Response to: 1,000 California Foster Care Homes Match Sex Offender Addresses: Report

Cps is nothing but a child trafficking operation run by our government, I spent four years ages 3-7 being raped in Children’s Village VIA LA CA CPS! The porn we made is still available today. I was ages 3-7. They ruined my life and only through the grace of God was I able to heal but not before I became a derelict mom, a drug addict for 8 years and a sex worker in the adult entertainment industry. When I was 6, all I wanted to be was a stripper! Isn’t that sad? CPS does not help kids. They destroy families and medicate kids with dangerous psychotropic drugs with  false diagnosis by CPS doctors who can care less for a child’s well being. I was on 5 or 6 drugs at a time when I when I was 9-16 because I had PTSD from the torture and raped I had to endure!!!!! Look up Nancy Shafer…she was a US GA congress woman who was murdered bringing  this truth to light. CPS is run by pedophiles and greedy social workers and judges getting kickback from big pharma, federal funds, and child care facilities that take in big bucks like ‘boot camps’ and juvi jails for kids.  Think MacLaren Hall in LA and Orangewood in Orange county both riddled with corruption, greed, and sexual abuse misconduct. Two places overflowing with children they can’t control!!!!!! Yeah, I was bad! By the time I was 5, I was beating my bully’s with 2X4’s to protect myself because the staff wouldn’t! There are good foster parents who really do try… I had two of them when I was released from hell but by then, it was too late… I was too damaged!


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