A prayer for children kidnapped by CPS or other predators!

Please Heavenly Father, Almighty God, please be with Julie in this troublesome time. Please strengthen her and guide her. Please help her to know that she is not alone, but that we are all grieving together in this Satanic battle for our children. Please watch over her children and mine, (and every parent and child that has been immersed in this living, breathing nightmare) since neither one of us can physically take care of our children as we were accustomed to doing. Please make our children know we love them. Please protect our children from permanent physical, mental and emotional harm from these evil forces. Please guide our babies back to us as soon as YOUR will permits. Please protect our hearts from breaking in sorrow, and also from becoming hard and unfeeling like those that have brought so much hurt into our lives. Please forgive us for our sins, many that we are not even aware that we do, and those that we do because we are frail, imperfect human flesh. Thank you for keeping our children in YOUR care. Please reunite us with our loved ones as soon as possible, and hold us gently in the meantime, keeping us in YOUR arms, Father, keeping us sane and more stable each day. Please help us to grow in faith that YOU will not allow us to endure more than we can bear. You promised us that, so please keep that promise to us, YOUR children, all of us. Thank you for all the good things that YOU do for us, that we take for granted every day, like pleasant sunshine, gentle rains for cleansing and renewal, and small animals that watching gives us so much delight, if only we take the time to sit and watch them. We know that you take care of humble little critters like sparrows, and so please help us remember how much more valuable we are to you, and therefore that you are a caring and faithful God, one that understands our sorrows and tears and crazy thoughts. We know that you taught Abraham of old this lesson, of how it feels to have to give up a child, but you gracefully gave him his son back. YOU gave YOUR own son for us, that we might have something more than this present life to look forward too. Thank you for the rainbow, which reminds us that you will never destroy the world by means of a global flood, and also gives up hope when we see it after a storm, hope and a reminder that things do get better. Thank you. Please be with us all. Please guide us all in the proper direction. Please strengthen us. Please comfort us all. Please help us to understand what your will is and WHY we must endure these trials and tribulations, because we have a hard time understanding why we have been chosen, we feel singled out, and not in a good way. So please help us. Help Julie. Help all our friends here. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


BY: Hope Taketheroadlesstraveled


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