Family courts are NOT a court of law, in fact are a COURT OF CONSENT

A very IMPORTANT issue has been brought to my attention. For all parents now in family court. This is new found FACT, I am not an attorney, a children and family rights advocate and a parent just like you. With the help of a great friend I will refer to her as Miss AZ. for now as I dont want to put her open case at risk, she has found that the family courts are NOT a court of law, in fact are a COURT OF CONSENT. I will have to agree as to the merits of this to be true to my own research and do believe that a; MOTION TO CHALLENGE JURISDICTION/MOTION TO VOID ORDER or a MOTION TO SET ASIDE JUDGEMENT, would in fact dismiss any open case with CPS/DHS to protect your child/children from abuse, of the contracted state service providers, some foster care providers, cps workers and foster care managers. Do not take my word for this, I am NOT an Attorney. I ve done my research, but I cannot be at your courts to proclaim this, so I will post below keys to help you with your individual case and futher more info requests. please message me and I will respond as soon as possible. Many blessings to all that have helped with Family Rights, Children Rights, Grandparents Rights, together, WE THE PEOPLE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

53 thoughts on “Family courts are NOT a court of law, in fact are a COURT OF CONSENT

  1. Searching I noticed your site book-marked as:
    Family courts are NOT a court of law, in fact are a
    COURT OF CONSENT | Fight Corrupted Family Courts and CPS.
    Now I am assuming you book marked it yourself and wanted to ask if
    social book-marking gets you a bunch of traffic? I’ve been considering doing some book-marking for a few of my sites but wasn’t sure
    if it would yield any positive results. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello and thank you for this and any further information you think could help my case. Thank you for taking the time to look. I have three kids and I reside in Louisville, KY. They were removed from my care for prescription drug abuse. I currently have custody of one child back and part-time custody of another. My youngest, however, has not been returned to my custody. I have been clean for a year, have completed parenting classes, substance abuse evaluations, continue 3x a week in-home counseling sessions for my daughter. I have passed random hair, urine, and fingernail drug screens for almost a year now. I have a home, stable income, everything. Everything they have asked me to do, I have done…and more. My youngest son is with a gay foster couple. They have stated they want to adopt him since day one. They have four other boys they have adopted. What can I do about this? My CPS worker has done exactly nothing to return him to me. No visits, except one hour supervised a WEEK for a year. Then he states that my infant hasn’t “bonded” with me, so he doesn’t want to unsettle him by permitting more visits. Recently I saved up enough money to get a very good lawyer. My lawyer took our case to court and got increased visits of 4 hours Unsupervised a week. The judge also said she thinks my son and I should be getting overnight visits by our next court date in 60 days. It is now 3 weeks away and CPS worker texted me that his lawyers were looking into it and they were going to fight it. CPS worker has fought me every single step of the way. The only reason I got the other two back was because theirs was a Florida case and Florida saw sufficient for them to return to me. I am having MUCH more trouble with the Louisville CPS worker. His job description is to reunify the child with the family if possible. He has done nothing but try to let these foster parents adopt my son. He has told me repeatedly in text messages that my son belongs with his “family” the foster parents, that I am “vindictive and vengeful”(because I won’t let my child (the one that I got custody returned to me) see the foster parents. I have all this in text messages because I am partially deaf and need to text. Is there anything I can do? How would I see if your motion will work for my case? Is there any other information I should know? Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart..

  3. I am currently filling for a motion for a new trial after 3 yrs of a list of unorthodox injustice commited against my children and I by the Bexar County Court Custody System. If you would please help and provide me with as much information as possible it would be greatly appreciated. This case is soon to be exploited to the media nation wide.
    Thank you
    The Indomitable Mother (MV)
    Phil 4:13
    I can do all things through C
    Christ who strengthens me.

  4. if the person who wrote this could please email me, i think you would be helpful with questions i have or know were to send me that have info. th ank you. is my email and if any one has important info, articals, laws, any thing for parents fighting for their kids taken on hear say that s/w didnt investigate please email me. thank you
    mare h.

  5. A question I have is about the title of your arrival. If family court isn’t a court of law but a court of concent….. Than why to they do what they do? I have a cps case open In family court here in st. Lawrence county . The findings of my case were for educational neglect. ( long story ) my children have been going to school since I moved to a different town. I was given court orders for mental health chemical dependency ( I faild a test for marajuana which I had smoked due to stress.) it was never done in front of my children or with them for that matter. I was told by my chemical dependency concealer that I no longer had to go. A cps worker by the name of Holly bender who is a preventative worker had called him and told him that he had to place me back into the program. Now the main issue with the stress and state of depression that I have is being caused because the caseworkers holly bender and Patricia Snyder had told me that I was a good mother and yet when were in the court room make me look like a bad mom. They say that Im not doing well mentally all because I was wearing my boyfriends sweat pants and Tshirt. I was tired and had told them that but to them it was an excuse. I can’t fight against these people because no one wins when they fight against the state. I know I’m being judged and treated unfairly. How do these people including the judge ms. Cecily Morris have the right to do this to me if it’s not a court of law? Oh and I was also told by case worker Patricia Snyder that if I didn’t place my 14 year old on birth control that she was going to pull her from my home. I believe that that was a threat. Now isn’t that against the law? Please help me with this. I’m losing a battle because of corrupt and Injust people because they work for the state.

  6. Hi, My family and I are going through a difficult Chips case and we really need help could you lend us some advise

  7. I have been fighting with Texas cps since may 12th, over false allegations!! I completed all the services asked of me and submitted a hair follicle drug test and it came back negative. Also a ua for turning point when I went in for a drug assessment it also was negative!! And every court hearing the children’s ad litem lawyer runs over me mean like no matter what…my court appointed attorney told me that cps hates my guts and if they would have liked me I would have had my kids back by now… And he said he doesn’t really like me either!! Well first of all how is them not liking me in the best interest of my kids?? I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and being personally attacked while my baby suffers and cries for me being forced to stay somewhere he doesn’t want to be! And my daughter wanting to call me and they won’t let her! Please hell me!! I’m pleading for some help to get my babies back!!!

  8. MOTION TO CHALLENGE JURISDICTION/MOTION TO VOID ORDER or a MOTION TO SET ASIDE JUDGEMENT, would in fact dismiss any open case with CPS/DHS to protect your child/children from abuse, of the contracted state service providers, some foster care providers, cps workers and foster care ??? Is this true because what’s being done to us is crazy and I have no one and no. Help my aunt knows every one involved and want help. Please help

  9. I am in need of help, I am trying to fight for my only grandchild and every turn I make the CPS worker is trying to not give me any rights to my granddaughter whom I have taken care of until one of the parents came and got her from me and was put in foster care not long after taken from where she was with me. I am trying to fight but I need help

  10. Ok , I am in desperate need of help , I have court Tuesday nov. 42014 @9am , my sons mother left me 11 yrs ago , took my son , has kept him ffrom me , they would call periodic , blocked number of course , asking for money , i would ask what he needs that id but it and send it , it would be refused , as she was a herion addict , and just wanted drug money , he would call me behind her back , I got to see him one time on 09 , but we had to take her other kid and her brother to see him , they have lived in different states , very unstable , finally cps steped in in August of this year , took him and her other son and her went to jail , they had an emergency hearing I wasnt notified of , so they set it out till this Tuesday , however , there is a half sister of the mother trying to get custody as well , the, mother died octOctober 27 of a overdose , we have called cps over 30 times to get on this list to see him and talk to him and have been denied BUT , this other lady goes and sees him he leaves with her,please advise !!!

  11. Can you please give us more info on how this works or what steps need to be taken for this to be effective and work properly? We live in Wash. and our children have been traumatically taken from us and we are now being railroaded by the state. They aren’t following the policies and procedures they have set for them, aren’t abiding by the state or federal statutes, and are keeping our children “hostage” in a sense. Its devastating to everyone in the family, not just us and the children.

  12. I am four years into what i thought would be a simple cut dry case. Im a fit mother of an 8 yr old daughter. Her father is fit as well and we co-parent beautifully. However, My parents have somehow earned rights over both of us during this four year battle. My heart is heavy tonight and im at the end of my rope. About to give up. No one will help us and every day these two people get more and more rights to our child. We are at the mercy of the SC courts and not one time has anyone helped us. Not one time have WE been heard. Our child isnt really ours. Shes the courts………………..and my parents…………
    heavy heart,

  13. My Civil and family rights were abused please call me at
    832 419 7610
    I have no computer its down
    I need hemos r badlly

  14. Please help, my children were wrongfully removed, due to “witnessing family violence”
    There is so much to inform you about, I need and want any advice and help
    Thank you and God bless

  15. Hello my name is Cheryl and I’m having issues with social services as we speak. I just contested the allegations of the immediate removal of my children from my care. I almost won based on my own testimony and minimal evidence of good cause. The DA and my social worker won on hearsay and basically overall lies by social worker and of course I was thrown with an attorney who knew nothing about my case and we prepared in 5 minutes. I know in my heart and my gut that they should not have not been removed from my care in the first place and I need help fast. They are one step ahead of me and I’m trailing but catching up. I just let my anger get the best of me and I need someone to listen to me and be on my side 100%. Can u help me please

  16. Hello my name is Ronald Rodgers I currently have an open DHS case and I really am lost in the process at this point. If you would respond I’d love to conversate w you.

    thank you

  17. Hi my name is Tony Schmidt and I’m fighting cos in Riverside. I’ve got a case that has so many illegal things going on, it would take a novel to explain. Can you please contact me at your soonest possible time. They have my son Andrew Uribe and I feel that he’s been taken, not only from me but from his father now too. I feel my son is being more traumatized buy being yanked from his home and his parents and his life is hurting him far more than the lies we are being accused of. He was at the foster home he’d just gotten out of when he was taken back into protective custody…… And left in that same home. His case currently resides in Santa maria .ca. however was left at a home that we are fully aware of where he is ( Andrew was being baby sat by his foster mom while Raymond (Andrews father) was trying to move from Santa Maria to Riverside) . He is still in that same place. He was put back into custody and left at the same house. I feel like the foster mother is trying to take my son. I’ve tried for 4 weeks to contact the worker. There has even been 2 court dates Spence he was taken again and NOBODY has called me back or notified me of any court dates. Like I’m not a part of these hearings. I love my son and feel like he’s being gravely effected by cps taking him from us. Please contact me asap.I really need a lot of help and don’t know where to go to receive the help required to handle such a huge issue. I haven’t seen my son in about 2 months now. And we are very worried hes gonna be lost in the system. Has my son been put into a children’s abduction ring? Please help me! I’m so scared and don’t know where to go for help.
    My info: Tonya Schmidt 21165 Greg rd. PERRIS CA. 92570
    951 570- 6379( cell # )
    951 355- 8226 ( message#)
    You can contact me 24/7.
    Thank you!

  18. I was going to be in home monitor to bring our little one home but because they say I have criminal background and cps arrested dDA drop the charges no abuse found ha I called for help very stressed single mom 3 jobs and school notes that my child not doing homework any way cps gavee help return my kids in 48 hours here they treet me like a bad person it been 20 yearr that this happen why is cpi saying I have criminal alsopolice told me well take you so you get the help from the judge they seal the case

  19. Hi,
    I just became a pro se litigant in my case about a month and a half ago. Not in time enough before my hearing to get all my evidence submitted as I wanted. But I’m now trying to get together or some kind of motion to file to dismiss my case due to the fraud and misrepresentation of the case.. do you have any ideas of what kind of emotions I can file in my case? This case includes their fabrication of evidence, falsify drug test results that have already been proven but the judge refuses to recognize, withholding evidence, perjury, and much much more. I have mounds and mounds and mounds of evidence to prove my case to the fullest extent and I am at my wits end with the state at this point. They have not proven a single thing or family guilty of anything yet I am still not allowed alone with my children for a year now. The judge finally ordered reunification to happen before the next hearing and I did win my parental rights hearing when they tried to terminate them and the judge did not allow them to do it. However, I fear that he only did that to give me some fairness but fully intend to f*** me by the next hearing. That seems to be his intention ever hearing when he promises one thing and then changes it at the next hearing. I need to file these motions and they should immediately send my children home and cause everybody on the state side including their attorney to be fired and most likely file criminal charges against them for their misconduct and misrepresentation in my case. My evidence is mostly of recordings because I have recorded everything in my case. I also have the proof of the drug tests that they falsified because I was able to get the actual test results from the lab without them knowing which proves that they lied and withheld evidence Exedra. Please email me if you have any way to help me prepare this or know what I can file them when I can. I really want to file a motion to dismiss under fraudulent terms of the state.

  20. Someone, anyone please please help me. Dcf placed my 18 MO granddaughter with me while waiting for her mom (my daughter) to comply with “safety plan”. My daughter did not cooperate with dcf, my granddaughter was then removed from my care and the reason dcf gave me is that they feel like I am on my daughters side too much, even though I passed a home study, several drug tests and made myself available. We have court today and dcf is trying to not give me my baby back, what can I do?????

  21. Hi I filed an ex partay last week in circuit court as emergency custody motion, the judge sent out a coppie to all parties asking for objections..I appeals a protection order that CPS placed against me from my son on false accusations so what can I do now I live in Charlottesville Virginia this is taking place in the county court Albemarle Court the system here is so corrupt please give me advice on what I should do now my next court hearing is set for the end of January 2016

  22. Hello,I am a grandmother fighting for the custody of my two grand children here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both parents lost custody of the kids, I have let cps, the judge and, everyone involved in the case know that I want to adopt my grand kids. I was cleared to get them but on may 20th of 15,when the parents lost custody,the social worker with cps took it upon herself to give temporary custody to another couple. I was not informed of any of her decisions. The judge set a date for the fellowing October 30th for the finalization of the adoption. No one except for me and, my attorney showed up for the hearing. They all defaulted. So the attorney set another date for next April. In Oklahoma grand parents have no rights but,we do have the kin ship care act protected by the 14th amendment. So far they have all violated my 4th 7th &14th amendments of the construction. I haven’t seen the kids since the 19th of may.violating my 1st amendment right. Is there any further information you can advise me on in my case? Thank you. Linda Edwards.

  23. Help my child we took the hospital cause she was puking. And not holding her food down at 3 months. We while we was at the hospital , the doctors ask can they do a x Ray which we obildge to go ahead. After this they say they got to call cps cause fracture ribs….. Which we understood. Long story short we find that the police made me and my wife take lie detector test which we both pass…. After that the cps still made us take a deal for child abuse and neglect which is strange because , we both giggle at by the criminal investigation police.
    So right now we just beat a tpr trial judge order more visits and in home visits and parenting on hands for us. But that was in the middle of Dec. 2015 . and said in 90 days come back improve. But cps keep switching cps caseworker at when they get close to doing in home visits… So they taking there time this been going on for three years….. Also part of the case plan was me and my wife to get assessment done to see if we need services….
    Turn out we didn’t need none. So what’s ur insight on it I can tell more detail but so far what u think?

  24. I’m in an ongoing case in which I have only 1 hr of supervised visitation every week. Cps will not let me live in the house with my wife and children. Is there any way that filing one of these motions could get my supervised visitation revoked so I can move back home with my family? My youngest daughter is now acting out because I don’t get to be around. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  25. So what i don’t get is your damed if you do or damed if don’t bull crap , my ex stashed guns in my basement w out my knowledge and I let the FBI in freely cuz I couldn’t comprehend that the man I loved the man who fathered my son and took care of us would completely throw all that away !!! And our family !!! But now I’m told I either knew and put my kids in danger or didn’t know and I should of … what I’m sorry I loved a convincing con artist , also they say I missed to many dr appts for the kids but didn’t mention I had no transportation or that I made the spots up w in a couple days or that I was there every 2 weeks w my daughter … my whole life is destroyed and the only thing in the world that made me happy was my kids and now there gone .. Dcf has to much power over our rights as Americans I worked w kids for 20 yrs but that doesn’t matter or all the state agencies who worked it my 3 days a week who wrote me letters of recommendation and how admiral of parent me and now ex were something has to be done now I’m charged w neglect and am on child abuser list wtf

  26. Hello, my name is Ta meka . I am currently fighting a CPS case in Sacramento County, CA. There was some falsification of documents done by the social workers and the judge is ignoring what the doctors and therapists are saying regarding my daughter. My email address is

    Thank you

  27. I’m appealing the adoption 3 out of 5 babies they are 5 3 and 2 my 2 year old son was burned in the bath due to neglect on behalf of my land Lord and they took my babies because of an accident . proven by the police and the pge department . there was slander n false accusations about me by Cps witch later dropped the charges of intentbodly harm .and due to slander I was pulled out of my home by 5 people none of these people knew me I have called lowyer after lawyer leagle service catalyst click ect . please they took my soul wen they took my babies if there is anyone out there please I pray you respond to me I’m praying for a miracle… Sincerely Samantha Sappenfield there is so much more but God only knows if this is even real but God bless you I know I’m not alone out there

  28. Socail services is going to put my granddaughter up for adoption after my daughter was tricked into signing parental rights over.they said I could adopt her(biological grandmother)I had her since she was 3mo old through kinship care she is now that they have tricked us into signing her over they will nit let me keep her,they want to adopt her out to strangers.what do I do?

  29. Family courts are stealing my kids and there is nothing i can do they took my kids for unjust reansons no warents. I want my kids back. These peaple are currup came my home with police on someone saying there. Were drigs and perifenelya everywh ere. Surched house no. Warrents and found nothing.stated bath water dirty sharp knifes. A pin hole in kitchen window poison in curbred and no one willing to watch my kids. And a judge signs to this so unjust these ladys found nothing and t o ok my kids. And should be in jail for kidnaping. Way way more. And they. Make it worse every time I talk to them I need help I need it now I did nothing wrong they’re the ones that did everything wrong and I’m the one paying the price and my kids please help

  30. Hi i really need any input i can get DCF have taken my daughters kids they are saying because of domestic violance in the home an drugs on the mothers part she has yaken drug tests an oassed an is no longer seeing a dr. She is complying with DCF there us no proof of any domsetic violance of any kind no police reports nothing just a report from DCF we are gking back to court in only 6 weeks an now they are yelling her that they are giving custosy to the biological father who now has temp custody of the girl child who us 8 i have yemp custody of my 3 year old grandson now the father an his wife will not ley me see my granddaughter AT ALL please help any input that you may have please thank you ROBERTA

    MOTION TO CHALLENGE JURISDICTION/MOTION TO VOID ORDER or a MOTION TO SET ASIDE JUDGEMENT, would in fact dismiss any open case with CPS/DHS to protect your child/children from abuse, of the contracted state service providers, some foster care providers, cps workers and foster

    MOTION TO CHALLENGE JURISDICTION/MOTION TO VOID ORDER or a MOTION TO SET ASIDE JUDGEMENT, would in fact dismiss any open case with CPS/DHS to protect your child/children from abuse, of the contracted state service providers, some foster care providers, cps workers and foster

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