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Important CPS info you need to know!

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1. Do not be alarmed, First thing: Read the DCF Survival Memo

2. Give the DCF Investigator the DCF Client Wallet Card. We will send you two cards on request, or you may get them at the office.

3. Contact us immediately to set up a brief consultation.

•Tel: 860-872-1024
•Fax to 860-871-1015
We will tell you what information to bring in.

4. Be polite with DCF, but tell them that you need to consult with your attorney before signing anything or speaking to them. If DCF tries to talk you out of it, keep being polite and do not give in. Remember that once you sign or say anything, it may be too late.

5. If necessary, remind the DCF worker that you are entitled to consult an attorney, per the law and the directives of the DCF Commissioner.

6. Do not allow anyone into your home without a warrant. If a police officer tries to intimidate you, get his or her badge number.

7. Do not allow anyone to speak to your children before you have spoken to an attorney. See When DCF Talks to Your Kid Secretly.

8. If you ever sign anything, or give any important paper to anyone, be sure to keep a copy.

9. DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED. This is America. See Americans Have Rights.

10. URGENT: UNEXPLAINED FRACTURES. The most difficult cases to defend are those in which a child has fractures or other serious injuries, and the parents or guardians have no satisfactory explanation. It is possible that there is no explanation because the parents do not know. Nevertheless, DCF and the police will be all over you, and often the consequences will be disastrous.

In this situation, it is especially important to call a lawyer immediately. See our article, The Problem of Unexplained Fractures.

©2011 The Law Offices of Michael H. Agranoff
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Phone: 860-872-1024
Fax: 860-871-1015

Kriss Cooley Says, “This lawyer only fights cases in connecticut but wins so many. I  just called them and they are still in the game they said they are not affraid of dhs so hope this helps if you live in Connecticut.”


Ok,  here is what you need to make and send to school with your children to protect them from CPS coming and talking to them without you present and putting words in their mouth…read below….TYPE IT LIKE IT SAYS AND MAKE COPIES TO PUT UP CAS KIDS TEND TO LOSE THEM>>>LAMINATE THEM…give a copy to principal and teachers…LOOK BELOW

Fight Cps FRONT: Dear Government Agent: I am exercising my right to remain silent. Please do not coerce me into answering your questions. Please call my parents IMMEDIATELY!!

Fight Cps ON BACK: LIST parents names and ALL contact phone numbers. List any other person that can “stand in” until parent can be reached. In bold, list your family attorney and phone number!!

I noticed that you mention not referring them to other contacts such as doctors, teachers, etc.
Remember that government funded schools are the number one reporters. If you have an application for headstart, they tell you you must sign a waiver for medical records. If you read it carefully, it tells you it abides by the “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act”. This is a trick. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act grants them the right to share your child’s records with child protective services. Headstart will ask you to sign this waiver which includes all of your child’s medical records since birth, dental records, iron levels, everything. You have a right to medical privacy through HIPAA, but they will try to get you to sign these rights away, often indirectly through schools.


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  1. Most lawyers I know of in Canada are part of the PROBLEM, not any solution. Sickening. But this is good information if one wishes to rely upon a lawyer. Shared on my site.


    October 28, 2011 at 8:36 pm

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