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You have a right to fight for your children if you have been accused of neglect or abuse. If child protective services has taken your child and you we’re no offered a trial, you need the assistance of a lawyer, our child services lawyers have experiencing suing child services. If your child has been taken from your healthy family for no reason please contact us about our child protective services lawsuit. is a State Bar certified lawyer referral service, we can connect people who have been harmed by a government agency, an individual or company with a lawyer.

In many cases families use child services is an important tool to protect children however, children can wrongfully be taken by child services. As a parent you trust child protective services as resource to protect children and families. DCFS can be an important tool for child protection when the Department of Children and Families (DCFS) does not preform their duties in caring for families. is here to help, our lawyers are very experienced in dealing with department of children and families and any type of negligence or wrongdoing they have caused to children or their families.

An extensive, detailed federal and state statutory and regulatory scheme dictate every aspect of the child welfare system from detention to court ordered foster care placement. These laws were enacted to prevent wrongful removal of children, to preserve families, and, at the same time, protect children from abuse and neglect. When well cared for children, neither abused nor neglected, are removed from innocent parents and court ordered into foster care without due process/trial, this is a failed legal system, unfair and inequitable application of child welfare laws, and an indication that the child welfare and court system are not functioning fairly or equitably.

In California, state law requires a trial within 15 days of detention to weed out innocent parents, protect due process, and ensure only abused and neglected children are put in foster care. The right to trial is the crux of democracy and protector of fundamental due process rights to family autonomy without wrongful government interference. To that end, low income children and parents have court appointed attorneys. Yet, rarely if ever, are trials conducted in cases involving African American families. This routine suspension of the rule of law in dependency/juvenile court sends untold thousands of well cared for children from innocent families into the foster care prison pipe line.

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the removal from family is so devastating that within 4 hours, children experience 6 times more post traumatic stress than combat troops. It is widely acknowledged that foster children suffer four times more abuse and neglect that children in the general population. The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect reported in 1998 that six times as many children died in foster care than in the general public. Additionally, foster children suffer severe life altering trauma from forced separation from family, depression, long term court ordered adult psychotropic medication for children as young as 3 years of age to cope with trauma after forced separation. The majority of aging out foster children have no family ties, no support system, are homeless within three months, suffer severe mental illness, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, and incarceration.

Restoring the rule of law is especially critical in light of national systemic corruption in the provision of children welfare services. Social workers, more often than not, are guilty of misconduct, fraud and corruption. also holds our family lawyers to an extremely high standard to ensure you receive the highest quality of attorney. All panel member attorneys have a minimum of 20 years practicing law, malpractice insurance, and no record of disciplinary action with the State Bar of California or any other bar association.

At, we have broadened our family law attorneys to include lawyers in various areas of law including personal injuries, criminal law, professional liability, motorcycle injuries, medical malpractice, class actions, employees compensation, family law, insurance bad faith, business law, construction defect, among other areas of legal specialization. has staff to assist you in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Call toll-free at 1-888-973-7968


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  1. BERKS COUNY CHIDREN AND YOUTH ARE TOTALY OUT OF CONTROL. THEY ORCHESTRATE AN ASSAULT ON FAMILY’S THAT ARE ALREADY STRUGGLING BUT LOVING AND DEVOTED TO THIER FAMILY. THEY INTRUDED IN OUR LIVES AND MAND FRAUDULENT AND MISLEADING ALLEGATIONS AGAINST US AND UNLAWFULLY KIDNAPPED OUR THREE CHILDREN AND TORE OUR FAMILY APART IT HAS BEEN 4 months now . And we have only been afforded 22 hours of visiting time. It is heartbreaking they bases there petition on reports that I believe never existed . Then they place unnecessary barriers on us without a shred of proof .then they claim reasonable efforts are being made to help the family reunite. The terminology and definition “psychopsema” fits our situation 180% . It is sad and they get away with it. If any one reads this and can help our family please contact us We BEG OF YOU TIME IS TICKING

    Howard Showers

    February 12, 2014 at 5:37 pm

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