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To PARENTS of ALL STATES: You CAN SUE CPS!!! Check this out!

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I have just received “updated” information regarding the lawsuits for
CPS, Foster Care Problems, and corrupt Family Court Cases. The cases
are so widespread and massive that a “NEW” webpage and “form” has just
been developed and set up for this.

Please click on this link and go to the website & page and fill our
this form.

The lawsuits to help STOP CPS and the corruption in Family Courts &
Foster Care is speeding ahead. If you have not submitted your case
for consideration and review, please do so “now”.

This”NEW” Form is found here and has just been put up for you to
submit your case stories. Please USE IT!

This is much more in depth than before but due to the responses, they
tell me it was and is necessary. IF you want to be considered and
have your case reviewed, you “must” fill out this form “completely”
for the attorneys to consider and review your case. If you have
already submitted your case to me and it’s been forwarded, it will not
be necesary for you to complete this, unless “they ask” you to do so.

Any other parents who wish to participate and contribute your part to
this and the efforts to STOP CPS, Foster Care Problems, and the
Corruption In Family Courts, please use this chance and opportunity to
do so.

Thanks to all participants~!!!

Gail Head

PS: Permission GRANTED to FORWARD this message.


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January 12, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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  1. This looks a little scammy. Like one of those pro se help “organizations” that charge you an arm & a leg.

    CPS can be sued no question under §1983 civil rights lawsuit actions. But whether this link will help you do it any better, and certainly not cheaper, is the question.


    January 13, 2012 at 3:38 am

  2. i don’t mind paying a as u say”arm my leg hip”if i m getting my lawsuit file, i dont sit around EXPECT a free hand out when it come to my kids, i will pay a skill teawm of paralegal, to advocate,who again is SKILL
    i am on facebook always updating people as my brother,whose suing himself due to reaqd below what happen to his son,whose my loving god son.Not right. and we just do not make EXCUSE Aboiut wHY We cant sue,people do we do not,and that is why we are doing well wit ours now,and yes we get help not from represent u,but SUECPS.
    the national center ONLY national center,who help people get :
    1 reuinte with kids,
    2. win appeal(i witness this personally/
    3. now helping me my bro sue,and his son,when dozens of attorneys per state, did not sue for our family.

    happy to do so,when i am suing cps now i feel more empower, and in control,so do not knock a paid service that help families sue,cause that is their job same as attorney if they went to school for training
    and or know first hand how cps are,why wouldnt they, i wish i find SUE CPS.sooner then i did, but now i am able to sue,JUST before deadlie,as my older bro in cali,and colorado.

    problem is too many think we are able to have it all free, hell no. do somethin for urself,stead of thinking things are just easy n free it is not and i am glad to find site like that,and another one about SUECPS, nothing “scam”bout charging for help, and sad your saying that gary, my godson was sexual abuse,very gruesome bad.

    ,and in counseling now and cps did not return him,tnever,he 19 now,

    we are yes suing, no attorney wanted GARY to help us till i find SUECPS,now i am all ready to go,
    well worth it,each cent,as my blood sweat and tears,cause it is just that my right to sue,and my son.

    Nothing good in life is free,and until your investing in your own real justice and child future justice,from CPS,it will keep u violated,what they are doing to u. no attorney took my case til lSUE CPS help me.

    i will always be grateful. and yes i called over 25 attorneys per state almost.and i m bless to find pro-se litigant experts,paralegal team helping me now.more than any SO CALLED attorney did.

    god bless you all. from LAUREN ST.JOHN Suing cps.

    i am also on facebook,regularly updating much people on my suit,bro

    (his son suit who was sexual assault happen to)

    all thanks to a service called SUE CPS.

    amazing women,who really care,empower,enlighten,help me all the way through each draft i am filing
    we are forever greateful,when attorneys just do not care, period.

    lauren st.john on facebook suing CPS

    May 14, 2012 at 1:30 am

  3. Please help me. I am a mother trying to protect her son and I am being denied the right to press charges.

    (This is a Letter that I Sent to the FBI.)
    My name is Bobbie Jo Macey. I am coming to you because you are according to your website this is something that you handle.
    (Spies. Terrorists. Hackers. Pedophiles. Mobsters. Gang leaders and serial killers. We investigate them all, and many more besides.
    The very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations—which serve, as our mission states, “to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States.” The mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.)
    I was called on May 16h of this year and was informed that I need to come to Arkansas to get my son as my adopted father had gotten really bad in his abuse towards him and my family and was abused by a woman name Jessica Peyton. Here is what my mother Mrs. Brenda Joyce Macey, told me by text messaging on the 17th of May at 12:16 am “James seems scared, he is asking what he will tell some people, when you are safely out of the state with Andrew text Anna.” May 17th 3:09 am “An Arkansas Department of Human Services Assistant raised her voice to Andrew and wanted to know what he did around here. Why he and Anna didn’t clean the house and the yard. That it was his fault to. Her name is Jessica Peyton out of Melbourne and said that she pitied James. This was after I said I was tired of hearing the word nigger around here. She said that she had not noticed any of that.” I have tried to press charges against James Macey Jr., Jessica Peyton. It all ties in with Betty Joyce Davis who lives in Concord California. I have gone through all of the channels that I have ben told to do. I have been told today (07/31/2012) by the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bradley Spies that he was not going to help me with pressing charges as he does not see a need for it. Since I have gotten no where because no one will help me, I called the FBI Office in Jonesboro Arkansas and asked them to help me and was refused staying that they meaning you do not investage something like this. Then I called the FBI Office 202-278-2000 and talked to a man named Phillips and tried to explain it to him. He said that you do not bother with this and more that I have tried to report. (I have attached a copy of my letter that I have sent out.)
    I ask you this, what in the world is it that the FBI do now these days since they do not seem to be concerned with a Drug ring that involves the local Sheriff named Tate Lawrence and almost all of the Deputies, a DHS (Department of Human Services) case worker threatening a 10 yr old and blaming him for his grandfather’s neglect as an adult, blaming my mother for being sick and bed ridden (Because James Macey Jr. was poisoning her up until she was hospitalized.) and not wanting to hear all of the facts from her, blaming my little sister who is taking care of my mother and when my son was there him as well?
    What is a mother supposed to do when everyone within the Local DHS and Law Enforcement seem to be against my son, my family (mom and sister) and myself because 1) because they think that my son is of mixed race 2) the fact that we know of his (James Macey Jr.) involvement with trying to have my mother killed for almost their entire marriage and 3) that he (James again) is suspected of drug dealings. What am I to do?
    Who do I turn to?
    Where do I go?
    Who do I talk to since I cannot again go to the local sheriff department because 90% of them are involved?
    How do I get this handled and this taken care of?
    How am I supposed to protect my son from this man and the CPS officer if I cannot get the FBI to hear me out because the law enforcement in this town and state wont pay me any mind, actually talk to me and my son, take a report and investigate?

    Please help me to press the charges that I have the right to press and please investagate the CPS office here in Arkansas. This is not right and I am trying to get it reported and no one seems to want to listen or believe me.
    They are suppose to help people like me when the State that I live in proves to be unresponsive.
    Look at the Following:
    4. Public Corruption
    In Depth
    Issues and Initiatives
    – State/Local Corruption
    5. Civil Rights
    – Hate Crime
    – Human Trafficking
    – Color of Law
    In Depth
    Priority Issues
    – Hate Crime
    – Human Trafficking/Involuntary Servitude
    – “Color of Law” Abuses

    8. Violent Crime and Major Thefts
    – Crimes Against Children
    In Depth
    – Kidnapping
    – Murder for Hire
    Other Programs
    – Crimes Against Children

    Wanted by the FBI
    – Crimes Against Children
    – Kidnappings, Missing Persons
    – Murder & Other Violent Crimes
    – Parental Kidnappings

    Now in knowing this, this means that the people that are refusing to help me are now aiding and abiding in child abuse in is state and now it seems like out if it right even to the FBI Office office outside of the state. What is a mother like me suppose to do in the defending my son?

    OK today I have called the FBI Headquarters just to be hung up on more than once. I have called the Office in Little Rock, just to be told that this is something that they do not help with. I was told to call the Att. Gen. Office and from there I was directed to the NAACP. I am getting sick and tired of getting the run around.

    OK So I have called the FBI again to only hear the same thing. I have now called the Marshals office and have been told that they may not be able to help me. Why in the world do we have these agencies if they really do not do what they are suppose to do and mainly the FBI. I say this because I have been able to look at the FBI site and have even told them what their site says to only hear the words, “I’m Sorry but we can’t help you. This is ridicules! It’s unfair! It’s unconstitutional! My son was verbally abused by a woman that works for the freaking state and I have the right as does he to press charges. She yelled at him after seeing the color of his skin. CPS NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!!! THIS MOTHER IS MAD!!!!

    Please take this and start making it known to people. I will answer any and all questions that you have. Thank you.
    What We Investigate

    August 3, 2012 at 12:57 am

  4. My daughter and I really need to sue cps. They have caused emotional and physical damage not only to my grandson that we were conned into signing over to them, or they stated they would take him by force, and for no good reason. They put my husband in a situation that could have been deadly to him as he is an insulin dependent diabetic, and was forced to leave home with no where to go, but a junkyard in a motor home with no refridge. My granddaughters were taken without a warrent for search and siezure, on false allegations that my husband and I had sexually abused our grandson, now mind you he had already been in the system for 4 years. He had been sexually abused but not by us, by an aquaintances child, and by my nephew whom I thought I knew since birth.
    Our granddaughters were
    so emotionally messed up just after 2 weeks in foster care. My oldest granddaughter refused to dress in her room, it had to be in the bathroom and behind a locked door. 3 years later she is just now getting more comfortable with dressing in her own room again. The younger of the two has asthma, and is highly allergic to any pine or pine products. She and her sister were taken not once but twice to a daycare with pine chips on the playground. When I saw her a week later at her aunts birthday party she had a pine rash all over, and was starting to cough. When she was returned to me a week after that, within an hour of being home I had to take her to the ER.
    They said if I had waited even another hour 2 things would have happened, 1. either she would have ended up in ICU, or 2. she would have died. The allergic reaction to the pine chips sent it inwards into her lungs. They tried to give her a regular treatment and it did not work, they found out they had to treat her again and add medications to bring the swelling down in her throat and lungs. It was cutting of her air supply, and causing it to be hard for her to breath and be very tired. They never bothered to find out if she had any allergies.
    When she was taken to a doctor where she was placed in foster care, that doctor did not know her or her medical history, so he said she would be fine in a few days. When she wasn’t she was told to quit being a drama queen that she was fine by her foster family. This same granddaughter also came home with fingertip bruises on the upper inside of her arm, not where a child would normally get a bruise. I found out later that her foster father’s brother had grabbed her so hard that he left bruises on her arm.
    This same worker came to our house 5 months before my grandson’s permanency hearing to come home and stated that she was not going to allow us to have him back. We had already jumped through all their hoops on parenting classes, I even attended seminars on my own. She had quite a smirky atitude about her, I wish I had known then what I know now, she would have never gotten away with what she has. She couldn’t find anything to keep our grandson in the system with, so she invented or schemed and managed to brain wash our grandson into saying we molested him sexually. She showed up the day before the permanency hearing with a detective, mind you without a warrent, only handing us a paper with the false allegations on it.
    She has caused us to lose 7 years of birthdays and Christmases, and his voice changing. They took him just a weed before his 8th birthday, and in two months he will be turning 15. This boy is so screwed up, he has been bounced from grouphome to grouphome, been beat up, gone through I don’t know how many staff he has been through, and the grouphomes he was in have been shut down due to staff sexually abusing the kids. Now you tell me where he would have been better off, with family, going to counseling and leading as normal and quality of life he could, or being bounced from place to place not knowing who was going to be his therapist next, or who was staffing him next.
    When he finally got to a good foster home where he could actually gain some ground and become somewhat normal again, the foster mom and the social worker set him up to fail, and that is just what happened, and he ended up out of state in a lock-up facility. This wasn’t the end, once my husband and I lost guardian of our grandson, they agreed to let his mom try with him, she did what she was asked, and all the social worker in the end did was take her youngest son from her because the puppy drug out kitty poop all over the floor as the worker happened to visit. Then before she could have him back the social worker states that if she wants her youngest son back she first has to sign away her rights to her oldest son.
    CPS is nothing but a money hungry greedy organization, that gets their thrills off emotionally and physically harming families to line their own pockets. This was confirmed by one of the social workers that was working with my daughter. I want to SUE CPS!!!

    Alice Bruton


    February 21, 2013 at 9:05 pm

  5. looking for help in finding a good attorney in the state of Michigan to file a lawsuit against CPS for false accusations lying in court reports failing to protect children my children against spual predator predator and leaving them with my ex wife who is unstable and. Unfit. Cps has continued to press charges and then when the other child and everything is seen as innocent they move on to the next child and then to the smallest and then as I’m getting ready to get my children back if I come up with false allegations about my youngest and they hired there on phycologist and he is the only psychologist that have said anything negative nevermind all the interviews from the detectives Helen DeVos Jet Center for child abuse the forensic interviews the multiple interviews by CPs so if anyone can help me please help me find an attorney that will work with me


    March 27, 2014 at 10:08 pm

  6. Need help with cps and my 14th amendments right

    Kyra my patterson

    May 8, 2015 at 6:27 pm

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