What your sworn declaration against CPS should look like


Here is the Sworn Declaration I submitted to the court 2 days before the permanency hearing was to have been. No one, not even my atty, knew I was going to do this.
My attorney quit, and the hearing was continued as everyone there was busy reading my statement. The judge had not yet received his copy from the clerk, so glanced through a copy someone had handed him. He kept asking me if I had formal legal training, and if I had help writing it. I told him I took the 1st 5 wks in Paralegal Studies, and that my Family Rights friends online gave me advice, but that YES, I had written it myself. He then had me wait in courtroom while he searched the courthouse for a new attorney for me! The County Atty told me in private that my new atty was very good and used to be a Cty. atty himself! here is the link to my document:https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=baec37948e984fc0&resid=BAEC37948E984FC0%21140&parid=root
Please share with everyone!

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