Ohio: CPS Social Worker Fired For Not Following Court Orders



Ohio: CPS Social Worker Fired For Not Following Court Orders

An astute judge, Melba Marsh of the Common Pleas Court in Hamilton County, Ohio, discovered her orders were not being followed by CPS social workers. Last month she wrote a letter to three county commissioners about it. She wanted a child to live with relatives and to have supervised visits with parents, but her orders were ignored for more than four months.

Because of this incident, CPS social worker Angela Harrison was found negligent and fired. She lost a $35,900/yr. job. Her supervisor, Michael Battle, retired from his job which brought him $57,137 annually.

What To Do If Your CPS Social Worker Neglects To Follow Court Orders

In my years of running the Fight CPS website I’ve heard from many people who say their social workers were not following court orders. A common scenario is that a judge orders a list of services – such as counseling, psychological testing, and parenting classes. Many CPS social workers drag their feet in getting these services started. Then, when they go back to court after six months they can say, “The parent has not complied with services.” Though technically it is the caseworker’s fault for not getting services started, the parents are blamed for not having had enough services to earn the right to have their children home again.

If your caseworker is playing this game, be sure to keep good records of all contacts with the CPS social worker, write letters requesting that the services be started immediately, and phone the social worker every couple of days until you get what you need. By keeping good phone records and copies of your letters you may be able to use this documentation in court to show your judge that it is your caseworker’s error, not yours. Remember, good documentation is essential to fighting a CPS case in court.

If need be, you can file an Administrative Hearing Request with your state department of social services, telling them that your CPS social worker isn’t providing services ordered by the judge. You have the right to this “Fair Hearing” process any time you’re dealing with an agency in the USA. If you request a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge from the state offices will go to your county to meet with you and CPS employees to review the case and make a decision about your complaints. I have done this several times as a representative for parents, and found it to be an effective way to get a case back on track when the caseworkers are doing their own thing and making families suffer because of it.

The Importance of Child Protection

According to an article about the Ohio CPS social worker firing, posted at Enquirer.Com, a Hamilton County administrator, Patrick Thompson, said, “It is imperative we send a message that this county will not stand for neglect of duty and that child protection is of the utmost importance to our Job and Family Services Department.”

I too believe child protection is of the utmost importance. And I believe one thing we need to protect our children from is institutional child abuse perpetrated by the child welfare industry. Children forced into a life of suffering in foster homes when they yearn for their parents, grandparents, and siblings; children forced to take drugs to control their tantrums and traumatization brought on by the legal destruction of their families; children forced into mental hospitals because foster care providers can’t handle them; children abused in foster homes; – this is the kind of institutional child abuse that Fight CPS is concerned about.

In most cases, children are better off at home where they are loved and cared about. Leave foster homes for those few children with no relatives who can care for them, who have been severely physically abused. Every other case of family destruction is abusive.

14 thoughts on “Ohio: CPS Social Worker Fired For Not Following Court Orders

  1. This is all new children taken into custody cause house was condemned. Tricked and threatendby cops working with cos.they suspectdrug use volunteered test before kids were takenino custodyand was refused.court appt. Lawyer seems scared where do I start

  2. I have a situation with Ohio JFS. They are showing extreme bias against my mom, and showing favor to my abusive ex-stepfather because the social worker is loosely related to his girlfriend. They filed contempt charges against her for reading an email to my sister because “it violated a court order”, but when my ex-stepfather backhanded my sister across the face last month, which also violated a court order, they tried to get her to say it was no big deal. We have a stack of documentation to prove this is happening. Our attorney is less than aggressive. Can you help us find one who will go after JFS?

  3. North Cal
    Bay Area
    I HAVE CONCRETE PROOF THEY KIDNAPPED AND IS STILL HOLDING MY DAUGHTER UNDER SEIZURE. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have all and complete proof of the CPS worker has lied to get the judge, manipulation of court documents, the failed attempt of hiding the illegal interview of my daughter,the judge knowingly violating our 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments, knowledged she wasn’t upholding her Oath of Honor and Office, and she had everything signed under perjury being penalty under law! Judge ignored the statement that she could not HOLD A CHILD HOSTAGE ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS NO PROOF OF AN UNFIT PARENT. They still won’t return her or let me talk to her! The “warrant” had the name and age of a 10 year old! They took my 7 year old instead!!! Want to sue to the highest extent on the individual and corporate capacity. But first, HELP ME HAVE HER RETURNED!!! 9two5-two3eight-1five3zero

  4. Please contact me if you have time have some. 419-960-9006 i questions to much to write 419-960-9006 i just want to get my babys home

  5. To remind all those with morals and to all those who love all children, that this David J. Glass Esq. PhD would giggle & laugh at me while waiting to see the judge. Shortly after this attached letter dated 2-12-2012 was received by the community of Malibu, CA this David J. Glass Esq. PhD conspired to injure a 3rd party (myself) , suborned perjury and falsified evidence just before he closed down his practice and went to FMBK Law.The CA State Bar has just received a 2nd complaint regarding this matter.

    2-12-12 Mr. Graham J Miller


    To The Principals of Malibu Elementary Schools and To Whom it may concern within the LAUSD and SMMUSD administrations, Directors or other persons.
    Dear Sir Madam or MS,

    I am writing to you firstly as a parent. I have a child in a Malibu public school. I am also writing as a Citizen, and therefore concerned in a more global manner with issues that I personally find disturbing and relevant. I believe a possible failure to perform to ethical codes of several professions, let alone what any normal person may find to be reasonable is about to, and could in the future lead to embarrassment, public consternation and at best a complete lack of faith ,trust and confidence in the above agencies.

    I have recently been informed by my daughter Lily-Jane Faith Miller that her mother has taken her out of Callahan elementary (Northridge); and she is now at some school in Malibu district. (Grade 2)

    My reasons for my concern follow.

    Within the Malibu school district there is a teacher, (C Cullen) who has accused her ex-husband of two counts of sexual abuse of their son, and 5 other counts of abuse of their son (11). This alleged abuse according to Ms. Cullen and her Attorney took place over the past 5 years.

    I would like a notation in my daughter’s file that she is never to be placed in class with the above person as her “(my daughters)” teacher. I apologize in in that I amenable to provide more details on my daughter’s whereabouts (school) but her Mom has not provided that info. I’m sure Dr Jacob the principal at Callahan would be able to assist.

    In MS Cullen’s divorce and custody case she utilized the services of a Mr. D Glass Esq.(Attorney) Mr Glass is also a PhD in Psychology .Mr. Glass was also utilized by the mother of my daughter, Lily -Jane in my own divorce and custody matter. Mr. Glass a Psychologist/ Attorney and mandated reporter saw fit to bring allegations of sexual abuse of a child and 4 allegations of other forms of abuse of MS Cullen’s son Sammy before family court. These all were investigated by the Police DCFS, and the District Attorney. They were found to be without either Medical or Credentialed 3rd party verification and closed therefore as unsubstantiated. These allegations were brought by MS Cullen via the services of Mr. Glass and occurred regularly before the summer school break on a yearly basis. MS Cullen had also recently remarried a Mr Brian Winsick another Teacher and coach in the Conejo Valley. Their marriage took place just prior to the allegations beginning.

    I will now outline my concerns and reasons for the request of the notation in my daughters file.

    It is my belief that the relationship between this teacher Ms. Cullen and her attorney and my own ex-wife and the same attorney is cause for reasonable concern. That to avoid any unfortunate incident where god forbid I was to be accused by my daughter’s mother of something similar as MS Cullen accused her ex-husband of it is imperative no establish able link is in place as could lead to suspicion of collusion. The worst case scenario that Ms. Cullen at some time becomes my daughters teacher and subsequently claims are made that perhaps my daughter had inferred to MS Cullen that I had abused her ( Lily-Jane) and MS Cullen then could relate this to my daughters mother through their mutual attorney, or contact at school is beyond horrific. I feel the separation of my daughter and this teacher protects LAUSD/SMMUSD and my daughter and me.

    In a more global sense I am concerned that a teacher married to another teacher and coach and an attorney who is also licensed as a psychologist made no attempt to make aware the LAUSD or the SMUSD of their concerns. (Two allegations of Sexual abuse and five other allegations of abuse.) Surely some ethical codes of their respective professions would demand other relevant or parties who could be impacted be advised.

    When a teacher finds the resources to pay $500 an hour to a Beverly Hills Attorney for 5 years surely there is a need for verification that such allegations will bring in terms of the expenses the County and State will bear during the protracted conflict. Especially if the accused has been made indigent by the continued claims and has suffered stress or work issues stemming from such accusations and is no longer paying taxes.

    As a parent I certainly would be outraged if I knew my child’s teacher was aware of a legitimate abuse situation and if, as in this case it included Sexual Abuse allegations and that teacher did nothing to bring attention to it as could protect other children I would expect answers. Specifically why and how a person(s) (2 Teachers, (Coach), An Attorney/Psychologist) would go ahead and consciously disregard accusations of such a serious nature, and then they having brought these allegations before family court and the district attorney go ahead and let other parents arrange activities with the person they were accusing of abuse in a manner as would expose other children to the accused.

    What is more disturbing and I expect the press will find disturbing is that repeated allegations of this nature are often utilized in family conflicts and that this is acceptable is in fact a failure of morality within our society. I believe this failure may have had a profound societal impact.

    That the failure of an application of evidentiary standards as are normally applied in criminal matters may have allowed credentialed persons possibly with questionable motive to use family court in a manipulative and deceitful way to achieve their own ends appears to me to be worthy of consideration.

    This epidemic of claims of abuse of children caught in such situations, (family breakups) versus children, who suffer actual abuse , desensitizes the general public and governmental agencies and allows real and dangerous criminals to hide and operate with virtual impunity in our society. It is beyond Peter and the Wolf it is an ongoing crime against humanity. To falsely perpetrate something that I believe leads to what we are now facing in the LAUSD and SMMUSD and may have exacerbated, perpetuated and indeed by lack of action condoned events and actions that possibly has led to emotional; mental and even physical harm to any child is heinous.

    I believe because of the actions as I have described many prior red flags have been ignored in many abuse situations and much suffering and harm and expense could have been avoided if a less commonplace attitude of children was the norm.

    Indeed in the immediate situation with (C Cullen, B Winsick )either the allegations were scurrilous and a product of vitriol, and an attorney(PhD Psych) with who knows what motivation (7 Claims) and that these claims were worthy of public expense .Or these persons were aware the claims they were bringing were false and therefore not worthy of reporting to LAUISD/SMUSD or other parents.? The alternative is an admission of negligent lack of reasonable due diligence and surely a great lack of concern for the school both pupils and other teachers and parents has been flagrantly displayed in total disregard for the safety and welfare of minors. Whether this is or should be a concern for the bond holders of these persons I do not know. Mr. Glass, Glass family Law and former associate of (Kolodny & Anteau) One of the most respected family law firms in the United States (Mel Gibson Getty, etc.) has been investigated by the CA Bar already in this matter and while the complaint was not upheld a letter suggesting the possibility of civil redress was issued by them.

    The APA also found he did no wrong apparently within their own ethics code.

    The fact remains an Attorney/Psychologist and a Teacher and a Teacher/Coach surely have some duty to the community. The positions of trust and respect they are afforded should allow the general public a reasonableness within their expectation of propriety and protection of the innocent by such credentialed persons.

    Perhaps the LAUSD/SMUSD could incorporate or suggest to the CA Bar a cooperative relationship of a professional nature that would allow this protection to be afforded our children as well as draft a code for the LAUSD/SMUSD’s own employees in such situations.

    Certainly recent events could lead one to surmise that a better clarified way of maintaining the safety and welfare of our children, from both bonifide and false claims of abuse would be helpful. The harm that both real and imagined events can bring to families, as well as collateral persons and an institution such as children’s learning environment should be minimalized at all times.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Graham J Miller.

    885 Avenue of the Americas

    Penthouse 1A

    New York. NY. 10001

  6. My children were ripped away from me from school thay did not tell me anything went to get the kids from school principal told me cps had taken them their reason is because my caseworker told me that I could supervise visits with their father then turned around and lied in court to her superviser and the judge and said she dint all cps does is lie destroy and decieve my children are being made to take medicine they don’t want to take being abused and neglected they don’t care as long as their web of lies and deception continues coming from the sister of a fallen hero (semper fi ) everything he fought and died for his neice and nephews should not be subjected to this kind of abuse nor should any child in hamilton county I have a public defender but I need a lawyer that will work for me not against me need help please

  7. my grandchild was removed from my sons home yesterday without good cause. cps was following up on a referral against another person and ran my daughter in-laws name. after finding out that my daughter in-law had lost a child to cps before they came back and started demanding they start jumping thru there hoops, my son asked to seek legal advice before signing any of there contracts and they cps came back the next day and removed the child. it just doesn’t seem legal for them to do this there was no referral made against them concerning this child and my daughter in-law wasn’t found guilty of abuse or neglect with the first child, we are seeking legal assistance in this matter and looking for the best attorney we can find. if you can help in anyway please contact me.

  8. I’m in a very bad situation with my children right now with job and family services and need help severely .. Can anyone help?

  9. In many cases the courts (Judges) make bias decisions based off of their own person bias and the skewed information spoon fed to them by a room full of attorneys. If we have jurors for adult courtrooms, why do we not have them in children courtrooms. The social workers are out in the field and know the bio families for who they really are and act.

    Your comment about leaving children with their families as they are better off with those who love and care about them is a bit delusional. If they loved and cared about them so much why were their children detained in the first place? The last time we checked CPS does not go door to door looking for children who are being neglected and abused. You have done something so wrong to your children and someone has reported it. Unacceptable behavior for some how is responsible or irresponsible enough to have children and then neglect and abuse them. Unacceptable.

    Quit neglecting and abusing your children and you will not have these issues.

  10. Hi. Mike ice out of New Jersey with the Division of Youth and Family Services as I know them but now they’re called the Division of Child Protection and permanency. I was reading what you wrote on the fight CPS page about administrative hearings with the welfare agency getting a fair hearing in front of an administrative judge. I have a few questions about that. I am currently, very recently considered pro se in defending myself in my case. It took me for long months to be able to be my own attorney and fire my court appointed attorney. Again, due to their illegal practices and proceedings. Anyway, Friday was my first day defending myself in court and it was the permanency hearing. I was only given about 8 days before the hearing to beautiful in the Division office and was closely watched by a supervisor as I walk through the file so that I could not take any pictures or get anything from the file. I did my best and preparing the evidence that I could bring to court and documentation of them. Flying hour drug test results, which I have positive proof of with no question whatsoever and various other exhibits that I wanted to minute. I’m pretty sure that there was no due process of the law when it came to me defending myself in that hearing. For example I was told that after the dhe did her series of questioning to the caseworker and after I cross examine her Andrea cross-examined her and all that stuff that I would then be given my chance to ask her any questions that I have for her at the end of the hearing. This never happens, I’m pretty sure it was because by the time we were in there for four hours hahaha they wanted to literally pull their hair out and scream. Thus ending the hearing. The judge also ruled that I am NOT allowed to record my caseworker use that as evidence in any way. The New Jersey wiretapping says that if I’m a party of the conversation I’m allowed to record anything I want to . Do you know if this includes phone conversations? Anyway that’s besides the point I’m wondering if I feel for example that the judges making rulings to keep custody and still not give us unsupervised time based on absolutely nothing because we’ve completed all the services of the for Lauren Davis has to do for the extended assessment from there substance abuse evaluator’s recommendation for treatment of course, despite having all clean urine since the start of the case and a clean hair follicle. Anyway we are completed or 4 weeks services are living in a hotel awaiting the divisions court order to provide as a security deposit for housing. However our hotel accommodate us and our children just fine and our children want to come home. The judge even denied me being allowed to be on supervised with them and decided out of nowhere, and deferring it every hearing, he has now decided to order me at the end of this hearing to do a psychological evaluation. When I asked him what the basis of this evaluation was his response was that I have a history of disagreements with my family, the ones that called CPS on me 28 times in 8 years and have been trying to steal my children, and that he feels it in my best interests to get an evaluation for these problems that I have with my family and that it could only be beneficial for me to have treatment for it. So now I have a new court ordered evaluation when really everything was done and the children should have been returned. I just don’t even know what to say I feel like this is literally the most absurd outrageous case I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of them believe me I’ve been doing this for 8 years now. From what I understand treatments and evaluations cannot be ordered unless it is in the interest of the welfare of the child’s health and safety. What in God’s name when me and my relationship with my family have any standing in court for him to order me an evaluation? I feel like I need to do something and I know that at the next motion I’m going to file the first motion on filing amount $8 in the next week or so I know that my emotions will give me my kids back immediately. Especially due to the falsifying of my drug test results that I have the actual test results from the toxicology lab that says I was never positive on those days for methamphetamine on either the screen or the confirmation test. After the fact finding hearing the judge ordered reunification to begin and once we were two weeks away from the children coming home the division started reporting that I was coming up positive for methamphetamine and my reunification was suspended. That was back in April. I have been dealing with this for a year now this is ridiculous and I feel like even the judge needs to be reported at this point. Do you know what I should do? Please email me at my email mikeandtara7706@gmail.com

  11. What can I do?? My 3week son is with the father due to an argument and he called the police and called his mother, she talked bad about me and I was arrested, I went to court and it was a D.A Reject No file…I met with the worker and he told me to get my son back, Now he’s talking to the father and telling him to fight for full custody….That is very unprofessional……
    I need help, my baby’s grandfather has lots of $….
    I don’t have $ for an Attorney…

  12. I am trying to find the person to contact in Washington DC about a family member that’s incarcerated in the federal institution and morganstown West Virginia I need to find out why he can not be granted the 780 amended that Obama past November 1 2014 as a family member I would like to know a contact number where I can discuss this and a pill at 4 my brother

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