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Amy Charron evidence

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The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious!

Amy Charron CPS Reality Show

Amy & Markel Charron





Written by dawneworswick

November 4, 2011 at 7:31 pm

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  1. URGENT UPDATE… you tubes on my channels and evidence sites here and many more were illegally shut down by hackers and fraud and as usual no police help or any help yet.
    The main site site was public worldwide at almost 10,000 was shut down as well unlawfully. Many knew it was urgently needed to stay public to win my case Texas and Governor Perry hid and covered up. Surprisingly proof of felony crimes vanished but luckily I have hidden much of my evidence. The more I exposed publicly the more odd things took place as well. There is a war that has descended surprisingly upon countless of us. Many stories never get heard sadly and I sure know why first hand. Exposing is extremely dangerous. .Honestly I would never of believed such a crazy story until it happened to my only child who was unlawfully stolen at 2 yrs old with no warrant shown inhumanly tricked into a corrupted system. She was wickedly lied to into thinking her her diaper was going to be changed and scared to almost death never brought back to her mommy who waited frantically worried forced into a room for about 11 hrs not knowing where she was! She was sadly so helplessly used for a obvious political and criminal cover up in Houston, Texas. I seriously did not know this would be my last day with her. She was my life and the family I dreamed of. I was loving and devoted mother I never had. I thought I was at last so blessed with a miracle and we were so very happy. I had absolutely no idea what was going on the final day she was stolen on false claims and what hell would haunt us daily afterwards. I was left completely in the dark while my own abusive mother and dangerous step father were plotting her unlawful kidnapping on complete lies and hear say with the help of a torturous corrupted system and TEXAS! I was asked once by close friend how does one tell a crazy story and not sound crazy? Well that was my challenge from day one. This is what led me to become an investigative journalist and to my disbelief I was not alone. This scam (State unlawful kidnappings) was destroying countless families M . Believe me all those behind the illegal things in regards to this case where counting on “WE the People” not taking action or believing stories such as mine. It is such a ruthless lawless system that counts on that reaction from you. They also knew they would be protected against such crimes as well so they had everything going for them. It was the perfect storm with no escape.. After all how could you convince the norm such lawless actions took place in America? My case involved judicial immunity, criminal misconduct, Governmental Abuse and crimes, unlawfully tortured and thrown in jail with no criminal record, False allegations, extortion, judicial immunity, criminal racketeering, willful Blindness,secret hearings to create false cases. Our children are prey for a money scam business. The illegal system craves at any cost Federal money such as altering records and even editing tapes. In my case to better understand why a biological abusive mom and step dad would steal my only child and get away with crimes with the help of corrupted TEXAS, it is important to understand the evidence. My girl was snatched on grounds I had a delusion of some thing that I had absolute proof of! When caught up in the CPS trap one will realize it is fighting against all odds when dealing with organized crimes, judicial corruption and fraud! It is sickening and has become an epidemic world wide. This scam has destroyed countless families somewhat like an invisible Holocaust.
    Many of us never get justice and our children’s screams are ignored tragically w .Such savagery should be criminal but do to their immunity protection they so get a way with perjury and vicious set ups. Please you tube my name Amy Charron and never stop fighting back if in my shoes. In my case they tried to state I was delusional yet despite a psych evaluation, psych judge and a Cps investigator ruling out claims my only child was never returned. Cps was angry when things made them look like they were wrong so they created a false case and reopened the close case. The illegal tactics they used to win should be criminal. It has been almost yr yrs of agonizing hell. Hearings were done behind my back as well. TEXAS had no legal right once it was dropped to keep my child. My story has shocked the world and despite the evidence site before being illegally shut down was at almost 10,000 viewers there is no what so ever JUSTICE. I even had almost a 1,000 cash reward for months if anyone could prove my claims false. My case was a political and criminal cover up and Governor Rick Perry had the evidence and withheld it and allowed an unlawful kidnapping of my helpless 2 yr old from day one. Perry appointed my dangerous step dad Dr. Gary McDonald who got away with crimes including unlawfully stealing my only once happy child . My girl was stolen on from St. Lukes Hospital with no warrant my girl and I were tricked by a nurse saying she was changing her diaper. I was told I couldn’t go and next then I knew I was held hostage in America against my will for 11 hrs with no parental rights or any rights at all! This was done on the grounds I imagined what you very well are seeing for yourself on the evidence site. I was obviously set up to protect the rich and powerful from the second I gave true information about my wealthy politically connected step dad and abusive mother. WELCOME TO OUR MODERN LAWLESS AMERICA THAT ALLOWS CHILDREN VICIOUSLY STOLEN ON FALSE CLAIMS!

    Amy Charron

    November 22, 2011 at 4:34 am

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