Churches + State Funded Foster Care = DISASTER

Churches need to wake up!!!! The criminal organization funded by our government called ‘Child protective Services’ is tearing families apart with their lies, corruption, and straight up demonic power over others. The family court/ CPS tragedy is largely being glamorized by the church and those of us Christians that know the truth are sick of it!

It’s no wonder the church is losing the trust of millions of Americans and families worldwide because it has sided with the devil on this issue. Child sex trafficking and adoption trafficking are serious issues that the church feels strongly about but it completely looks the other way when it comes to our own government not only participating int, but funding it with our tax dollars. Most people think that CPS is the Holy Grail when it comes to child protection but it is just the opposite.

Nancy Shaefer, a former US Georgia Senator, was murdered in her Georgian home in the summer of 2010 for exposing CPS for child sex trafficking, adoption trafficking, over drugging, child labor, and straight up funding corruption. CPS is an industry revolved around stealing and selling children and using the family courts and the church to do it.

We must step up and fight back

Here is an article that can put things into perspective:

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