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Michigan Welfare Agency Loses Track Of 300 Children

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Michigan Welfare Agency Loses Track Of 300 Children

FIA Says Many Are Runaways From Foster Care


POSTED: 4:13 pm EDT August 30, 2002
UPDATED: 4:55 pm EDT August 30, 2002


Michigan’s Family Independence Agency says it has lost track of more than 300 abused and neglected children — most from Wayne County, which includes Detroit. 

A spokeswoman for the FIA, the state’s child welfare agency, said the vast majority of the missing children are older than 14 and many are runaways from foster care

Michigan began investigating the status of its children after reports that Florida’s child welfare agency lost track of 500 children.


Michigan caseworkers are checking with relatives of the missing children for any leads. 

The head of Florida’s embattled Department of Children and Families resigned Aug. 13, four months after officials there discovered a 5-year-old girl in their system had been missing for more than a year. 

Missing Miami Girl Rilya Wilson 

The agency has been under fire since it was revealed in May that Rilya Wilson (pictured, left) had disappeared while in state custody. 

Rilya has been missing since January 2001, and no caseworker had checked on her for 15 months. A DCF worker admitted to falsifying reports, saying that she had been seeing the girl during the time she was missing. 

Most recently in South Florida, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel was able to locate several children that DCF claimed it could not find. 

Just weeks earlier, a DCF worker was arrested in Coral Gables, Fla., after police said they found her drunk and unconscious with a baby in the back seat of her car. The baby was under the worker’s supervision. 


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