Another few horrible facts to behold about criminal foster care:

The stark horrific reality of state sponsored kidnapping is having its dramatically negative toll on America and its people.  The emphasis on Termination of Parental right and selling them into adoption trafficking schemes is sick and twisted, yet it’s happening all over the USA. Sellable children ripped from their families to be sold to another family is called foster servitude. This is a long way from the idea in 1853, Charles Loring Brace founded a program that would become the foundation of modern day foster care.

There are thousands of horrified stories from survivors of criminal CPS/DHS. Parents and children alike yet no one seem to be able t fix it because the corruption runs deep. The money is too good.

We, victims and survivors demand change!! What kind of monsters do this injustice to innocent children? Lie, cheat and steal-commit perjury, falsify documents, threaten children and their family’s while criminal judges look the other way, refuse and ignore viable evidence and allow children to be traumatized, victimized, demoralized without proof?


Another few horrible facts to behold about criminal foster care:

  • 85% of children that were stolen from their families age out of foster care are angry, hurt, and have low self esteem end up dead in prison, or trafficked into the sex trade. Foster care, a pedophiles delight. Thanks!!!! You did a great job! How about that raise and bonus money for your state! Was it worth it?


  • Pimps love foster kids because social workers and foster homes have done their job for them. Broke them down until they have no will to live. Way to go!!!!


  • Stealing a child from her family is severely traumatizing and is considered child abuse. Alienating her from everyone she knows, including her extended family…placing then with strangers and trying to adopt them out for CASH. Studies have shown foster care is often NOT the better choice. The state does not do a better job at raising kids. But Its all about the MONEYYYYYYYYYY!


  • Lies, false allegations, secret courts, falsified documents, bribes, and threats are all apart of the game. Stacked against the parents who can’t win against criminals who cheat to win without evidence or due process. There is so much proof to support this accusation, you will be buried in it in a courtroom sized pile.


  • Know you will not get away with it forever. Your day of judgement is coming. I hope you remember every scream and tear of the innocent while your paying the price for your crimes against humanity. EVIL PIGS!!!!! Our prayers are against you! May God punish you thoroughly, you will feel the full weight of it!

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