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No Justice at all for Amy and Her Beautiful Daughter!

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No justice at all

Can you imagine we live in a world where an abusive family that harmed you and your child (evidence based) can buy your child and steal your life. I must file something again but remember despite proof that I was set up by their lies and evil and that they got away with felonies the courts ignored me even The Supreme Court. What should I file? I want to sue Governor Perry as well for helping them win illegally! He is directly involved more than you know yet! Remember he appointed my wicked step dad to head of the Dental board and knew he’s crimes later and did nothing! How is it that TEXAS would not let me file a criminal report or do a sworn statement! That is highly illegal and even when I traveled to do so I was told the report must be done here. It is clear I am black balled to cover up a huge political scandal and still no one has jumped on this story despite my evidence site alone was at almost 10,000 with a cash reward to prove me wrong that no one could! My girl changed so much after taken! This is a parents worse nightmare! I didn’t even recognize her this way. Cps, Governor Rick Perry and many …others hid felonies and set ups on me! They covered up proof of being my girl clearly abused as well! Since I taped proof of my girls abuse and took secret pics my rights were unlawfully terminated quicker than any case ever heard of where I could never speak to her again now in 2 yrs!

Amy  CharronPosted By Amy Charron Petition Organizer

November 01, 2011

So I just started posting the evil faces behind this case and already 3 are deleted without me doing it! Anita and Gary McDonald ( had been appointed and criminally protected by Governor Rick Perry) bully me all you want you won’t shut me up illegally again! Your buddy
Rowena McGowan Freeman shown in this public pic on the internet is FROM MAINE and a set up witness that had a felony record and FBI number! I had called the police on her for theft in FEB 2008 and then the same time next yr she had me illegally arrested and thrown in jail for the first time in my life in my 40’s! Since I had called the police on her about a yr before she so had motive to get me and she so did but totally unlawfully! CPS and my enemies used her as their number one witness illegally and she did not raise her own kids and is on marriage 5! They illegally covered up truths about her and allowed total perjury despite having proof she was lying! She was all hear say with no witnesses to back up any of her outrageous claims under oath! She was on a mission to destroy my girl and I and is was beyond scary! I will expose her as well now after almost 3 yrs of being harassed to not! If I get arrested over… it….you all will get caught! Anyone can pull her record off the internet and see! She also lied about being a nurse to give bogus medical claims not true about me! That isn’t even legal! She should be in prison for all she got away with! She also said under oath I was a call girl lol….funny no proof of this is yrs as public as I went. She even said my bed was broken from wild sex under oath! What a joke……so men out there if we had wild sex and for money post it. It has never happened! This crazy nut must of been paid off…..she walked up to my Grandma and I and begged to be my friend then was their witness? Hmmmmmm to lie like crazy so they could illegally win! She even said I didn’t graduate from UT… evil mom just sat there smiling knowing she was lying! My diploma was public and almost 10,000 saw it! So Rowena set me up and the judge so allowed it! I was arrested during the trial for only questioning her on why she she was lying! I was forced to tell the jurors I spent the night in jail…….and I came from jail on the day of the verdict! The case didn’t get heard until a yr later where is was dropped yet I never got another trial! Texas you PLAY DANG DIRTY and they made my life hell even putting my on a 6pm curfew when I worked at night at a modeling agency and had started my own fashion shows the judge wouldn’t let me do! I lost tons of money over this! I have been threaten to not expose this but enough! Rowena and my step dad sat in court closely together trying to put me in jail 10 yrs when I had never been in jail until their set ups! It was so scary….you have idea! How could someone with a felony record take down someone with no record! Proof of one lie for starts read her public article she claimed under oath she was or had been a nurse….. FEATURE STORIES …..hurry and take a peek before it all illegally gets shut down again.Changing Lives: Rowena Freeman
Leap of faithStanding at the front of the classroom, seventh-grade teacher Rowena Freeman observes the dark-haired girl to her left. The once-vivacious student has become withdrawn, sometimes hostile. Something is going on, but what—problems with parents, a romance gone awry? Freeman doesn’t know. Not yet. But she has walked these roads, and she knows the best way out of a crumbling life situation—education.
Rowena FreemanFreeman, who’s working on her doctoral degree, comes from a family that was convinced she would never attend college.“I always wanted to go to nursing school, but I grew up in a really poor family,” she said. “Only boys and rich people went to college. My mom was the last of 23 children in her family. She said, ‘You will take business classes, be a secretary and get married.’ I actually got in trouble for taking college-prep classes in high school. But I didn’t want to be a secretary. I planned to have a secretary.”

After graduation, Freeman enrolled in nursing school but soon realized that medicine was not for her. Instead, she followed her mother’s life prescription. She got married, left her childhood home in Portland, Maine, and accompanied her husband to Texas, where he began graduate school at UTA. It wasn’t a happy life. Her husband was brutally abusive, both physically and emotionally.

“He was so controlling,” she said. “He wanted to keep his eye on me all the time.”

For more than four years, she never had access to more than a few cents in pocket change. But since her husband was in school and spent most of his time on campus, he allowed Rowena to return to classes as well. He saw her education as a positive, she says, because it kept her within his circle of control. In reality, UTA gave Freeman the knowledge and help she needed to escape.

One professor noted her gift for writing and encouraged her to study English. Another friend, a retired teacher, insisted: “Your heart is in being a teacher. That’s what you must do.” All the while, compassionate staff at the UTA Health Center patched her up after every beating and helped her make the contacts she would need to leave a man who repeatedly threatened to kill her.

But leaving was complicated. Freeman had a young son to think about. She had no money. Her family lived thousands of miles away. Still, she planned, saved her pennies and prayed for the strength to make the toughest decision of her life.

“I walked out on faith,” she said. “I didn’t know anybody, really, but I knew I had to leave.”

In 1999, Freeman graduated magna cum laude from the UTA Honors College with a bachelor’s degree in English. She followed that in 2003 with a master’s in education. Her Ph.D. will be in educational leadership from Andrews University in Michigan. Retired UTA Honors College Dean Carolyn Barros praised Freeman as someone who “tenaciously stuck to the high goals she set for herself. She kept on through all the challenges. She never gave up, never quit.”

The 37-year-old Freeman, who teaches English at Arnold Middle School in Grand Prairie, firmly believes that the bad times happen for a reason.

“I have many things in common with my students,” she said. “They’re poor. They come from difficult family situations. I know what it’s like to be hungry, to be cold. All five of my siblings dropped out of high school. My family still can’t understand why I’m still in school. Not a lot was expected of me, but I wanted more.

“I tell them [the students] what my 10th-grade English teacher shared with me: ‘You can become just a product of your environment, or you can go up the ladder of life. Even if your parents don’t believe in you, you can do it.’ ”

As a child, Freeman traveled the world in books.

“I wanted to live in one of two places, either in Venezuela or in Texas,” she said. “My ex-husband left Texas and I stayed. UTA and the people I met there made it possible.

“All of my experiences have made me what I am today. Now I think back about it, and I wouldn’t change it at all.”

— Sherry W. Neaves

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Can you imagine we live in a world where an abusive family that harmed you and your child (evidence based) can buy your only once very happy child and steal your life. I must file something again but remember despite proof that I was set up by their lies and evil and that they got away with felonies the courts ignored me even The Supreme Court. What should I file? I want to sue Governor Perry as well for helping them win illegally! He is directly involved more than you know yet! Remember he appointed my wicked step dad to head of the Dental board and knew he’s crimes later and did nothing! How is it that TEXAS would not let me file a criminal report or do a sworn statement! That is highly illegal and even when I traveled to do so I was told the report must be done here. It is clear I am black balled to cover up a huge political scandal and still no one has jumped on this story despite my evidence site alone was at almost 10,000 with a cash reward to prove me wrong that no one could! How could 2 people have that much power to take down their obviously once more than happy mother and daughter! WE live in a scary world and despite even many witnesses confirming my abuse growing up and later abuse Texas sided with their money and connections big time denying me my Constitutional Rights! First my evil mom and step dad get away with what was reported by a lawyer as attempted murder with a time line but then Texas forced me in a mental place with no investigation calling my claims delusional……where I was so dangerously serious drug reactions to what was forced in me. I couldn’t move correctly or see and while I was getting treatment to calm down the effects by IV …. they were plotting with cps how to steal my child! I will sue TEXAS and the Governor for allowing this and hiding the proof! I have nothing to lose and if I get set up for a crime or end up dead… know who the suspects should be! Please send my story to anyone who many help. For the record the more I publicly exposed and even showed my evidence that Texas called a delusion the more I was illegally shut down. My Rick Perry you tube was at almost 2,000 in weeks and of course vanished with all my first time you tubes of me telling my horror story. I even proved live all the hacking going on but remember they want you to think I am like imagining it all so they couldn’t stand that I proved how corrupted Houston Texas really is! I am Amy Charron who has earned my opinion. I will never be okay with any of this and I will not quit fightback against this corrupted system with GOD by my side! …. and please hurry and take a peek before Ramona Mayon shuts it all down criminal evidence again illegally after getting so much money out of me!My own always wicked of a mother has not let me even talk to my girl in 2 yrs now and lives only 40 minutes away! Who could doubt my story is beyond me! That is severe child and adult abuse and it fits her evil patterns of abuse my whole life. She even abused my real dad who died barely 50 yrs old. My father, Mark R. Charron, kept so much to himself but I will speak out for him as well! When my dangerous evil mom, Anita McDonald, married him she was pregnant and dropped out of high school . She called me so many names blaming me for anything and everything! She always hated me for things that were her own fault! She thought because my dad wrote hit music for BJ Thomas and others, she would land big money but later when my dad became sick much like I did which is suspicious she had an affair with the man she is married to now. Any great investigator should of put these pieces together. I had a very disturbing secret tape of my dad questioning why he felt so sick from 1983 and my mom laughing. I had a jerk of a crooked high profile lawyer named George Parnham and yes he was Andrea Yates lawyer. HE asked for the tape and never gave it back! When I showed up for it with a witness he threatened me and allowed me to be illegally set up after getting a almost 20,000 retainer. My story is so far worse than you know yet. How am I still standing is beyond me. It’s like no matter how much I tried to win they would illegally take me step back ….even m,y evidence was stolen out of my house with witnesses and the police did nothing. Luckily much was with a trusted friend you could say. The threats, harassment, scare tactics, ect was not something I ever dealt with until this case so think about it. Sadly everyone in Houston seem to protect their shocking crimes and not even let me legally defend myself. I lost everything unlawfully fighting back even my beautiful home and belongings and they counted on that to win! In this pic with the Governor I was promised he would take action and I gave him my evidence card and showed his people my evidence! He lied and never did anything but hid felony crimes. My girl changed so much after taken! This is a parents worse nightmare! I didn’t even recognize her this way. Cps, Governor Rick Perry and many others hid felonies and set ups on me! They covered up proof of being my girl clearly abused as well! Since I taped proof of my girls abuse and took secret pics my rights were unlawfully terminated quicker than any case ever heard of where I could never speak to her again now in 2 yrs!
By: Amy CharronMy child was knowingly forced into danger.________________________________________________
Written by a lawyer in Dallas Robert Guest. Governor Rick Perry has opined on the CPS YFZ disaster. What would Mr. Perry have to say to the hundreds of children who were wrongfully taken from their parents?
If responsibility needs to be taken for […court edicts] saying that we stepped across some legal line, I’ll certainly take that responsibility,” Mr. Perry said. “I am substantially less interested in these fine legal lines that we’re discussing than ……I am about these children’s welfare, that’s where my focus is. That’s where CPS’ focus is.”How could someone call the law that protects parents from having their children arbitrarily stolen by CPS a “fine legal line”? Statist apologetics are built upon the tyranny of good intentions. Mr. Perry readily endorses this illegal compound raid based on phony evidence, sloppy police work, and religious profiling because CPS meant well.

Rick has also taken it upon himself to accept responsibility for one of the worst bureaucratic disasters in Texas history. If I was responsible for the YFZ disaster I would have the decency to resign. Unfortunately Rick won’t step aside and let someone with less incompetence, hubris, and disdain for freedom run our state, or CPS.““““““““““““““““““““““““` WHEN did it become OK that the innocent are guilty over conspired actions to predestine there fate? When did it become okay …..that often those who don’t get justice is due to matters of revenge and motives than really justice? Who anymore holds our Constitution sacred? Immoral and injustice results should never be the final measure to credibility. So many as myself are treated by this flawed agonizing system …with savagery. When did …it become okay to watch so many devoted victims forced into being a prisoner of pain and isolation only because ” WE THE PEOPLE” rather see them as outcast clearly misunderstood or simply crazy. When did it become ok to watch our stolen visible children vanish into misery and sometimes death? Does anyone believe in fighting for something bigger than yourselves? Why is it that many are never held accountable for such injustice and crimes on humanity? Since when is judicial immunity tolerated and countless violating their oath to office? Since when is okay to be Guilty of Willful blindness? Our Founding fathers created a Constitution to protect the innocent from such tyranny. If FREEDOM AND JUSTICE isn’t worth fighting for then what is? Often the persecution is without limits when attacking the falsely accused. I am livid to see what really is happening in America now. I was personally tortured for fighting against this corrupted system. Truths embrace me now that I never would of believed 3 yrs ago. I am Amy Charron who has earned my opinion. I will never be okay with any of this and I will not quit fightback against this corrupted system.

I have spoken to a sheriff and Ramona Mayon is being reported for crimes now.She even took down proof of my little girl being abused on secret audio and secret pics I took! Who the hell shuts down that! I gave her enough chances and she continued to try to bribe me for a lot of money to keep felony crimes on my girl and I public! She is so ignorant to think with over 10,000 seeing all the evidence all over google and all that she would get away with hiding crimes. I am gathering all the proof now and a witness and the sheriff will be making a criminal report for extortion and stealing my evidence and property over a money scam. I also taped our conversations. She will be held accountable for clearly allowing me to lose this case by hiding the truth. That is criminal. She knew that evidence was everywhere and now it is all suspended even she trashed me on the internet lying about why it is shut down. I will also do a you tube today my officer friend is filming. Funny how all my shocking you tubes went down at the same time she shut me down. Such a darn thing but very stressful! Luckily I still have some proof of these things. Here is a pic of my girls back last seen that Ramona now is hiding over a money scam. This is a crime to hide crimes.

Written by dawneworswick

November 2, 2011 at 11:31 pm

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9 Responses

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  1. Texas corruption is out of hand. My judge was Pat Shelton who has been in the newspaper here for cps fraud type matters. HE allowed a witness who had a very shady record even a felony record to take me down illegally and set me up in the court room. HE even ignored felony crimes and said word for word this is no reason to not place your girl with people that by the way were reported for attempted murder on me! These type of judges should of never been on the bench! This judge even allowed to to be so medicated so I couldn’t defend myself which I had to go to the ER many times for severe reactions to what Texas was forcing me to take claiming I imagined crimes. Yet when I proved publicly they were real I was illegally shut down……my you tubes… evidence…..ect. I met Governor Rick Perry who appointed my rich step dad and he lied to take action and never did. BEWARE of TEXAS!

    Amy Charron

    November 3, 2011 at 6:49 pm

  2. Another crooked Texas judge that allowed crimes to be covered up and illegal set ups by CPS and a felony record witness of theres! Governor Rick Perry even helped all this happen knowing I was innocent.

    Amy Charron

    November 5, 2011 at 12:56 am

  3. I will get so much hate mail over this but coming from someone who was severely abused and then reported true crimes and had my girl stolen over it for a political cover up involving Rick Perry who then was for forced by TEXAS to watch my only child severely abused and taped proof…….to watching Hilary Adams get more attention in minutes than all my hard work in yrs helping the abuse make me sick! Hilary I have no respect for you waiting all these yrs to expose your abuse! You left your words a dangerous man your dad judge on the bench who most likely destroyed many families and exposed him because you said he dared you! Your were old enough yrs ago to expose him yrs ago. So now your a hero? I work with severely abused children who are deformed or disabled from abuse that never got your attention! They screams are never heard! Just because your daddy is a dang judge you got all this publicity while defenseless children like my girl got barely any! Try working in abused shelters and foster cares as I have and ask yourself who are you above them! They are covered in scars and burns unwanted in this world! Your video got more attention than Baby Brianna’s the worse child abuse case reported. She was repeatedly raped, thrown to ceilings, broken bones and skull fractures who never had one day for the 6 months of her life without severe pain! Children abused leading to death had less attention than Hillary got in seconds! And you World just ate up the drama of that Hilary video and gave her the obvious revenge she wanted! AND Hillary if you were repeatedly treated this way as you stated why the one video? In my day yes I am 20 yrs older than you I didn’t have ones to video or I would of got abuse like being strangled and bitten taped! YOUR mom who you forgive was just as guilty and now get publicity with you! It strikes me odd and no mom should ever watch a child get abused and help as well. Hillary you are safe now and countless
    are not as you shine all over the internet! I would call your exposure pathetically insulting to countless that were never heard in way worse conditions! You see the truth is ironically despite your abuse your daddy is making you a star now. I think you knew that would be the outcome all along. I on the other had lost everything just trying to save my girl and others from abuse. You see this girl her abuse was pure torture. She was never saved in almost 3 yrs despite proof of being abused and used as bait for a cover up and ya it involved a TEXAS JUDGE! My girl was last seen or hear from 2 yrs ago covered in bruises and a messed up noise. Huge dark circles and looking drugged screaming bloody murder for help! My evidence meant nothing to TEXAS and I had tons! Way more than a video tape so yes I am mad! And by the way my girl is too little to video proof or speak out for herself unlike Hilary.

    Amy Charron

    November 6, 2011 at 5:10 pm

  4. This is simply not true, Amy. Your account was suspended due to your refusal to pay a $7 monthly web host bill. As you put it, you paid me so much for my writing, that YOU didn’t have to pay for the web bill. Anyone who wants to see Amy’s evidence or hear the audio of the child describing being hit, it is still open ~ and has always been open ~ at Please look at the briefs I typed for Amy and where there are numbered links, click these and go through to the evidence PDFs. At no point have these been taken down. Amy Charron simply feels that because she bought one type of service ~ ghostwriting ~ that means she shouldn’t have to pay for the monthly host fee. At no time has she enrolled in the auto-subscribe process therefore the monthly bills for the evidece website & the THREE other websites that she had me design for her were never paid for. She insists on telling everyone on Facebook and other places online that I am blackmailing her. Ummmm, the bill is $7 a month, Amy. But no, you’d rather do this nonsense. I mean, if you know the site is non-functional, then WHY list it at the top of the content here? No blackmail or extortion going on here, folks. As I said, the “evidence” is still up @ You could be doing like another of my former clients, who had to shut her site down by judge’s order, but she continues to use the links to the PDFs that show her evidence and has a huge group following on FaceBook that is studying what was said and done in her child’s case. Every bit of “evidence” you have is still live …for crying out loud, it’s never gone anywhere…but this sort of dramatic name-blame game is more your style.

    Ramona Mayon

    November 7, 2011 at 11:43 am

    • Ramona,is right about Amy.She makes up lies and trashes people all over the internet so how do we truly know if she is telling the truth about all of this.I tried to befriend her and next thing I know she started smearing me all over a social network because I had not had a chance to join a hate group she started that I would not have joined anyhow.This woman has some serious problems with distinguishing fact from fiction and anyone who sympathizes with her is opening their selves up for being viewed as being just as mental as she is.

      Diana Smith

      November 25, 2011 at 3:11 am

  5. This rip off scam of a lady Ramona Mayon shut down all my agonizing time consuming work hard work and tons of money I spent to expose crimes on my girl and I! She took off like 35 pages on me on google and replaced it with some hate junk why she did it just to try to make herself look better. I have many witnesses that I paid her enough for yrs according to what her services claim to be. I was her first client actually and she changed the rules sort of speak as we worked together. I had never met her but she approached me out of no where saying as a Christian woman she felt compelled to help. I had very little computer skills being a make up artist most my life so I agreed to her help to expose my case. Once I sent her my evidence it was like she used it to dig me deeper in a money pit. The reason being is much was stolen later out of my home. What turned into Amy I will help you for free because God wants that became demanding 400 a month for months which I can prove she got. Oddly her services claim to be 7 a month to this? l AT one point she even asked for 5,000 to get rolling again with exposing my story. Then when I said enough hearing how 2 faced she was from many others she sold my site to Wilbur Witt who was clearly trashing me to create drama for attention. She was sending so many crazy texts for money my phone became too filled up to even get important messages. She even claimed my you tubes were like porno or something like that! So of course I fired her. Who wouldn’t? Yet on the internet she writes she is not working with me anymore because I am too difficult? What a joke. What it should state is Amy wouldn’t pay my outrageous fees that I only charged her! Other people who use her services never paid near what I did. So the battle became at it’s worse when I informed Wilbur Witt my property was not for sale by her for his so call film. So then they both sent rude messages ganging up on me! Whats funny in an odd way is they started trying to build hate groups on me but no one seemed to join in so I sent her husband who was bugging me as well messages on where I stand. Now Ramona has edited the truth and put those comments public instead of my paid work. Must be nice to take advantage of a broken hearted mom and bully her because she has not one way to pay anymore and has no computer skills . After all my loss is at about 800,000 over a corrupted case that involved a felony criminal cover up. She knew for a fact I was falsely accused and that my only child was in extreme danger put into a very abusive home where I grew up! I am so amazed that people can be so evil! Anyone who shut downs crimes on a little girl over a money scam is evil! When I went homeless over all this she harassed me over money all the time! I could not pay her after all I did….so she completely shut me down! WE managed to save one thing that almost 10,000 viewers saw but still she knew my deadline was in days and that all my you tubes had been illegally shut down and still she took all my defense needed to win down! You ask yourself who would put a mother and child in danger over cough off more money when a mom went broke fighting for her only child! Ramona knew I had not even heard my girls voice in 2 yrs and started helping the enemies clearly win over fraud! Be careful of this wicked woman. I will post the one thing we saved that she unlawfully shut down and withholding crimes is a crime!*******************************************
    Anyone who cares and can help me expose with a new site with my evidence on google please let me know. Her work as you can clearly see was chaotic and sloppy. She refused to even do the site the way I asked many times despite she got paid for it. Even my secret audio she never exposed near what she had! It really began to feel like she was hurting my case on purpose. I had way more proof of my claims she never put public all along. Ironically she made me pay for her to learn how to put audio public but she left out so many hrs of it. My disturbed video which is my property was shut down as well for months but we later put it back up. She was paid to help me put it together and left out many facts, evidence and the music. Honestly I regret ever her finding me. I didn’t make my deadline for court over her actions and not to mention the stress had me so sick for weeks. I called her crying begging her to stop shutting me down at such a crucial time and she was as cold as ice! Nothing mattered but using my story to make her money! THE TRUTH IS SHE HAS MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN BY SHUTTING DOWN ALL MY DEFENSE NEEDED TO WIN AND SHE VERY MUCH KNEW THIS! SHE WATCHED ME FRANTICALLY TRYING TO SAVE MY ONLY CHILD HEARTLESSLY. PLEASE SHARE THE REASON SO MUCH OF MY EVIDENCE AND STORY IS SHUT DOWN TODAY.
    **************************************************************************************************************************************She is now claiming she left a site open but she had it all shut down which I have many witnesses! If she put it back up now it is only to protect herself. This will be taken to court . I have copied much to prove she is far from telling the truth .She has made my life hell by shutting down proof of my girls crimes and put me in serious danger by allowing new set ups on me! No one would do this over her so call 7 a month and after all she was paid far more than that.

    Amy Charron

    November 24, 2011 at 6:56 am

  6. I am left with no choice but to do a you tube since she has it public on the internet only her side of this story. I will expose the truth since she has left me no choice. I waited months before posting why she shut me down. I gave her time to undo the damage she had caused my girl and I. The day I told her the police said hiding crimes is a crime may be why she put this link back up but I have many witnesses that it was down! This link had been down knowing I had a serious deadline for over 6 months now total! She even trashed me publicly on google knowing it would help the enemies behind this case which many saw as she tried to justify shutting it down .At one point she had my step dad’s defense only public without my defense to prove that he was lying. Ramona it is so not logical to continue to try to reason with why you shut me down and withheld proof of crimes on a innocent mom and abused child!

    Amy Charron

    November 24, 2011 at 7:07 am

  7. One last thing I had 5,000 business cards made with this site and handed out almost all of them to many that could help. She knew this. To my surprise many were calling why is this site putting you down with no evidence. I was so embarrassed. It was down a good 4 months then went up then down again for about 2 months or more. I kept telling her the FBI, sheriffs, Texas Rangers and many others have this site and please don’t shut me down but nothing mattered to her. I will be on radio at 12 central today on Thanksgiving to explain since she is so relentless. I wish she would stop posting to clearly hurt my case. I am so fed up. I am trying to save my child and she keeps trying to slow me down for possible reasons that I am not mentioning yet. I do have many witnesses that saw proof of all this and after all it was at almost 10,000 viewers before it was shut down. Without a doubt it hurt my case and kept me from winning. Who knows one of those people I gave the card to may of been the break to my case.

    Amy Charron

    November 24, 2011 at 5:38 pm

  8. I HOPE and am believing that people scan throUgh this website looking for relevant information and somehow click on THIS article and story-I;m lookin for a certain posting and clicked on this-
    when YOU UNDERSTAND the chain of CORRUPTION tht goes from the desks of these social workers to the KANGAROO COURTS called “family court” AND the “probate Court” AS probate STEALS THE ADULT AGED DISABLED and elderly USING THE EXACT SAME TECHNIQUES of lies,libel and slander…WE LOSE OUR RIGHT TO PARENT AND ASSIST OUR PEOPLE under PROBATE ORDERED GUARDIANSHIPS-we are NOT THE GUARDIANS-our disabled and elderly are ISOLATED,we are denied contact,they are suffering–we have committed NO CRIMES,no charges are even presented,just the BS of the ad litem or GAL which IN TX ARE 1 AND THE SAME SUBHUMAN POS–…
    you HAVE the beginning of KNOWLEDGE.
    why were my verified complaints dismissed and my ONE AND ONLY ONE ALLOWED APPEAL DISMISSED THE SAME ? now you know–they WORK TOGETHER TO PROTECT EACH OTHER and keep that money train running on time.
    Texans will also NOW GET IT that “DADS” DOES NOT DISCIPLINE or FINE law breakers the SAME–all about MONEY–same for the freeekin APS when complaints on illegalities,exploitation,etc are filed–NOTHING GETS DONE.
    medicaid fraud,SSA FRAUD reported in TX ???? waste of time as it’s ALL ONE AND THE SAME.

    cases are to wind up in DC.

    they’re all connected and that’s WHY these loiyuuuhs are not reprimanded,sanctioned NOTHING.
    this is why these KANGAROO COURTS FLOURISH.
    THE amounts of money passing through probate is beyond tens of millions,and as for family court IT IS AN ILLEGAL BUSINESS.
    and this INCLUDES the political whoredom as THEY WRITE THIS CRAP and get it PASSED.

    PLEASE get it together and file complaints on the federal level –constitutional violations throughout,then 42 USC 1943
    and the INDICTMENT against these state boards that are SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC from these bs artists called lawyers and THEIR JUDGES.
    indictments AGAINST ALL PROTECTIVE AGENCIES receiving FEDERAL MONIES the same –what have they done ? NOTHING.

    DO IT.
    run ads in craigs,facebook,twitter ASKING FOR VICTIMs to simply step up/

    and note well–there is a mass invasion of under 18–how to PROVE THEIR AGES ANYWAY–
    mass invasion of illegals across the border–now THEY ARE GETTING FREE LAWYERS to DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS–hellooooooooo ? wake up and FILE THE INDICTMENTS.
    who gives a damn ABOUT US,OUR CHILDREN ? no one.


    June 20, 2014 at 5:46 pm

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