In the case of Anthony Valva, why aren’t you prosecuting the presiding judge who purposely punished the mother by alienating her from her children because of this criminal abusive pig of a cop, and the criminal CPS workers in this case who clearly, purposely left this child in harm’s way. Criminal CPS DOES NOT PROTECT CHILDREN and you put more children in harm’s way by putting them in the care of more criminals!!!!

Clearly, they are both culpable for the death of Anthony Valva. Clearly, they purposely left this child with an abuser, clearly, they KNEW he was dangerous. What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???? If the child hadn’t of died, none of you would have gave a fuck because you are criminals just the same as they are!!!!

As a survivor of criminal CPS LA CA, I know your game. You, the judges and criminal CPS all work together to cover your asses and make those BIG FEDERAL BONUS checks for the state and when a child dies, all of you work to cover your ass!!!!

This case only highlights the complete charade of protecting children. The surviving children are without their only protection from the world because of criminals like yourselves. This child died because of the incompetency and greed, of the judge, criminal CPS workers and yourselves. All of you are a disgrace to justice and America. ALL OF YOU DESERVE THE ELECTRIC CHAIR FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. You know damn well what is going on and you continue to participate in it and allow it to continue. God help you someday because us parents and survivors surly won’t.

Please message these people and give them your thoughts on FB!!!



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