Man Allegedly Tricks Courts , Kidnaps Son

Authorities Looking For Jean Philippe Lacombe, Jean Paul Lacombe

Rosenda Rios, KSAT 12 News Reporter

POSTED: Wednesday, December 16, 2009
UPDATED: 6:16 pm CST December 16, 2009


SAN ANTONIO — child custody case has left many Bexar County officials angry, including the district attorney, and now authorities worldwide are on the lookout for a fugitive father and his son.


Felony arrest warrants have been issued for Jean Philippe Lacombe, 41, who is accused of using the court system to kidnap his 10-year-old son, Jean Paul, on Oct. 16, from his school bus. 


Exclusive video from KSAT 12 News showed the boy on the ground, refusing to get up and leave his mother. 

An investigator is seen on the video explaining to the confused boy that a court order, signed by a local district judge, gave constables the right to remove him from his mother and give custody to his father. 

But now authorities admit Lacombe presented incomplete and misleading documents from Mexico. 

“I view it as someone who attempted to manipulate the system to implement a kidnapping,” said Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed. 

The video shows the distraught boy saying goodbye to his little brother and his mother. 

According to Reed, the documents were misleading. 

“If he really does have legal order of custody, why did he run with the kid?” Reed asked. 

The order was signed on a Thursday and executed on a Friday. Lacombe and Jean Paul were due in court the following Monday but neither one showed up. 

Reed said the courts were tricked and misled. 

According to authorities, this wasn’t the first time Lacombe has taken his son illegally. 

A few years ago, Lacombe abducted Jean Paul after losing custody of him. It took the boy’s mother two years to get him back

Once reunited, the mother and son reportedly fled to the United States, thinking it could be safe. 

Jean Paul was last seen hugging his mother tightly while clutching a brown teddy bear before he got into a pickup truck with his father. 

KSAT 12 News made numerous attempts to reach Lacombe’s attorneys but have not heard from them.

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