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CPS places child’s welfare first? NOT!

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This article is so full of Bull! 

This author was Social Worker of the Year 2011:

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of five articles from service providers for victims of family violence. October is Family Violence Awareness month.

Family violence affects every member of the family unit. While services are often directed toward adult victims of abuse, children who witness family violence are just as affected. Children who witness family violence are also at an increased risk of being abused or neglected themselves. For these reasons, any discussion of ending family violence on Guam must involve a discussion on protecting our children.

Child Protective Services, or CPS, is a specialized service system that seeks to protect children believed to be abused or neglected by their own parents, guardians or caretakers. CPS places the welfare of the child first and, where a child can be safely protected in his or her own home through the provision of services or assistance, this is a preferred course of action. The alternative, removing the child from the home and seeking foster placement, only occurs where necessary to ensure the child’s safety.



7:04 AM on October 5, 2011

I have a teenage son who is out of control. I can no longer handle him. I fear for my well being as his threats are becoming more intimidating daily. I no longer allow him in the house but he still breaks in to get food and clothes. What can I do to terminate my parental obligations? Does CPS take care of these types of problems?

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8:17 PM on October 6, 2011

I think that when parents fight and the cops come to the house, CPS should be there as well to check if the children are okay. Family memebers, i.e., grandparent(s) and aunts /uncles, who live with an abuser should get counselling!

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5:02 AM on October 23, 2011

CPS across the U.S. is a broken system. Based on national statistics, children are abused far more in care than at home. The calculated average is that for every 1 abused child removed from an abusive home, there are 17 NON-abused children removed from LOVING, NON-offending homes.

While the state system REQUIRES that you make ALL reasonable efforts to MAINTAIN a child in their home, this is too often overlooked by pious, sanctimonious, untrained agents who assume a parent is guilty, and that their actions are justified by acting aggressively to rip a child from their home. Of course they refer to this as “saving” the child.

An estimated 80% of cases where children have been removed (per ACF federal reports), are based on false allegations, and end with unsubstantiated findings. The trauma caused to these children and their families due to the negligent tactics of workers results in life-long irreparable harm. It is well documented the severe trauma caused to kidnapped children. Be it a stranger lurking with a handful of candy at the playground that steals the child, or an agent/stranger that swoops in to “save” the child, the child, as well as his family’s , the perception/fear/trauma is the same. Children are suddenly isolated from all that was familiar, their extended families, friends, classmates, pets, and community, resulting in serious emotional and psychological trauma that carries on long after recovery and reunification. The weeks, months, years that these children languish in foster care, their anxiety more often than not, numbed by drugs, while their families fight desperately to bring them home is inexcusable.

These children are not thanking anyone for “saving” them. Actions by an agency to remove children that are NOT in imminent danger, erring on the side of safety, is not acceptable. Children cannot be collateral damage, this is ABUSE. While no one can deny that there are children that do need saving, we, as a society need to do better.

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6:00 AM on October 24, 2011

I have to agree, cps is a screwed up system. It’s a system where you have sometimes untrained agents ripping families apart without full and proper investigations. These are investigators who have been given police like powers without giving families the “due process” of law that our constitution provides. In no way will I ever believe that CPS tries to keep families together, there is too much of an incentive for states to break families apart in the form of Title IV federal funding paid to states and counties. Much of this story sounds like a pamphlet and is not the “real world” of how cps operates across our nation. They do not try and prevent removals of children from homes, judges do not sign off on “removals” before children are removed., children are taken by cps, papers are rubber stamped, investigating social workers twist and lie on court documents and parents are hauled into children’s courts, which are closed courts (so that there are no witnesses to the abuse courts do), not allowed to speak and threatened into cps “services” and bullied into not taking cases to trial. When parents do not go to trial but instead accept dcfs services in the form of “do this and that and we will give you your children back”, they are signing their rights away to their children, anything dcfs has written will be treated as FACT and the families side of the matter will never be on record, so that later childrens services can foster and adopt the children out permanently. CPS is a money making machine for states.

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10:06 AM on October 24, 2011

I notice that neglect and abuse do not include foster parents. Rarely are they founded on child protection reports while the national statistics reveal that is where the predominate amount of neglect and abuse occur. I think it odd how almost every child dying in America is known to the system, under investigation, foster child or adopted child out of foster care. Child protection is a system allowed to abuse and destroy families for money but you will never see an admission to that of course. Systemic abuse is all they are really capable of because it is a system out of control from top to bottom with greed being the mandate for removal of children. I am a social worker by education and have been fighting for CPS to comply with the laws for over four years. I cannot get them to give a simple medical procedure to save my granddaughters life, notice I said simple. They allow the foster mother to physically abuse my granddaughter call her out of name consistently ridicule both my grandchildren and then medicate them to comply. NOT ABUSE? Seven billion dollars out of our social security monies are spent to “protect” our children. In reality, the desperate abused child is used and further abused by being left in the home or quickly returned for the sole purpose of statistics so that you the public see the societal problem at hand…only it is staged so that when social security goes for broke atleast you believe it was spent wisely cause more money is the result of the statistics they create.

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The goals of CPS are to: Protect children and assist parents in providing proper care and attention to children; remedy and decrease the risk of continuing abuse and neglect; or provide alternate care for children when parents are unable to provide proper care for them.

CPS is not designed to address all issues related to the dysfunctions of the family or the whole range of parent-child problems. The focus is on the protection of children from abuse and neglect. Child protection is a community responsibility and resources should be coordinated through combined efforts. The community has an obligation to ensure that the required services are available for prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

The rehabilitative process for CPS assures the safety, permanency and well-being of the children. Our social workers enter into a relationship with each family to identify, reduce and prevent risks to the children. Underlying factors are then identified, which will help lead to successful outcomes. The treatment process then becomes a mutually agreed upon means of providing the needed support and intervention tools to the family in order to reduce the risk of further neglect or abuse. By creating a plan of action for families, CPS helps families learn how to move toward their desired, long-term goals.

By utilizing a combination of strategies, direct services are provided to the family, with CPS acting as the case manager in coordinating other needed services from the community. It is also crucial that a coordinated response to child abuse and neglect exists, with law enforcement, medical providers, educational personnel and the judicial system all working toward ending child abuse and neglect, while maintaining our unique roles and functions.

The ultimate success of a CPS intervention relies and rests upon the individual families. Accordingly, all families must be educated and encouraged to be involved and participate in the process of reducing the neglect and abuse of our children.

Lydia D. Tenorio is the administrator of the Department of Public Health and Social Services Bureau of Social Services Administration.


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