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State Audit Says CPS Can and Must Improve

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A state audit is revealing waysChild Protective Servicescan better serve children who may be in danger. The findings have some in Fresno rallying to make changes to the department.


The audit took a look at departments in Sacramento, Alameda and Fresno Counties. It examined the way social workers handled their cases. It reveals the state can and must provide better protection for abused and neglected kids. “I’m speaking on behalf of my son, Seth Ireland. I miss him every day. He’s gone but all children still need protection,” says Joseph Hudson, Seth’s father.



Hudson says he feels CPS failed him. In 2008, Hudson says he attempted to remove his son from an abusive situation but didn’t succeed. Three weeks later 10-year-old Seth Ireland was beaten to death. His mom’s boyfriend was convicted of the murder. “I want to prevent child abuse; I don’t want any more deaths to happen to children, like it did to my son,” says Hudson.


Hudson is fighting to improve the CPS system. He’s working alongside Henry T. Perea; they’re reviewing a state audit on “Death and Abuse Cases” within CPS departments.


They want to see two changes—required death reviews and expanded background checks. The audit shows in 2010 Fresno County had 5 CPS cases in which a child died—of those cases 4 were formally investigated. The audit also reveals many abused and neglected children are ending up in the hands of sex offenders; it says 1,000 sex offenders were living in foster or home daycares where children were placed. “It’s appalling and in many cases, we have day cares that hired sex offenders to watch over children,” says Perea.


From 2008 to 2010, 13 children were killed in neglect and abuse cases. Fresno County CPS says it’s improving its policies but the community wants to see more. “I fought the system so hard; it was frustrating and it caused me a lot of anger. I dealt with it and bitterness toward the system,” say Hudson. “It will be healing for me and me to continue on with life and know other children won’t go through what my son went through.”


The audit also pointed out the importance of in-home visits to children places in foster care. It found in several cases social workers were not consistently visiting children. The audits say they’re supposed to visit every week and in some cases they weren’t even visiting once a month.


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  1. Dude get real you got paid so that corrupted cps workers can further have there way in kidnapping children LEGALLY. I really don’t understand why you didn’t, A. Beat the moms boyfriend senseless, worst that could happen, few days in jail + still have your son B. Go get your son out of that house along with (A) worst that could happen few days in jail + you would still have your son. Sitting around waiting for cps to do nothing is not an option at all you happy now are you doing anything useful with your money to help kids that are in foster care like thorough investigation, random visits, random, drug testing etc. to see that children are not being negleted, abused or even in good health, there health condition before and after being removed from there home or making sure that the non offending parent gets immediate placement. I am a non offending parent my children were removed from there mothers home Sept. 30th its now Christmas eve and sadly my children are not with there father and they love daddy they miss daddy and not one child, not two or three but seven. 8 yrs of age and under I love them so much I would die for them I live for them I don’t understand all the big words in the court room my public defender Judith sanders made it sound real good I believed I was gonna take my children home wiche is why I didn’t mind the court ordered parenting, anger management, random etc. It wasn’t til after I left the courthouse and got down to the cps building that it was clear to me I wasn’t getting my children back anytime soon, people warned me that cps was corrupt, cps is corrupt I am Gonzalo Valdovinos proud father who wants his children back so Joseph Hudson you care so much about helping children need of there father well consider this I waited at my kids school for there foster parent to leave, my baby girl Emily Love Valdovinos is in kindergarten tells me while holding her head up high, eyes watering wanting to cry daddy I wanna go home with you daddy I’m proud of her for being strong through this, Joseph Hudson my children’s innocence was everything to me, EVERYTHING! And now its gone lets see you do something about this bet you won’t, in fact you’ll probably never even know of this posting or read it and think I’m ignorant because I lack proper grammar. You don’t need proper grammar to raise good kids my kids are good kids in proud of them I need them in my life and I refuse to go through all the court ordered classes just to be told I have no rights to my children like it happen to a friend of mine he did absolutely everything the courts asked and its been going on 8 yrs now and he’ll never get them back there’s no justice in a corrupt system, Joseph Hudson, ksee24 & whoever is reading this that can make it happen I want my children home for Christmas morning.

    gonzalo valdovinos

    December 24, 2013 at 9:49 pm

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