S. 1867 – National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012

Read it here:

The reality here ladies and gentlemen is you need to pay attention RIGHT NOW! before every citizen in this country looses everything has well as their children.

The web site poss,s a four step phase being the last phase a nation wide stay home and not work strike, the link of reality,

Now, more good news,;_ylc=X3oDMTJ2MTRvZ3E3BF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzc0MjAyMDY4BGdycHNwSWQDMTcwNTM4MTIyNQRtc2dJZAM1BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA3Z0cGMEc3RpbWUDMTMyMjY1NTYyMAR0cGNJZAM1

I will have more free time to finish the presentation brief for showing, you need to take a stand now and try and organize with in your states speaking engagements to sustain a awareness alliance of the people/Parents.

Folks, the hard facts are, it does not matter what you own and have, you are about to fall under full (Marshall Law) am i clear? we are about to reenact the whole 1700’s battle for freedom with in 1 to 2 years, the reason your president has ignored our cries and demands for our constitutional rights as a family is because he needs the adoption money. He is building an arm in Africa, he is setting us up for the United Nations, what is taking place right now, I told and warned many people about in 2008 and 2009 and i was criticized. Well, its here! There is no time for winning and oh poor me crap, you need to put the pity aside and start forming the speaking engagements to bring the parents of this nation together as a whole before we are left with no path to consider or follow.

James Twoeagles


the controversial issue of using psychotropic medications with children.

Diane Sawyer and ABC News’ 20/20 to profile Maryhurst Friday

By STAFF | Published: NOVEMBER 28, 2011

ABC News’ 20/20 is scheduled to featureMaryhurst Friday, Dec. 2.

The local local children’s home/foster care agency will not be the subject of an exposé.

Instead, Maryhurst will be profiled for its institutional philosophy that building healthy relationships is preferable to depending too heavily on psychotropic drugs to treat troubled young people, according to a Maryhurst news release.

This will be the second time ABC News and Louisville native Diane Sawyer have reported on Maryhurst, according to the release.

About five years ago, Maryhurst was featured in a special “Primetime” episode on foster care in America.

Here’s the synopsis of this week’s 20/20 coverage.

ABC News’ 20/20 will feature Louisville-based children’s home and foster care agency Maryhurst during its broadcast this Friday, Dec. 2. The episode, airing locally on WHAS-11 beginning at 10 p.m., features a special report by Diane Sawyer on the controversial issue of using psychotropic medications with children. Maryhurst, which cares primarily for teenage girls who have suffered significant trauma due to abuse and neglect, is to be shown as an example of best practices. After working with agencies across the country, ABC was particularly impressed with Maryhurst’s belief that although medications can sometimes be very helpful, the best approach in working with children is to help them build healthy relationships based on trust and communication. Through intensive therapy and positive relationships with staff, many of the children at Maryhurst are able to drastically reduce their levels of medication while in care.

About Maryhurst: Maryhurst is celebrating its 168th year of caring for abused and neglected children, making it the state’s oldest child welfare agency. Believing the worth of children and strength of families are cornerstones for a better world, Maryhurst is dedicated to providing care and commitment, strength and support, healing and hope to children and families in great need. The private, non-profit agency cares for more than 400 children each year through aresidential treatment program for teenage girls, community based group homes for teen girls, therapeutic foster care services, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and transitional living services. Maryhurst is recognized nationally for its expertise in caring for severely traumatized youth, most often victims of sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse or neglect.



Dear Diane Sawyer , I live in Cincinnati Ohio and  I commend you on  the work you are doing to expose the reality of children in foster care.  We too along with everyone else has an enormous problem dealing with the foster care issue. I personally am feeling the effects of this issue from where I discovered that it originates. I would like to first start off by saying that we all know that their are some children that need to be removed  from their homes and their are the children that are being victimized by bad child protective services caseworkers, being torn from their families despite having a good home. I have video proof  along with my truthful story of how corrption  in my situation and others are being vitimized and abused by the very people that are sworn to protect our children. Bad caseworkers here have been massively lying under oath in all the courtrooms, fabrication evidence, lying to the clients as well as on the clients. Here in hamilton county , the bad caseworkers feed the judges bad and corrupt information in order fer the case to come out which ever way they personally want it to go. We need you Diane Sawyer,  to come and make a difference here in hamilton county and put a stop to the abuse to the mondel act and the adoption families act. Louisvilles  I-team and the clients of child protective services got fed up, took charge and made the difference and we need to do the same.    Feel free to contact me at  and I will give you my number.

Judge Wooten gets 10 years probation

Suzanne Wooten

By Dan Eakin,

Published: Monday, November 28, 2011 9:10 PM CST
District Judge Suzanne Wooten was sentenced to 10 years probation and a $10,000 fine Monday after having been convicted last week of bribery and other charges.

She also will be required to perform more than 1,000 hours of community service while on probation.

The jury arrived at 8:30 a.m. Monday, expecting to hear prosecutors the next two days arguing what sentence she should receive, and the defense arguing one day that the sentence should be less than what prosecutors would be asking.

After waiting to be brought into the courtroom, the jury was informed that, over the holidays, the state and defense had reached an agreement on the sentence and the fine.

Visiting District Judge Kerry Russell agreed to the sentence on condition that Wooten would acknowledge her guilt and waive the right to appeal. After Wooten did so, the judge signed the necessary papers for the conviction, sentence and fine. The jury was then brought into the courtroom, given an explanation and dismissed, with the judge thanking the jurors for their service.

After hearing more than two weeks of testimony, the jury convicted Wooten last week, and the judge had set the sentencing phase to begin Monday morning. With the agreement worked out between the state and the defense, the sentencing phase became unnecessary.

Per the agreement, Wooten was sentenced to 10 years probation on each of eight charges, to run concurrently, including six counts of bribery, conspiring to engage in criminal activity and money laundering. She was sentenced to five years probation for tampering with a government record, also to run concurrently.

Following the signing of the agreement Monday, Wooten’s attorney, Peter Schulte, who defended Wooten along with Toby Shook, said, “We are disappointed in the jury’s verdict. However, Judge Wooten is ready to move on with her life.”

The agreement also makes Wooten immediately cease her duty as the 380th District Court judge. She had been suspended, receiving full pay, while awaiting trial.

The next hurdle Wooten must overcome will likely be a hearing before the state bar on whether she should be disbarred, meaning her license would be taken away and she could no longer legally practice law in Texas.

“The disbarment is not automatic,” Schulte said. “She will have the right to be heard.”

Should she be disbarred, Wooten could still work as a mediator, a paralegal or in other areas related to the practice of law.

Wooten holds a law degree from St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio.

During the lengthy trial, the state alleged that David and Stacy Cary had funneled six amounts totaling $150,000 into the checking account of James Stephen Spencer, Wooten’s campaign manager, to finance Wooten’s 2008 campaign as bribes to get Wooten to rule in their favor in a child-parent relations case.

Had Wooten taken the case, which she did not, she would have had to rule on whether David Cary would have been required to pay his ex-wife, Jennifer Cary, more than $400,000 in a divorce settlement.

Harry White, who with Adrienne McFarland prosecuted the Wooten case as members of the Texas Attorney General’s staff, promised that he would also bring the Carys and Spencer to trial in relation to the same case.

Stacy Cary is expected to go on trial first, possibly in January. Spencer is expected to be tried next, and David Cary last.

Texas State Judge On Trial For Bribery, Money Laundering Charges

Judge Suzanne Wooten

Judge Suzanne Wooten, indicted for bribery.

McKINNEY (AP) — A state district judge in North Texas is set for trial on charges of accepting a bribe that boosted her 2008 election bid in exchange for future favorable rulings in her court.

Judge Suzanne Wooten faces felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity, money laundering, bribery and tampering with a government record. Opening statements were set for Tuesday in Collin County.

Prosecutors allege that a campaign consultant for the 43-year-old judge took six payments totaling $150,000 from a couple locked in a bitterchild custody battle with the husband’s ex-wife.

Wooten has denied wrongdoing, and reports say she will testify.

Wooten was suspended with pay after her indictment last year. If convicted, her punishment ranges from life in prison to probation.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All rights reserved.)

Foster Children Still Used By Government For Dangerous Experiments

Foster Children Still Used (Below). U.S. Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (Public Meeting), Executive Chambers Madison Hotel Washington DC, March 15, 1995 1:00pm Chris DeNicola (B), Valerie Wolf (A), Claudia Mullen (C) at Pg 77

MKULTRA Victim B Tucson AZ Testimony US Hearings. Transcript at

Project MKULTRA, CIA’s Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification, 1977 SENATE MKULTRA HEARINGS, TESTIMONY, DOCS and at




Former Bryan County sheriff’s deputy indicted on federal civil rights charges

Former Bryan County sheriff’s deputy indicted on federal civil rights charges
by staff and Associated Press reports
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MUSKOGEE — A federal grand jury has indicted a former Bryan County sheriff’s lieutenant on federal civil rights violations and obstruction of justice for allegedly using a Taser on a woman and two jail inmates last year.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced the six-count indictment Tuesday afternoon against Kevin Bennett Holt, 48, Achille.

Prosecutors accused Holt of using a Taser on two occasions on a woman who had been arrested, plus using a Taser on two male inmates during incidents in September and November 2010.

Sheriff Bill Sturch said his office initiated the investigation into allegations against Holt last year and after about a month, turned the case over to the FBI due to the alleged civil rights violations.

Under federal law, using excessive force against an inmate is a civil rights violation.

A former sheriff’s deputy who once spoke with the Democrat about the case, said that among the allegations was that Holt had used a Taser against inmates who were in a restraint chair.

Federal prosecutors said Holt is specifically charged with deprivation of rights under color of law, falsifying a written statement and lying to the FBI.

Holt resigned from the sheriff’s office in January. He was also once a police officer in Achille.

If convicted on the civil rights counts, Holt faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison on each count. The false statement count has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and lying to the FBI carries a maximum sentence of five years. He could also be fined up to $250,000.

The case is being investigated by the Oklahoma City Division of the FBI. It is being jointly prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Oklahoma and the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Read more: Durant Daily Democrat – Former Bryan County sheriff’s deputy indicted on federal civil rights charges

The truth about the sex trade in America; CPS/DHS is the biggest child sex trafficking victim creator!

And CPS is the #1 creator of children trapped in the trade!!!!! Why???? Because they tear you down, drug you you, and tell you you are worthless while bouncing you from one place to another, and that your parents HATE you!!!! I know, I was in the sex trade for 12 years, 4 as a kid ages 3-7 VIA CPS LA CA and 8 years as an adult. CPS/DHS are child traffickers for big pharma and title V funding money…when you get this through your skull…then we CAN all DO something about it!!!!!

The truth about the sex trade in America


Judicial Council Watcher: A blog to watch!

Judicial Branch Elections: A primer on democracy in California’s judicial branch

Judicial Branch Elections: A primer on democracy in California’s judicial branch

Posted on November 5, 2011


California’s judicial branch elections aren’t as clear cut as some might understand them to be. We don’t in fact vote for every judge that sits on the superior court bench or justice at the courts of appeal or the supreme court.

While judges and justices are both appointed by the governor, only justices stand for retention elections. If the electorate is unhappy with an appointment of the governor or the performance of a justice of the courts of appeal or the supreme court, the electorate can simply choose to not return a justice to office and the governor will appoint a new justice to the appellate or supreme court that shall be affirmed by the people.

Judges, on the other hand are not subject to retention elections. In fact, if no one files the proper paperwork while meeting the necessary qualifications to run against a standing judge – and there is no declared write-in campaign that garners the proper amount of signatures, judges in California do not appear on the ballot and are deemed re-elected.

Temporary judges like 18 year temporary veteran of the Shasta Bench Jack Halpin are never subject to challenge.

Quite a few of the websites and individuals that post here, that link to us or that we may link to like to discuss reforming California’s judicial branch. As an attorney thinking about running for a judgeship against a standing judge, it is generally considered bad form to run against a judge in the very courts you have to practice law in. And therein lies part of the problem. It is also generally the practice of judges and justices to retire from the bench when the party of the party that appointed them occupies the governors chair, though there can be any number of other reasons a judge or justice might return to private practice or retire outside of those boundaries. It appears that for the electorate to successfully challenge a standing judge that the electorate might need to enlist a qualified candidate to challenge a standing judge in an effort for them to be successful.

How might the election process be made more meaningful for the voters for them to better hold these elected officials accountable? One idea might be to have every standing superior court judge stand for retention elections much like justices do. Another might be for qualified bar candidates to simply reflect their desire to be a judicial candidate in a particular county as a part of their online CalBar profile with both an interest yes/no checkblock as well as a space to link to a interest statement or candidate statement website.  In this manner, they might simply be running for an office as opposed to choosing to challenge a standing judge should an electorate be motivated enough to nominate a challenger to a seat on the superior court bench.

Judicial Council Watcher understands the plight of those caught up in systems and legal decisions that seem to be unfair or don’t make sense. We respect the status quo being challenged at all levels. However, unlike other websites, our focus is not on individual cases or causes at the court level, even though from time to time we will be reflecting upon our own opinions in these pages . We believe that there are many other websites and resources that are better qualified and better suited to address individual cases, causes and concerns. One of the main reasons you will find us reaching out and highlighting some of these cases, causes and concerns is because we often share those concerns, yet we’re not the experts. We have no boots on the ground in Shasta County to co-sponsor BlindBulldog but we share many of their concerns. We have no  volunteers over at The Center for Judicial Excellence  yet we support their cause.  We’re not Court Reporters but we support their cause. We don’t explore the inner workings of the California Bar or some of its many players or questionable dealings but we support Leslie Brodie’s cause. We believe that the family court industrial complex is in dire need of reform and we support whistleblower emily gallups cause.

The primary focus of Judicial Council Watcher is the operations and governance of the Judicial Council and their administrative arm, the AOC and how they and their committees might interrelate into this other activity brought up by us and others.While we also recognize that there are a myriad of issues of a legal nature that we cover, such as in-perpetuity appointments of assigned judges, the family court legal industrial complex, the untoward influence of corporate (and billionaire)influence upon the judiciary, we’re most concerned about the rights of AOC and court employees to organize if they choose to and have a career they can rely on, the promotion of even greater whistleblower protections and installing better safeguards against fraud, waste and abuse and public corruption, the most effective of which we believe would be democratization of the council itself and enhancing the functions of the CJP with an inspector general of the judicial branch, appointed by the Governor and affirmed by the legislature much like any other political appointment. We also hold the belief that California’s judicial branch has no business in the construction or building management business and shouldn’t be re-inventing the wheel when it comes to case management systems when there are viable commercial off the shelf solutions that can be configured for this purpose.


It is the people that manage in this set of buildings that concern us most.

The Earl Warren Building and Courthouse at Civ...

Out of Control: Who’s Watching Our Child Protection Agencies?

Child Protective Services tramples the rights of both the accused and the victims it claims to protect. Operating behind a cloak of secrecy, child-savers commit perjury, defy court orders, and make a mockery of constitutional rights. Yet, this travesty continues almost unchallenged. Spurred by good intentions, we have created a malignant organism that is eroding the freedom and fabric of America’s fundamental institution, the family.
Justice Louis D. Brandeis once wrote: “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”
In their zeal to save battered children, well-meaning legislators have created a system described by a San Diego grand jury as “out of control, with few checks and with little balance.” Justice Tom Clark of Texas, a former U.S. attorney general, warns, “Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws or worse….. the charter of its own existence.” The fact that workers in the child abuse industry violate constitutional rights daily is even recognized by some within the system Philip Leduc, a CPS supervisor in Massachusetts, agreed that “if the level of intrusiveness perpetrated allegedly to protect children were attempted in any other field, we would be in court …. we would be in jail, we would have the Supreme Court coming down with innumerable decisions against us.”

— excerpt from the book: “Out of Control: Who’s Watching Our Child Protection Agencies?” by Brenda Scott

It Can’t Happen To Me!

Remember: When it happens to you, there is help!

It Can’t Happen To Me!

I am your enemy. I’m the co-worker who’ll will do anything to get you fired. I’m the neighbor who hates you. I’m the ex-wife, ex-husband, I’m your church member, I’m your angry family member or friend, I’m your political opponent. Who am I? I am your enemy, and you ought to know that…

The right of officials to seize you from inside your own home or your children without a warrant is virtually universal. In almost every state, the accused is denied the right of trial by jury in the court. You or your children can be removed by judicial decree regardless of whether sufficient proof exists to convict you of any criminal activity! These officials don’t have to tell you why you were accused, or what acts you were supposed to have committed. So, you’ll imagine every horrible, hideous act possible. And you’ll never know who made the false report.

Remember: When it happens to you, there is help!


Getting to Know Your Local CPS/Mental Health/Psychiatric Worker

I am the person who can do whatever they want. I can break whatever laws I want. I can be a conspirator when a human being loses their life. Even if it is a child that loses their life, still, I am assured that there will never be consequences for me to face. For you see, I, am “above the law”.

Who am I? Well, I am certainly not a normal citizen though many will insist that I am. I am neither a police officer, nor Congressman, nor Senator; I am not even the President of this great nation of ours, all of them can be made to pay for their crimes. I am a “child protection” caseworker or a mental health psychiatric professional. I can alter paperwork, I can lie, I can abuse and neglect adults and children. I can also be a drug dealer for children. How? Let me tell you how. I commit home invasion, kidnapping, assault, extortion and perjury. I violate all of your ‘rights’, from your 4th amendment protection against illegal search and seizure to freedom of speech, freedom to defend yourself against great injury, even truth in evidence. From time to time, I am a knowing, willing accomplice in premeditated, cold blooded, murder.

I push mind altering, deadly drugs on children. I know I will never get in trouble with the law because I am “IMMUNE” from prosecution. All I have to claim is simply that I acted in ‘good faith’ then make sure that my paperwork backs up what I’ve said, not what you might say. After all, YOU are the one accused of wrong doing, otherwise why would I be in your life in the first place? But even if you do figure out what is really going on; what I am doing, no one will believe YOUR statements. I am a governmental employee doing good deeds for families and children. Be assured that anything you try to say will be heard as nothing more than a retaliation against me for having had to take your freedom or your children, or as attempts to avoid your own responsibility and shame, or the distressed ravings of some personality disordered person, one now so dangerously mentally ill.

It’s as simple as this. See I can, and do, walk into your house, your HOME, and literally kidnap you or your child. Right then and there. I do not have to explain these actions or my reasons, just give you a piece of paper with a court date on it some times not even that. Of course I will not tell you where I am taking your child and that will drive you crazy with worry. Next, I hide you or the child in a well guarded, locked, ‘shelter’ or foster home or an institution, where the already stunned, shocked and terrified adult or child can be threatened, starved, mocked and beaten. Crying out in the dark night for you. Moment after moment….

I am supposed to meet with you but you don’t know that. I just do not have time for petty tasks. I have a “huge” caseload. That’s excuse enough for me.


If your child cries and complains, or if the adult frets or complains about it I don’t worry. I just call up one of “our” doctors. The doctor will prescribe any number of mind-altering chemicals -drugs. Force them on you or your child. Even restrained then injected, if need be.

Your child or you will be silent; too groggy, too dizzy, or both to blow the whistle.

Of course it is all your fault anyways. Don’t you see? I pretend to protect you and the children. I don’t – I destroy. Because of my ‘blanket of immunity’, when they are found; lost, bruised, beaten, maimed or dead, I am ‘above the law’.

Let’s examine how I am able to get away with all of this; how I am able to be this way, do these things, everyday, right under your nose. “He who does not forbid an act is deemed to have bidden it”. You, the taxpaying citizens of this country (and most of my victims) ALLOW it. How, you ask? You give me ‘my’ job. You pay me to do this; to bluff, threaten and intimidate you and your child and your family. To demean, discredit and disgrace you in court. You don’t know your ‘rights’ or even care to know. You create this monster then empower the beast by not objecting; by not speaking up.

By not knowing the laws that govern or if the laws that are enacted are fair and impartial laws, you couldn’t know if they are followed or ignored. By allowing strangers to exercise discretion over your private life and familial matters, you encourage or enable the abuse of a public trust. You’re not concerned as long as it’s not YOU. You are not watching or holding me accountable if I do all this and more to someone else or someone else’s children, or to someone else’s family.

Life changes in the space of a heartbeat. You are one of the people or parents I have not gotten around to…yet. I have a long list of families still left untouched. You are the silent majority so far. It is you I am concerned with. My job would be rather difficult if I actually had to do it. I am a ‘caseworker’ whose caseload, we all claim, is huge. So many people and children ‘at risk’ of something. Me

I simply pretend to ‘protect and preserve’. I am very good at it. I sit with my supervisor and we decide who should be hunted today and who should not.

You see it is the unchecked power and control, NOT any facts, conscience or law, that guide my actions. As long as you all keep quiet, I will continue to have my way. You don’t believe those I have already devoured because if we accuse a person or a parent, you, the silent majority, believe it to be true. You are both careless and clueless, that is, until I get to you. Then you will be just another “unjustly accused” person or parent and no one will listen. Now you too have been silenced and are no longer any threat to me. And that is how I got to be “above the law”. Pretty slick huh? You made me. Yet once upon a time..


Now That You Really Know Me, Just What Are You Going To Do About It Anyways?


YOU had the ability to stop me but you remained silent and oblivious. It was your neighbor’s torment. Now it’s too late. I’ve stripped you of your power; your voice. Most likely, I’ve also destroyed you or your children and family, your finances, your freedom, your future, your job, your peace of mind, your reputation, your sanity and trust.

Are YOU going to continue to let ‘them’ do this to all of us? We ask that you raise YOUR VOICE with ours, in OBJECTION/PROTEST. Before it’s TOO late.

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