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It Can’t Happen To Me!

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Remember: When it happens to you, there is help!

It Can’t Happen To Me!

I am your enemy. I’m the co-worker who’ll will do anything to get you fired. I’m the neighbor who hates you. I’m the ex-wife, ex-husband, I’m your church member, I’m your angry family member or friend, I’m your political opponent. Who am I? I am your enemy, and you ought to know that…

The right of officials to seize you from inside your own home or your children without a warrant is virtually universal. In almost every state, the accused is denied the right of trial by jury in the court. You or your children can be removed by judicial decree regardless of whether sufficient proof exists to convict you of any criminal activity! These officials don’t have to tell you why you were accused, or what acts you were supposed to have committed. So, you’ll imagine every horrible, hideous act possible. And you’ll never know who made the false report.

Remember: When it happens to you, there is help!


Getting to Know Your Local CPS/Mental Health/Psychiatric Worker

I am the person who can do whatever they want. I can break whatever laws I want. I can be a conspirator when a human being loses their life. Even if it is a child that loses their life, still, I am assured that there will never be consequences for me to face. For you see, I, am “above the law”.

Who am I? Well, I am certainly not a normal citizen though many will insist that I am. I am neither a police officer, nor Congressman, nor Senator; I am not even the President of this great nation of ours, all of them can be made to pay for their crimes. I am a “child protection” caseworker or a mental health psychiatric professional. I can alter paperwork, I can lie, I can abuse and neglect adults and children. I can also be a drug dealer for children. How? Let me tell you how. I commit home invasion, kidnapping, assault, extortion and perjury. I violate all of your ‘rights’, from your 4th amendment protection against illegal search and seizure to freedom of speech, freedom to defend yourself against great injury, even truth in evidence. From time to time, I am a knowing, willing accomplice in premeditated, cold blooded, murder.

I push mind altering, deadly drugs on children. I know I will never get in trouble with the law because I am “IMMUNE” from prosecution. All I have to claim is simply that I acted in ‘good faith’ then make sure that my paperwork backs up what I’ve said, not what you might say. After all, YOU are the one accused of wrong doing, otherwise why would I be in your life in the first place? But even if you do figure out what is really going on; what I am doing, no one will believe YOUR statements. I am a governmental employee doing good deeds for families and children. Be assured that anything you try to say will be heard as nothing more than a retaliation against me for having had to take your freedom or your children, or as attempts to avoid your own responsibility and shame, or the distressed ravings of some personality disordered person, one now so dangerously mentally ill.

It’s as simple as this. See I can, and do, walk into your house, your HOME, and literally kidnap you or your child. Right then and there. I do not have to explain these actions or my reasons, just give you a piece of paper with a court date on it some times not even that. Of course I will not tell you where I am taking your child and that will drive you crazy with worry. Next, I hide you or the child in a well guarded, locked, ‘shelter’ or foster home or an institution, where the already stunned, shocked and terrified adult or child can be threatened, starved, mocked and beaten. Crying out in the dark night for you. Moment after moment….

I am supposed to meet with you but you don’t know that. I just do not have time for petty tasks. I have a “huge” caseload. That’s excuse enough for me.


If your child cries and complains, or if the adult frets or complains about it I don’t worry. I just call up one of “our” doctors. The doctor will prescribe any number of mind-altering chemicals -drugs. Force them on you or your child. Even restrained then injected, if need be.

Your child or you will be silent; too groggy, too dizzy, or both to blow the whistle.

Of course it is all your fault anyways. Don’t you see? I pretend to protect you and the children. I don’t – I destroy. Because of my ‘blanket of immunity’, when they are found; lost, bruised, beaten, maimed or dead, I am ‘above the law’.

Let’s examine how I am able to get away with all of this; how I am able to be this way, do these things, everyday, right under your nose. “He who does not forbid an act is deemed to have bidden it”. You, the taxpaying citizens of this country (and most of my victims) ALLOW it. How, you ask? You give me ‘my’ job. You pay me to do this; to bluff, threaten and intimidate you and your child and your family. To demean, discredit and disgrace you in court. You don’t know your ‘rights’ or even care to know. You create this monster then empower the beast by not objecting; by not speaking up.

By not knowing the laws that govern or if the laws that are enacted are fair and impartial laws, you couldn’t know if they are followed or ignored. By allowing strangers to exercise discretion over your private life and familial matters, you encourage or enable the abuse of a public trust. You’re not concerned as long as it’s not YOU. You are not watching or holding me accountable if I do all this and more to someone else or someone else’s children, or to someone else’s family.

Life changes in the space of a heartbeat. You are one of the people or parents I have not gotten around to…yet. I have a long list of families still left untouched. You are the silent majority so far. It is you I am concerned with. My job would be rather difficult if I actually had to do it. I am a ‘caseworker’ whose caseload, we all claim, is huge. So many people and children ‘at risk’ of something. Me

I simply pretend to ‘protect and preserve’. I am very good at it. I sit with my supervisor and we decide who should be hunted today and who should not.

You see it is the unchecked power and control, NOT any facts, conscience or law, that guide my actions. As long as you all keep quiet, I will continue to have my way. You don’t believe those I have already devoured because if we accuse a person or a parent, you, the silent majority, believe it to be true. You are both careless and clueless, that is, until I get to you. Then you will be just another “unjustly accused” person or parent and no one will listen. Now you too have been silenced and are no longer any threat to me. And that is how I got to be “above the law”. Pretty slick huh? You made me. Yet once upon a time..


Now That You Really Know Me, Just What Are You Going To Do About It Anyways?


YOU had the ability to stop me but you remained silent and oblivious. It was your neighbor’s torment. Now it’s too late. I’ve stripped you of your power; your voice. Most likely, I’ve also destroyed you or your children and family, your finances, your freedom, your future, your job, your peace of mind, your reputation, your sanity and trust.

Are YOU going to continue to let ‘them’ do this to all of us? We ask that you raise YOUR VOICE with ours, in OBJECTION/PROTEST. Before it’s TOO late.

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