October 15, 2011

The Honorable David Price
United States House of Representatives
2162 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC  20515

Dear Representative Price:

My name is Ronald Reale and my wife is Debra Reale.  Our children are Timothy(17), Stephen (12), Matthew (10), Hannah (9), Sarah (8), Joseph (5), andBenjamin (4).  We are residents of Morrisville, North Carolina:

Please Note: If you are receiving this and you are not a Congressman orCongresswoman in our Congressional District; I am sending this information in part because my family still needs your help; and in part because this is absolutely a National Issue that MUST be addressed by us ALL!

I would like you to know up front that I am Christian and an active member of First Baptist Church of Morrisville; I am a Missionary actively involved in Local and International Missions; I am a Husband of over 16 years to Debra and the Father of our 8 Children; I am a former United States Marine who served my Country for a total of 8 years and received an Honorable Discharge; I am a Registered Voter and I will soon announce my candidacy for the upcoming 2012 local elections, and I am a Leaderwith a well-established employer in Morrisville, North Carolina.

I am writing to you on many levels today; not the least of which is due to the Legal Kidnapping of our children by Child Protective Services (“cps”) on June 23, 2010; and the continued unlawful detention of our children in 3 separate foster homes for what is now approaching 17 months.  I will also point out serious deficiencies in our brokenFamily Court System and Child Welfare System which have clearly contributed to the despicable treatment, intentional abuse, and serious neglect of our children while in the care of the State of North Carolina.

Although far from perfect, neither my wife nor I have ever been charged with or convicted of a crime; we have never abused drugs, we have not consumed alcohol for well over 12 years due to personal convictions, and we do not even smoke cigarettes.  We are both hard-working parents putting God First in our lives, followed by each other, our children, and our family.  We believe in the Declaration of Independence and everything it stands for.  We believe in, and support the United States Constitution in every way.  We absolutely believe in Due Process of law!  We believe whole-heartedly that this form of corruption must be stopped, must not be ignored, and must not be allowed to infect even one more Child, one more Mother, one more Father, or one more Family.  It is a disgrace and is absolutely contrary to everything this great country stands for!  This is a non-partisan issue to be sure!

At a minimum my personal rights and/or the rights of my family have been violated pursuant to the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.  Aside from the personal tortureI have endured at the hands of Judge Lori Christian and the torturous conditionsendured by my children Timothy, Stephen, Matthew, Hannah, Sarah, Joseph, and Benjamin since being placed in the custody of Wake County Human Services; I consider this entire process to represent the TORTURE of our entire family.

CPS and Family Court reform is sorely needed across the State of North Carolinaand even across this great country.  Currently our own Federal Government provides cash incentives through Title IV-E and other Federally Funded Programs to the states which in turn, proliferate such continued unlawful abductions, similar to the likes of what our family has been experiencing.  To date, this attack on our family has been prolonged to exceed 16 months with no end in sight.

The adjudication of Neglect of our 7 minor children was founded upon False Allegations (which were later recanted with substantial corroboration, to no avail).  It has been sustained by fraudulent activity in the form of oral and written testimonyby various State and County Employees, and a complete disregard for Due Processby each and every Court Officer involved in this case from the start, up to and including the assigned Judges, among other things.  What this case absolutely does not include, is any corroborating evidence to substantiate the Allegation of Neglect.  No such evidence of any kind has ever existed nor was any ever presented to substantiate the claim ofNeglect made by Wake County Human Services when they first filed their petition with the court in June of 2010.

What is this Constitutional Due Process I speak of?  Where do I stand on the subject?  As a Child of God, a Human Being, a Husband, a Father, a U.S. Marine, a U.S.Citizen, a Registered Voter, a Candidate in the up-coming 2012 Local Elections, aLeader in the Community?

The US Constitution could not be clearer…The Fifth Amendment states:

No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without Due Process of LAW.  It doesn’t say, no person “accept…”  It simply states… NO PERSON!  This due process requirement is the lynchpin of the entire constitution.  From it comes the presumption of innocence, that all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  From it comes the Government’s duty of transparency and fairness, and it applies to ALL PERSONS!

Due Process of law means a “fair” hearing before a neutral Judge (and jury if applicable) under transparent procedures established “in advance.”  This was the primary factor in why we fought a revolution against the British King and his “Star Chamber” when Due Process was denied and where the prosecutor chose the Judge and Jury, while conveniently excluded the public, and for which there were no public records; as a result of which the king’s enemies simply disappeared.

The Fifth Amendment was enacted to prevent such treatment and such a threat to society; it was enacted to assure that all persons would be treated fairly by the Government, even those that the Government, its so-called Judicial Representatives, and/or County, State, or Federal agents have come to dislike or even hate.

To the people I have faced in this case “the Constitution be damned!”  It is shameful, it represents tyranny.  It is quite far from the Representative Government I fought to defend as a United States Marine.

To shed more light on how this current case has evolved, the following has been stated to me directly by the primary foster care social worker Julie Riggins in this case; “Although we do not feel you were necessarily physically abusive to your wife or children, we find it hard to understand why you cannot admit to having said some things that may have hurt their feelings.”  It is an understatement to say, that it is appalling to think that our 7 children have been in State Custody for the past 16+ months pursuant to such a philosophy.  By what authority?  Who are these people?  From where do they obtain such power?

I have personally launched a non-profit advocacy group ExposingTheRecord.org which is registered as a non-profit in the State of North Carolina.  I operate two websitesExposingTheRecord.orgKangarooCourtWatch.org and a Radio Show known asETR Radio.  As the Founder and Executive Director of ExposingTheRecord.org, Husband to Debra, and Father to our 8 Children, I am committed to Change in this arena.  First and foremost however it is of course my immediate goal to continue my fight for our family, the return of our children, and to hold all those involved in this conspiracy accountable.  I encourage you to visit our website ExposingTheRecord.org for a more comprehensive report of our Mission Statement and our family’s case.  You will also notice the participation of nationwide supporters who readily express their own discontent for the treatment of our families at the hands of the Federal, State, and Local Governments.

Our children have been Abused and Neglected at levels approaching irreparable harm and likely representing permanent damage.  For example, our quite normal son Timothy(16), who was for all intents and purposes a very much average growing teenager, is now anything but.  He had spent several months in a Group Home (over 3 months), since then, he has been arrested and charged with criminal acts of theft and vandalism (charges pending), been drugged to control his behavior (never requiring so much as an aspirin in our home), is now engaging in what is affectionately known as “cutting” or “self-injury”, and the list goes on – all at the hands of these corrupt government agents and court officers!

Another example is our son Stephen (11) who “passed out” and was deprived of medical attention for this unknown medical anomaly; while my wife and I were not even notified of the incident until 3 weeks later.

Then there are the instances of Neglect where our 2 boys Stephen (11) and Matthew(9) had somehow managed to take up smoking cigarettes, additionally Matthew has been dismissed from no less than 3 daycare facilities for behavioral issues that have only presented themselves while our children have been in the legal and physical custody of Wake County.

Please keep in mind that from the time our children were forcefully removed from our home against their will and ours, up to and include the present day (now over 16 months), they have never been diagnosed with any sort of Major Disorder.  In fact, despite the early claims by Wake County Human Services of “Post-Traumatic Stress” related to the alleged “Abuse” our children were never even engaged in any form of therapy until over 4 months after their abduction in June of 2010.  It was not until November of 2010, they were allegedly diagnosed with “Adjustment Disorder” (effectively a billing code) and began to visit with a therapist for the same, for a period of over 10 months.  However, there has never been an official diagnosis or any paperwork of any kind presented to the court in support of such diagnosis throughout this process.

I am requesting a meeting with you and/or your representative seeking your help in our family’s pursuit of justice, justice for our children, for the immediate return of our children.  I would also like to discuss in more detail the previously described need for Change in and around these so-called Child Protective Services and/or the Child Welfare Services.  You are likely a parent yourself and should be very much able to relate to our family’s heartache.  Just imagine for one moment this injustice being perpetrated on you and yours.  I will meet anywhere, anytime in North CarolinaWashington DC, or any other location most convenient for you.

Although quite lengthy, I hope you will take the opportunity to review the attached Time-Line of events that best describes the various improprieties, even unlawful acts, inflicted upon our family from the start of this fiasco.  These events portray a complete disregard for the United States Constitution, perpetrated by our own government officials (State and County) and other collaterals (mental health professionals, guardian ad litems, etc.), and even go on to depict the “Above the Law” manner by which these so-calledAbuse, Neglect, and Dependency Proceedings are handled, once again, in the absence of Due Process of Law.

With or without your help I will never stop coming at these tyrants.  I am coming like a runaway freight train, with all the power and authority of the United States Constitution.  I will see Change!  I will see these Walls of Secrecy torn down!  We the People WILL take back what is ours!  I believe Parents have the inherent right to raise their own Children free of Government interference and I believe the United States Supreme Court has upheld such rights.  I support a Parental Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution and I hope you will do the same.  Visit ParentalRights.org for more information on that effort.  Please help!

Ronald R. Reale
My kid’s Dad



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