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A CPS child kidnapping!

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Last month my soon to be Xwife got arrested for driving while license suspended, My 3 year old son was in the car at the time she got pulled over and was released to a friend of my wife who happened to be just passing by. I was in memphis at the time, did not find this out untill i checked my voicemail and seen someone tried calling me from the Clayton County Jail. I then went online inmate search to see if it was my wife & it was. I called the aressting agency, Clayton County Police, that arested my wife to find out the where abouts of my son, they would not give me no infomation on where he could be, or where i could contact him at. They just told me that my son was released to a friend who was on the sceene, no name no nothing. At this point im pissed, I went to Atlanta, when i got there it was late. The next day, I went to The Clayton County Police Headquarters and got a copy of the police report from when my wife got arrested. Everything I needed to know was on that report, It had name, phone and address of the lady who had my son & when I found out it was her, I was really pissed cause thats the same lady who took my son dog. I Called her and told her who I was and that I was coming to get my son. She told me I couldnt come get him, so I told her Im on my way. When I got there, my sister knocked on this Lady door, the lady came out yelling, “I told you not to come to my house, How did you find my house”…would not let me get my son, so i called the police for them to assist me in getting my son from this lady. When the police got there, I explained the situation to the officer, he then went to talk to her. He came back out and said he need to talk to his supervisor. When his supervisor got to the sceene, I was told cant none of us get my son, that he was going to be placed in Department of children & famillies custody. I told them no, I do not consent to that, here is my sons Birth certificate, I was married to his mother at the time of birth, which gives me full parental rights…they told me I have no rights to my son….this is Kidnapping and yall know it… yall illeagally to my son from me… when i went to court 11/14 DFAC claim they had no part in taking him that he was taken by the police…this video proves they lied under oath… my child was kidnapped.


Written by dawneworswick

November 25, 2011 at 8:49 pm

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