Dear Deputy District Attorneys Jon Hatami, Scott Yang, and the LA County District Attorney’s Office

Dear Deputy District Attorneys Jon Hatami, Scott Yang, and the LA county district attorney’s office,

First, I would like to say thank you for prosecuting the Gabriel Fernandez case and for trying to hold social workers accountable for their crimes against families and children.

I am a survivor of criminal CPS. My name is Dawn E. Worswick. I was kidnapped from my father October 7, 1977 by criminal CPS and placed into a foster home where I was brutally raped over and over again. I had to be taken to the hospital to have my female parts repaired.

My parents did not deserve to lose me in the manner that they lost me. My father served this country in the Vietnam War, my father is a war hero. My mother is a survivor on all fronts of horrific abuse by her family, she was off getting some help when all of this happened.

Ruth White made up lies about my father and had no excuse to take me, so she claimed my father raped me when in fact, it was the foster parents’ 12-year-old son that raped me over and repeatedly. All of them apparently knew about it! Criminal CPS covered this up. The hospital records show the date was after I was in care when the abuse happened, and the surgery took place. My criminal social worker is an evil, evil woman. I hope that sick nasty woman is dead.

After this incident, my father received a bill from the hospital I was born in. This is how he had found out that his baby girl had been brutally raped before she was even three years old. My father called the DA of the time. My father called the judge. My father made a police report. My father did everything he could to try to protect me. But criminal CPS covered it up and the judge told my dad basically too bad, so sad and placed a gag order over him, so he couldn’t speak out.

That I was placed in children’s Village in Beaumont California where I was brutally trafficked into child pornography, SRA (satanic ritual abuse) for four years, until I was seven. Everybody knew about it. There was 43 of us until Reiko was adopted and then there was 42. Although the staff knew that this was happening. They did nothing to stop it. They even sent us to a psychiatrist to make sure that we didn’t tell.

This abuse went on until I went to a foster home in Palmdale, California. The Osbornes couldn’t handle me. I stayed there for a year. The social workers did not tell them that I had been raped and abused for the last four years while at children’s Village. By this time, I was a terror!

Then a Patricia Avery took me in, in Lancaster, California. She adopted me but when I disclosed the abuse against me at children’s Village, I was then removed from her home and placed in a mental hospital until her insurance ran out. Then they moved me to Camarillo state mental hospital. At these hospitals they tied me down to beds and shot me up full of dangerous drugs like Thorazine and other dangerous psychotropic drugs not meant for children.

I then was moved to McLaren Hall in LA California. From there, I was in and out of group homes. I lived on the street a lot until I ended up in juvenile hall for stealing. I finally was able to convince a judge to emancipate me at 16 which he did, to the street. That was the first nice thing a judge ever did for me. He did tell me if I got into any legal trouble, I would end up in prison instead of juvenile hall.

By God’s grace, I was able to find my parents at the age of 16 without the help of criminal CPS. My adopted mom, who unadopted me, sent me some pictures that were snuck to her by one of the social workers. It had my Social Security number on it, my father’s name and my mother’s name, and my grandparents address. I was able to write to my grandparents and get in touch with my real family. You can imagine the surprise to my father because they told him that I was dead. I moved to Florida to be with my dad and because I was already pregnant, I had a baby.

I live the rest of my life trying to overcome the trauma that criminal CPS inflicted upon myself and my family. My father did not rape me. I went to regressive hypnosis and found out the truth. I also now know my father and I know that he could never do anything like that.

Criminal CPS destroys children and their families. They do not protect them. They are in the business of acquiring children for adoption trafficking, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, medical trafficking, organ donor trafficking. They are not in the business of protecting children. I know this because I lived in it. So many children are suffering right now because of criminal CPS all over the country, not just in LA county. They don’t like to get children that they can’t sell. Therefore, children like the Fernandez boy was left in his home to die and criminal social workers continue to get away with their crimes against families and their children. I guess it’s A-Okay with that appeals court to lie, falsify documents, and not do your job if you are a CPS worker!!! (Sarcastic)

Criminal CPS is not about protecting children, it is about making money. Therefore, nearly 75% of the children are on dangerous psychotropic drugs. Therefore, they steal children from new mothers at the hospital. Therefore, the system is so full of children because the money is so good that children have become currency for the state and it’s FOR PROFIT co-conspirators AKA adoption agencies, group homes, foster homes and anyone else that make big money from the states contract. Criminal CPS will sell children to anyone that pays the highest price. Foster care is not safer for children, that is a fact!

Anyone that comes against them in any state is either railroaded or murdered. It is nearly impossible to get justice against criminal CPS because they are not held accountable for their crimes against children and their families. Yet they have immunity to act without impunity or care for the families and children that are entrusted to them. There are many, many ex social workers that will speak out against these criminals, many attorneys have been disbarred for trying to fight these criminals, many judges threatened or removed, many doctors threatened and removed- you need to really investigate the facts as to why this is so.

There are many families speaking out against these criminals. Many survivors like myself, families whose children or grandchildren were kidnapped and adopted out to strangers. Senators have been murdered who have tried to expose these criminals.

One such brave woman is Nancy Schaefer; a US Georgia senator was murdered in her home in the summer of 2010 after she exposed criminal CPS for their crimes against families and children. She also exposed criminal CPS for child sex trafficking. If you really want to know the truth if you really want to do what’s right, if you really, really want to fight for good, then you will look into this and you will do something about it.

There is so much testimony, so many facts, so many stories… It is nearly impossible to ignore it if you are looking. There are good people fighting these criminals in every state, but the criminals have unlimited state resources. They have unlimited power to abuse families and their children. They have unlimited support from the community because people refuse to see the truth and do something about it until a case like Gabriel Fernandez comes up and then they want to do something about it. But, still to this day, nothing has been done to fix the problems of criminal CPS.

Those social workers were not punished for their crimes against children. They are still able to commit more crimes against more children and the problem remains in every state in the country.

If people continue to believe that criminal CPS is for children, the problem is not going to be resolved. Criminal CPS is not for children. Criminal CPS is for profit. Criminal CPS uses large for-profit organizations to acquire adoptable children and they provide analytics for agencies to do just that. Adoption and sex trafficking is the United States largest cash cow. The back-door cash that flows from that pays a lot of bills.

This is your job to investigate and find out why, how and where this is happening. If you’re going to do anything about it that, then your part of it. It’s as simple as that.

I’m writing you this letter because deep down I’m praying that there is somebody that still cares about children and I thought that maybe that was you. If it’s not and you don’t want to look into this, I will just put in my mind you are as bad as the rest of them and don’t cite me the law, because criminal CPS is breaking the law every single day and every single County of every single state in the United States of America.

They are abusing their authority under the color of law, they are abusing the constitutional rights of the families and the children and they are out right breaking the law by falsifying documents, creating false positive in tests, by committing perjury in the courtroom, and criminal judges not following the law in his own courtroom by placing gag orders on the families so they can’t speak out against the crimes being committed against them by the very agencies that say they are protecting them.

They lock children up in a mental hospital so they can’t speak, they tie him down to beds and shoot them up full of drugs so they can’t speak out against the crimes that are being committed against them. I know this to be true because I lived it. Now you are going to do something about this or you’re not! It’s as simple as that. You claim to uphold the law and investigate crimes against citizens…. We’ll see about that. Join us and fight against criminal CPS that is torturing, drugging, endangering, kidnapping, trafficking, and murdering children.

I mean business,

Former Foster child,

Dawn E. Worswick

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