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Requirements for being a visit supervisor for CPS

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These are the requirements for the “specially trained” visit supervisors. Who take notes and are reguarded as expert witnesses in court. These people are allowed to decide upon how the visits go and what is appropriate or unapproprite based upon their “special” skills to decide if your parenting style is apporpriate. Without taking religous beliefs, or individual famliy structure into account. The requirments for this expert position in the Social Services world was recently posted in a Craigs List ad to fill positions for this much needed service.


Minimum Qualifications include:

High School Diploma or GED Minimum

Reasonable Driving Record

Reliable Vehicle

1st Aid/CPR/AED Adult, Child, Infant Certified, before start date

6 months related experience

Experience working with children.

Interest in working with children and families in need


So for your personal referance please keep in mind that ANYONE possessing these skills can be the person supervising your visits. You do not have to accept a State employee as the only option.


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November 4, 2011 at 10:52 pm

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