Another State Kidnapping in Utah of Four kids!

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – There is a delicate balance between taking a child from a loving family and knowing when to remove that kid from a dangerous home. Recently, Jennifer and Brandon Stark from Carbon County had their parental rights terminated. Their DCFS investigation began with an anonymous allegation of drug use, although neither of them had a criminal history.

All four of their children were taken by DCFS when Brandon coincidentally stopped by to drop off rent money after a judge ordered that he was not allowed to live at the house. A judge ruled against Jenny’s request to give custody to her sister and their parental rights were fully terminated on October 18th.

With no signs of abuse or neglect and positive testimonies from witnesses, the ruling in the Stark family’s case leaves the public questioning its justification. The couple will give their final farewell to their four children on Tuesday. DCFS will only give them 30 minutes to say goodbye for life.

Darcy Van Orden, Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Utah, and Katie Perkins, a mother who had her parental rights terminated, joined Angie Larsen and Don Hudson live in Good Morning Utah’s studio Monday to discuss the process and analyze the reasoning of parental rights and state custody.



CPS is nothing but a child trafficking organization. Look up Nancy Shafer who was murdered for this truth to come to light. She is hero for us CPS kids stolen from our families!!!! Children are murdered, raped and abused in the system and they can care less. Thefederal funding is very lucrative and has created this problem. If it were my child, I would not be letting them get away with this. I grew up in the hands of this corrupted, evil system that cares NOTHING for the children it steals. There is plenty of evidence to prove my point. Please help us fight back! It is child abuse!

RDzierzon – 2:44 PM
Anyone who wants to take the time to investigate the system of DCFS will find that they are nothing short of kidnapping humantraffickers. Their incentive is the money they receive for children in the foster care system, which they DON’T receive for in-home children! Take the time to investigate, it could be your children next!

LeonardH – 2:40 PM
We are very pleased to see the problem with how CPS operates receive some exposure. CPS operates malfeasantly, are well known to utilize perjury and fabrication of evidence, and they have immunity from prosecution. The courts that hear these cases are unconstitutional courts of NO Due Process. See What Happens in the Fog to learn more about that- We are very pleased with Darcy Van Orden, and are highly impressed with the depth of her knowledge of the issues. This is a much larger problem than people realize- until it happens to their own family. People who want to learn more, or HOW TO FIGHT CPS are welcome to come visit American Family Rights Association Leonard Henderson, co-founder American Family Rights “Until Every Child Comes Home”© “The Voice of America’s Families”©

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