about politics. Same ole, same ole………………….


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Oct-22-11 9:22 AM

Congrats Marilyn Pape on your promotion….To the trolls on here hating ” GET BACK TO WORK” that’s if you gotta job. LOL 🙂


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Oct-22-11 9:07 AM

I have read it sir.


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Oct-22-11 9:07 AM

sure sounds like a lot of psycho babble logic and buzz words by the agency .

” Lucy ! , you got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do ”


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Oct-22-11 9:06 AM

Yes it does and it very well could whynot. This person received a raise based on performance. Correct? THAT is exactly one of the things in ISSUE 2. Peformance based raises. Do you want this type of thing in every public service division of the state. Becuase this is exactly what Issue two will open the door for.


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Oct-22-11 9:02 AM

“It will actually promote. Because that will be the only way any [public workers can get a raise, mark my words. The buddy system will prevail.”

Maybe you should go read SB5. That’s exactly how it doesn’t work.


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Oct-22-11 8:55 AM

semi;Every time you show your Rainbow Pride,”It becomes easier to understand why the Troops @OSP dis***** you…..Now,you drop to your knees and,”thank God you are speaking this professional Hmo trash talk,via some bs internet chat,vs, to my face.”


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Oct-22-11 8:54 AM

This has nothing to do with issue 2.


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Oct-22-11 8:44 AM

Hey Teach, maybe you better think this one out before you spread rhetoric. Issue 2 if upheld as law will PROMOTE this kind of crap. Issue 2 will make all raises Performance based. And you will see false reports being done just so people will get raises, you will see a lot of back slapping buddies getting raises even with poor performance because the good old buddy system will prevail. Job evaluations will start to become favors, pay offs, and acts of friendships. So if you think ISSUE two will prevent this type of promotions and raises,,,, think again. It will actually promote. Because that will be the only way any [public workers can get a raise, mark my words. The buddy system will prevail.


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Oct-22-11 8:26 AM

Twisted logic!!!!@ Semi;Is that really how it works?


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Oct-22-11 8:23 AM

This is not about SB5 or Issue 2 folks. Besides CSB workers are not a union organization. Stick with comments on the article not your political view point.


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Oct-22-11 7:55 AM

The person in charge of these childrens safety & well being didnt do her job and a child is now dead while another was molested at Children Services offices during a supervised visit is being promoted?!?! Of course she is, why wouldnt she?? Shes done such an amazing job up until now( well…except for the grave sight of one innocent child and an emotionally scarred toddler who was molested on HER watch)- I think Im gonna throw up!!! Job well done, lady!! (HEAVY Amounts of sarcasm intended!!)And the icing on the cake?? Now Grandma wants custody of the baby that was molested because CSB is incompetant- Yes, they are but SO ARE YOU,lady!! 1st of all, the pedophiles that did this came from your womb and you have publiclly defended your daughter. Where the he** were you in the beginning when these children were being neglected & abused??Now that you got some news attention, you want to be grandma of the year?? Loretta banks, You are just as bad as the rest in my opinion!!


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Oct-22-11 7:51 AM

*** If ever there wa a reason to support Issue 2 on SB5 with your YES vote – this is it ***


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Oct-22-11 7:50 AM

Typical of government – promote rather then fire. Kerosky should resign along with the Pape, the promoted employee. This is a real travesty of justice. Hopefully, the investigation will bring out the truth. Meanwhile, anyone who continues supporting the CSB after this fiasco is a fool. NO NO NO on anymore CSB levies until the truth comes out and everyone involved resigns.

oor performance rewarded. Remember, if they can’t do the job, you promote them to get them out of the trenches so that they are unable to create further harm. It’s not right, but it’s the way the world works unfortunately.


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Oct-22-11 6:46 AM

SB5 nuff said


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Oct-22-11 6:28 AM

A new position created and an employee promoted into that position after gross dereliction of their duties.

In other words; Government. lol



Written by dawneworswick

October 22, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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  1. The ONLY reason they were busted is because some brave soul leaked the info to national media. This is Ohio’s legal economy, selling white girls and cocaine. This has to stop!!!


    October 22, 2011 at 4:26 pm

  2. I live in canton ohio I’m in contact with a lot of parents that are dealing with trumbull county children service trumbull county children service doors should of been closed I’m very hurt the there doors are still open we need to get the doors closed first so they can get the investigation started csb should not be open again until the investigation is done we all need to come together we have to stop csb we need to start going to the commissions meeting & csb board meetings I would like for anyone to contact me my e-mail is lets get csb doors closed the foster care system is a broken system we can help fix the foster care system

    Kindness Ohio

    November 6, 2011 at 5:07 am

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