Stop allowing criminals in child protective services to abuse their power, the children and the people

Dear President Trump,
I want to start by saying thank you becoming the president of our country. I am praying for you and your cabinet to bring God back to us and our people. I have great hopes for our country to eradicate corruption and child abuse in the Child protective services sector.
There are many things I want to tell you but I know that you don’t have a lot of time so I’ll try to keep it brief. There was a woman, her name was Nancy Schaefer, and she was a US Georgia Congresswoman. She was murdered in her home in the summer of 2010. The police ruled it a murder suicide. When in fact, I and many others believe, both her and her husband were murdered. The investigation was short and to the point as all cover-ups are.
Which brings me to my next point. Nancy Schaefer was a champion who fought tirelessly for the people, including the children of her state Georgia. She was a Christian woman. She was a woman of value. She was a woman that died to expose Child protective services of inhumane treatment of children. She did an investigation and found that children were being trafficked into the child sex trade. That children were being stolen from their families for frivolous reasons for federal funding. That children were forced onto psychotropic drugs that were not meant for children in the first place. That judges did not stand up for the children or the families and that they blindly followed child protective services recommendations. That babies were stolen from their mothers so they could adopt them out regularly. That children in foster homes were being regularly abused on a regular basis. She found that social workers lied on a regular basis on their documentation and to the families. She also found that they lie to the judiciary.
Nancy Schaefer was going to change the face of child protective services. She was working on a bill that would protect families and children. She was working on a bill that would prevent federal funds from being allocated by the number of children in the care of the agency. She was working on a bill that would give the power back to the courts and hold Child protective services accountable for their crimes and their actions. Right now, Child protective service workers have immunity from lawsuits and being held accountable for their criminal activity.
People don’t know the rights and most people can’t afford a $10,000 retainer for a lawyer that can help them. Children are growing up without their family because of people that are so selfish all they care about is their money and power. We need your help!!!! We’ve been waiting for president like you to help us.
Child protective services is the playground of pedophiles in power and in Hollywood. There is plenty of documentation and testimonies of survivors to prove my point. I too am a survivor of being stolen from my parents and then being abused, raped, trafficked by Child protective services in the state of California. There are several documentaries out and many victims have come forward. Child protective services has unfettered access and protection to commit its criminal acts, as families and children are fearful of reprisal.
There are thousands upon thousands of cases of corruption and criminal activity done by Child protective services yet not one law has been changed to truly protect children and families from the criminal organization that we pretend is good when it is not.
I am asking you President Trump, please hear our voices and ACT. Take away the unilateral power of child protective services to take away people’s children without a court order and without cause. Take away their power to control the judge who sits in the seat. Hold Child protective services accountable to their crimes against children and humanity. What if it were your child Mr. Trump? Your son? What if they marched into the White House and took your son and accused you of child abuse? Without any proof or any court order, they take your child to an undisclosed location and then they proceed to lie about the events that happened in their report they present to a judge who has his hands tied behind his back because he can’t do his job because he must follow the orders for the recommendations of child protective services. This is a well-known fact among attorneys and judges who work with child protective services.
There is also a trend that is disturbing. When a husband and wife gets divorced one of them generally gets a divorce lawyer, a dirty divorce lawyer will contact Child protective services to help them win the case. Because of child protective services involvement, the judge generally awards custody to the parent who has accused the other parent of wrongdoing without proof or cause. Often there is money bribes in cases such as these from the lawyer to the social worker.
Our family court judicial system is corrupted. Child protective services is corrupted. I am asking you please help us fix this problem. The evidence is already available. There are many, many survivors. If you want to save money President Trump, cut off the hand that is stealing it, along with America’s children and their innocence, and we will have a better country. If we can fix this problem Mr. Trump, you will save our country and our children’s lives. Children that come out of the foster care system generally have severe psychological problems that cost the taxpayers for their entire lives. Hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars a year. Child protective services abuses children and families and it needs a severe overhaul.
There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of children President Trump that need you, that have been stolen away from their families erroneously because of lies and money. When these children grow up, they will take it out on the world. They will not know how to have a family of their own. They will not know how to act society. They will most likely be drug abusers and welfare recipients. These costing the taxpayer billions upon billions of more dollars. When these people have children, a lot of them turn out to become the abusers because that’s the way child protective services taught them how to be. Creating more victims for the never-ending machine that eats children called child protective services.
And finally, President Trump. You say that you’re a man of God. You say that you want to fight pedophiles and child abusers. Many children that are in the child sex trafficking trade come from child protective services. That is a fact. There is no doubt there are problems in the world and people abuse their children and that we need a system that works, a real system. Not this fake system that creates more victims than survivors.
I hope President Trump that you do your research and find out the truth for yourself. And I pray to God that this letter finds you and that you choose to help us. If You truly want to make America great again, you will protect its most vulnerable and hold those accountable that abuse children, including child protective services and the judiciary that is more interested in protecting itself than in protecting children.
Dawn E Worswick

3 thoughts on “Stop allowing criminals in child protective services to abuse their power, the children and the people

  1. Hello my name is jakisha jones and my baby was tooken falsely away from she will be 2 year’s old I never got to see her so Mr.Donald Trump can you shut down cps for ever and get my baby back

  2. This is by far is the best piece I’ve read. I stumbled upon it looking for answers to see what if I file grievances against the court and against the social worker, if that would get the case to close. A case has remained open on me for 3 years because I needed to reschedule a meeting with a school that my child no longer attends. Rescheduling a meeting is not in anyway neglectful but that’s not what the court says. Soon if children don’t complete their homework it will be and act of educational neglect. The school admitted to sending my child out of class without seeing the incidents and then wanted to put the child into special ed for behavior issues. How is it behavior issues if they didn’t see it happen. Then if they didn’t see it happen it means they weren’t watching the children and the school is unsafe. Another thing that the schools are doing to protect bullies, if your child is sent to the nurse because another child did something; those records will be missing from your child’s record and the school won’t know what you’re talking about when you make these claims because it’s not being recorded.
    Betsy D’vos was going to defund the budget to my childs school system and I think she should have. It’s a horrible school the test scores are below average, there’s a lot of undocumented migrant students, and it has a high number of fatalities in or on school property. So why am I being investigated? I rescheduled a conference because I work to support a household and here I am trying to find answers because I care about my child’s well being and don’t want the child being subjected to abuse of power by the hands of the state. There are no parental rights groups in my state. The only parental rights group is in Chicago and if you take the time to call (of course you will not get through to an actual person for 3 days) it will tell you on the rotary dial that more than half of the services to protect parents rights can not be involved with department of children and families when the department violates parents rights. I think this has to do with being a conflict of interest funded by non-profits and CAS being a non-profit who gives millions of dollars from churches and wealthy people to support Department of children and Families. Now I have a stupid friend who works for the DC and she’s not stupid because she values the idea of helping, she’s stupid because she can’t answer any questions about her job. Example: she posted a phone number to call if you can no longer take care of your child and DCF will show up and take the children, and you can remain anonymous. I asked her what happens if I grab the kids down the street and pretend to be their anonymous parents and call this number to get them removed. She couldn’t answer me. She also couldn’t answer me if those kids would ever be returned because the department often looses the paperwork to children’s location. They might move children from a foster to foster to foster to adoption with out a parent/gaurdian notification and not keep the paperwork so parents might loose 18 years of being in child’s life. Anyways I really hope your posting is viewed by someone more important than parents looking for answers and maybe someone who values morals and family interests can stop the corruption that destroys childrens lives. No kid should have to be afraid of the government violating the child’s 4th ammendment rights. That’s what the nazis did to Jewish children during the Holocaust “I from the government and I’m here to help, please come with me, we’re going for car ride, do you like pizza?”

  3. The day that changed my life forever..and that is putting it lightly!!

    Dec. 8 2017 cps came to my home and kidnapped my 2 1/2 year old son and 4 1/2 year old daughter, handcuffed me infront of my son and took me away for a missed traffic court warrent. They said, only when i asked “why”, they were taking my children due to a missed U.A last month in which the soc. Worker had sent a text to inform me of.

    Thank God for some experiance with family law court. I FOUGHT!!!

    The first hearing for temporary placement ended in my favor. That was after 7 days of near death experience, without a light at the end of the tunnel. I picked up my babies.

    I will do ANYTHING I can to save innocent families from the trauma I am experiencing. Our trial is coming up on Wed. the 3rd. 3 more days. I feel I am going about this correctly as I am going to sue the *#/@ out of cps for our PTSD, pain and suffering. Any advise?

    Also please help me to help other families. This tourcher must end!!!!!
    Love and Aloha

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