Kingsley v. Kingsley, 623 so. 2d 780 18 fla: district court of appeals, 5th district, 1993-google scholar

OMG! I have found the mother load of all cases. This 1 case will give you all the necessary cases to beat DCF on TPR cases in florida. Other states, possibly because this case list constitutional law and federal law. Although this mother lost her parental rights because of “clear and convincing evidence” of abandonment, our 5th dca gave everyone in florida an opinion so detailed with any case to support your argument against TPR that everyone should send the 5th dca letters of thank you. Anyone dealing with TPR need to read this case and get out the necessary cases they need to fight DCA. Every state should be interested in this case.

Kingsley v. Kingsley, 623 so. 2d 780 18 fla: district court of appeals, 5th district, 1993-google scholar

You’re welcome!

10 thoughts on “Kingsley v. Kingsley, 623 so. 2d 780 18 fla: district court of appeals, 5th district, 1993-google scholar

  1. Its been 2 years i been fighting for my 2 yr old son.i have completed 2 parenting classes,discharged from domestic violence,don’t do drugs,have a house,have a job,did psychological and did counceling i did everything and I have went through 4 foster workers.Now I have a black foster worker that does favortism and says im not financially able to take care of my son my rent is 0 all i pay is dte and gas.My sons father is 28 lives with his mom,unemployed,does drugs,didn’t complete his classes.I have court 21st this month at 10:30am last court the foster worker tried to terminate me after i have done everything possible I need help this is the last court hearing and i want my son home with me

  2. Researched the crap out of this case & can not figure out how it will help a friend starting a TPR trial in Pasco County in August (2014). Any hints on how to apply this case??

  3. We need help our four beautiful children have been a stolen from you us by Florida and sent into horrible situation in Ohio and they won’ even thought I provided the court order from Florida that allowed visits and communicate with allow us to communicate with them

  4. They forged darlene my wife’s signature u can’t get a Missouri attorney because they had a jury trial mock jury put me un jail same attorneys that that put me in jail stole Kelly to sell for money mock appeal them they changed sentence and judgment to a plea of guilty signed by judge I n 2008 judge that signed fake name I never met till evidentiary hearing 2010 said it was mistake I told them in court it was federal felony offence they tried to kill me

  5. I can’t understand how a cps worker can revoke a court order by judge ,of legal guardianship to grandmother . without the mother present she wasn’t at the hearing to pick her child up how funny she made it to a court. hear and claimed to sign papers but wasn’t there to pick the child up. there wasn’t no cps case against the grandma all that it was she didn’t have guardianship , but infact she did by the county . the baby had been with her since birth and taken away never for the grandma to see again what to do

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