In Response to: Trump Administration Asks for Comments on Child Sex Trafficking in Foster Care System


let me introduce myself. My name is Dawn E. Worswick. I grew up in your criminal child protective services organization in LA California during the years of 1977 through 1991.

I was kidnapped from my father under false allegations on October 7, 1977 by a Miss Ruth White. Her allegation was that my father supposedly raped me.

I was then sent to a foster home where I was brutally raped by a 12-year-old boy and I had to go to the hospital to have my female parts surgically repaired and guess who got the bill? My father! He took this evidence to the judge, who did not to care! The judge gagged and sanctioned my father and moved me to a worse place, Children’s Village in Beaumont California, where I was brutally raped for another four years. My father had no criminal charges and there was no proof that my father did any awful thing to me. My rapes began while foster care. The social workers took it upon themselves to kidnappe me from my father, lie, and sell me to child traffickers and pornographers who not only practiced Satanism but used me in ritual, satanic abuse.

Not only was I raped in this place. I was sold to other people along with 40 other children. They used us for satanic ritual abuse and child pornography. They made us do nasty things with animals. They did horrific things to us and yet nobody seems to care. Nobody cared then and nobody cares now!

At seven they deemed to be adoptable and so I was moved to a foster home where my behavior at this point was out of control. They had neglected to tell the Osbournes that I had been raped for four years and so they gave me up after year.

I then was moved to another foster home. Ms. Avery had no idea what she’d gotten herself into at this point. I was unmanageable but yet she still adopted me because she loved to me but when I disclosed the abuse to her at children’s Village, Guess what happened then? They kidnapped me from my foster mom and sent me to the mental hospital where they tied me down to beds and shot needles in my ass full of dangerous psychotropic drugs. They used to lock me in a room by myself for hours at a time with nothing in it but a bed to tie me down to.

After I finally got out of that place, I went to McLaren Hall in LA California, a very dangerous place for kids. It is a warehouse full of kids, languishing, until they can find homes or placements for them. Most of these kids were not abused by their families. Most of these kids were abused in a foster home or a group home.

Finally, I left McLaren Hall and I went to a group home and then after that group, went to another group home and then after that group, went to another group home. Then after that group, went to another group. Finally, I did something really stupid and I landed myself in juvenile hall. This is where I was able to ask the judge to emancipate me when I turned 16. He agreed and after I turned 16 I was emancipated to the streets.

That year, I emancipated from the system. I found a boyfriend I found my family. I had a baby and I moved out of state of California. I found out every single lie that my social workers told me about my father’s was a lie. I found out that my mother was trying to get me back, but they refused to let her have me. I found out everything they told my foster mom was a lie as well. I hope that social worker is brought to prison and rots in hell for the things that she’s done to my family.

I found out every single thing that the system told my family was a lie. They told my father that I was dead. What is sick evil system it is. The people who run the system are the sickest on the planet. Anyone that can break the child’s spirit and steal them from their entire family and adopt them out while lying, cheating and stealing these childrens innocence while alienating them from everyone who is ever loved them, including their extended family, deserve a prison cell. The system keeps these children from their entire family  including grandparents or extended family who love them because they want to make money, so they adopt them out to someone else.

These evil pigs deserve the deepest darkest prison that there is. There is no doubt that families need help sometimes. But the system that we have today is a disgusting representation of any kind of help a family would get. The system is not about helping families. Its is about making money.

There are plenty of advocates, former foster children, former attorneys, current attorneys, former foster parents, current foster parents, judges, social workers, ex-social workers that believe that the system is corrupted from the ground up. And why won’t you listen to us??? The survivors. I have only been screaming about my story for 40 years. The system is disgusting and it needs to be abolished. There is no doubt that there are families that need help and that people that hurt their children. But if the system only helps those children there would be only 1/3 of the children in the system. The back door money that’s being created by adoption trafficking, organ trafficking, abortion, sex trafficking, medical trafficking, and a host of other evil things is sick and we are going to put an end to it.

I have to tell you if any one of these evil people were to take my child, you would have to lock me up for the rest of my life because I would not rest until I found my child. I would not rest until I put that evil pig where it belongs. I would not rest until my child was safely back in my arms and do you think that us Americans are so stupid is to allow these people to continue doing what they’re doing???? Absolutely not!!!!!!

If you think I’m furious….wait until these children grow up. Look at our country today is an absolute mess!!!!   Thousands upon thousands of families and children are ruined because of criminals that run social services. It’s going to be 100 times worse. Coming up, these children are bad. They’re tired of being lied to, drugged up. locked up. They’re tired of being stolen from their families and their parents are mad. Everybody’s pist off and you know deserve the electric chair???…It’s these criminals. They deserve prison. They deserve the electric chair. They deserve every evil thing that comes to them but yet the United States of America protects them with immunity  While they are happily making crimes against children and their families.

I know people that will give testimony. There are thousands upon thousands of stories. The evidence is clear and has been for a long time. These social workers sell these children to whoever pays the most. These adoption agencies are making so much back door money on these children. They are private agencies. Not only getting federal dollars, but getting dollars from the underground to sell these children and the child sex trafficking, adoption trafficking, the medical trafficking and so much more. If you really want to do what’s right, you will investigate every single state and do something to stop this today. Otherwise, anything short of that. You’re not doing anything to help because these criminals will continue doing what they do unabated.

These criminals steal children from their families with the help of judges, attorneys that work for the states, guardian ad litem’s and GALS -both of which have no training whatsoever in the legal field or in the area of child protective services other than a six hour course that they take and they follow the direction of the criminal social worker on almost every case.

The judge should not be listening to uneducated monkeys making decisions, life altering decisions for children…. on false allegations no proof needed. Just somebody’s word. Even in criminal court. there must be a trial. When will you people wake up and realize that this is been going on for a very long time unabated. It will continue to go on if you don’t do something. There is no fix here other than to change the laws where the social workers will not be able to steal people’s children on false allegations. In many of these cases there is no criminal charges against the parents. Yet the children are stolen from the family sold to someone else with their parental rights terminated. The cash is flowing. You can bet that.

I have another person that would like to bring to your attention too. Her name is Nancy Schaefer, a US Georgia Senate member who brought up a report against criminal CPS for child sex trafficking and adoption trafficking. She was a hero. She spoke out against criminal CPS which is a very strong agency that will do anything to continue doing what it’s doing. They murdered her in her home in the summer of 2010 and called it a murder suicide with her husband. Now I know some of the people that knew her and they told me that she would never have been killed by her husband because they were in this together, they were Christians and they loved their community. She was about to introduce a law 410 that would have changed the incentives for criminal CPS and it disappeared from her home along with the report against criminal CPS.

Recently another Senate member also died by suspicious circumstances in the state of Arkansas .

“A former Arkansas state senator, Linda Collins-Smith was found murdered in her home last week in Pocahontas, Arkansas. According to reports, Collins-Smith was closing in on a child trafficking ring which was being run by the Arkansas government.”

So you can see the anybody that tries to come against his criminals. Either end up dead were excommunicated from the community.

The only reason I survived is because I have God. He saved me is to expose, criminal CPS and my mission on this earth is to expose and dispose of criminal CPS. Call me crazy, but I’m a tell you this, I will not rest until this system is brought to its knees and every single person involved goes to prison for their involvement in adoption and child sex trafficking schemes against children and their families. This is not a joke. These children will be back, and they will be taking out their pain and suffering on society. They may not be lucky like me because I was saved by God. They may come back with an automatic shotgun because this is the mindset that they will have. So you either do something about these criminals or we will. ​If criminal CPS doesn’t destroy America than these children may because they are going to be so angry they will do anything to get back at the criminals that did this to them and mark my words, it is not going to be pretty. And we as a society will deserve it because we did nothing to stop them from hurting these children.

 So you fancy-pansy suits can sit up there all day pretending to do something, but if you don’t do something for real,  it’s on your head. You are just as much a criminal as they are because you know that this is going on, the evidence and the research is there, but you’re not doing nothing to stop it. And that is criminal. I speak for us survivors. I speak for the families. And I promise you this, we will not give up. 

Dawn E. Worswick

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