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the controversial issue of using psychotropic medications with children.

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Diane Sawyer and ABC News’ 20/20 to profile Maryhurst Friday

By STAFF | Published: NOVEMBER 28, 2011

ABC News’ 20/20 is scheduled to featureMaryhurst Friday, Dec. 2.

The local local children’s home/foster care agency will not be the subject of an exposé.

Instead, Maryhurst will be profiled for its institutional philosophy that building healthy relationships is preferable to depending too heavily on psychotropic drugs to treat troubled young people, according to a Maryhurst news release.

This will be the second time ABC News and Louisville native Diane Sawyer have reported on Maryhurst, according to the release.

About five years ago, Maryhurst was featured in a special “Primetime” episode on foster care in America.

Here’s the synopsis of this week’s 20/20 coverage.

ABC News’ 20/20 will feature Louisville-based children’s home and foster care agency Maryhurst during its broadcast this Friday, Dec. 2. The episode, airing locally on WHAS-11 beginning at 10 p.m., features a special report by Diane Sawyer on the controversial issue of using psychotropic medications with children. Maryhurst, which cares primarily for teenage girls who have suffered significant trauma due to abuse and neglect, is to be shown as an example of best practices. After working with agencies across the country, ABC was particularly impressed with Maryhurst’s belief that although medications can sometimes be very helpful, the best approach in working with children is to help them build healthy relationships based on trust and communication. Through intensive therapy and positive relationships with staff, many of the children at Maryhurst are able to drastically reduce their levels of medication while in care.

About Maryhurst: Maryhurst is celebrating its 168th year of caring for abused and neglected children, making it the state’s oldest child welfare agency. Believing the worth of children and strength of families are cornerstones for a better world, Maryhurst is dedicated to providing care and commitment, strength and support, healing and hope to children and families in great need. The private, non-profit agency cares for more than 400 children each year through aresidential treatment program for teenage girls, community based group homes for teen girls, therapeutic foster care services, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and transitional living services. Maryhurst is recognized nationally for its expertise in caring for severely traumatized youth, most often victims of sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse or neglect.



Dear Diane Sawyer , I live in Cincinnati Ohio and  I commend you on  the work you are doing to expose the reality of children in foster care.  We too along with everyone else has an enormous problem dealing with the foster care issue. I personally am feeling the effects of this issue from where I discovered that it originates. I would like to first start off by saying that we all know that their are some children that need to be removed  from their homes and their are the children that are being victimized by bad child protective services caseworkers, being torn from their families despite having a good home. I have video proof  along with my truthful story of how corrption  in my situation and others are being vitimized and abused by the very people that are sworn to protect our children. Bad caseworkers here have been massively lying under oath in all the courtrooms, fabrication evidence, lying to the clients as well as on the clients. Here in hamilton county , the bad caseworkers feed the judges bad and corrupt information in order fer the case to come out which ever way they personally want it to go. We need you Diane Sawyer,  to come and make a difference here in hamilton county and put a stop to the abuse to the mondel act and the adoption families act. Louisvilles  I-team and the clients of child protective services got fed up, took charge and made the difference and we need to do the same.    Feel free to contact me at  and I will give you my number.

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November 30, 2011 at 6:45 pm

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