The case finds that CPS social workers are not entitled to absolute immunity for investigatory conduct!

In January 2008 the law office of Robert Powell won its appeal to the California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The case finds that CPS social workers are not entitled to absolute immunity for investigatory conduct – particularly when they fabricate evidence, misrepresent evidence, and withhold exculpatory evidence. This California Appeal is a step in the direction of parental rights in their CPS cases.Click HERE

to  read the opinion.



“We’re the legal parents.” — Texas CPS

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UPDATE 5/13/08: Texas mental health professionals are speaking out against the CPS’s gestapo-like treatment of mothers and children!!!!

A couple weeks into the CPS raid on the FLDS ranch in Texas, a group of licensed professional counselors were summarily dismissed from their duties, accused by the CPS of being “too compassionate.” Isn’t it the alleged job of CPS to care for children? Then why all the concern about the contracted professional counselors actually caring about the children and mothers, you must wonder?

Read the reports from the Mental Health counselors who were contracted to provide services to the detainees. They are heart-breaking. One little boy broke from the line up and went over to a cop and said “You’re the police. Help me get my mother back. She has done nothing wrong.” The policeman could only say “I can’t do that.” Heart breaking.

There are 11 PDFs linked to from the SL Trib. article. Read them all and weep. Seriously. You will cry.

These mental health professionals stated that the CPS were awful toward the mothers and children. The mental health professionals further testified that the women were excellent mothers. They disciplined their children in kindness, not anger. They were model mothers and their children were model children, always polite, considerate, helpful.

The mental health board is now beginning an investigation of these claims. I understand that the board contains county commissioners and other elected officials. This promises to be a big deal, now that the very people charged with caring for the “prisoners” are speaking out against the CPS Gestapo.

You will see the accusations the CPS made against the mothers, dirty rotten stuff that has not come out before this. CPS agents were telling the counselors that the FLDS women had all sorts of STDs, for example (that is laughable, if it weren’t so downright nasty).

These are “must reads”. I will direct link to the PDFs here, also. You may want to right-click (ctrl-click) and “Save as” to your hard drive, so you can grab them all and read them at your leisure:

The Article:

The testimonies of the licensed professional counselors:
“This was a travesty”:

“This situation was a tragedy.”

“It was heartwrenching.”

“Our roles bacame… confidant and a broker.”

“That is a very good question.”

“Ashamed of being a Texan.”

“I often felt helpless.”

“Vast amounts of hypocrisy.”

“Even to be an observer was difficult.”

“This incident… is not what America or Texas stands for.”

“Even the simplest request was discounted.”


This should send chills down the spine of all parents everywhere in this country.

Texas claims, “”We’re the legal parents” and we’ll do whatever we please with them.

Unbelievable! Unconscionable!

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Texas will immunize FLDS children
By Brooke Adams
The Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 5:09 PM- Texas authorities have asked foster
care providers to immunize every FLDS child – despite
some parents’ concerns about possible negative
The Texas Department of Family and Protective
Services sent letters to 16 group homes and shelters
this week asking them to line up shots for the
“It appears to be a totally unimmunized
population,” said Patrick Crimmins, department
spokesman. “We’re the legal parents of the children
and we would like for them to be immunized.”
Crimmins said the state requires all children in
custody to be immunized for their “health and safety.”
He said no one would be forced to get inoculations;
older children specifically would have the opportunity
to decline the shots.
A Dallas attorney called the demand “outrageous.”
“The truth is [FLDS parents] don’t kow what to
do,” said Polly R. O’Toole, who represents one child.
“They would prefer to make that decision. But they are
afraid to exercise any options out of fear they will
be perceived as uncooperative by CPS.”
Rod Parker, a Salt Lake City attorney who has
acted as a spokesman for the FLDS, said some children
have been immunized but their health records are in
Willie Jessop, an FLDS member and spokesman, said
some parents have immunized their children and some
have not. “It’s an individual decision,” he said. But
the parents “oppose forced mandates of things
happening to their children they don’t even know about.”

See also… for info on how to legally avoid unwanted immunizations ….it’s your RIGHT

C.P.S. Is Raking In The Profits Using A Corrupt Mental Health Tool- MMPI-2- REPORT IT!!

” Use your State consumer protection laws by filing complaints with your State Consumer Protection Agency or Attorney General if you have or are ordered to take the MMPI-2 or any other psychological evaluation test scored the same way. Use the Science Fraud section of the Compedium of Organized Crime Methods and Procedures at  as evidence to support your consumer protection complaint.”

What You Need to Know Before Taking the MMPI-2: The Truth Revealed!

PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY – How Social Services and CPS might manipulate you through Perception Control Management: Technique revealed

PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY   [psy-cho-anti-lip-sey]

Is a technique of perception control management, that could be used by a social service agency against an individual, to create a false representation of that individual, or create an event that does not exist, for the purpose of wrongly influencing others.

The process consists, of any number of methods or formulas already developed and borrowed from various disciplines and sub-disciplines, such as behavior science, psychological operations, psychological warfare, Platonian dialectics and nuero-linguistic programming.

Formulas and or methods are used to manage the perception of an individuals image, speech, actions, reactions, or to change and control the perception of an event to influence an intended audience, for profit.

A manufactured representation, of an individual could be fabricated and weaponized with propaganda at any time,  without the knowledge of that individual.

This is accomplished by creating a false representation to achieve the proper response, from a targeted audience the social  service engineer’s objectives is designed to obtain.

For example, PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY could be used to manipulate a victim or an  event, to control an outcome of an investigation or wrongly influence the judgment of a court case.

PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY was created for and is the intellectual property of:

[SSEC]  Social  Service Economic Crime (research) © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.   

This definition may be reproduced with attribution of authorship to:

[SSEC] Social Service Economic Crimes (research)

and a link to this article.


Nicolas Stathopoulos

Social service crimes researcher

SSEC Social Service Economic Crime (research)

Mother Sues DHS for Taking Her Child Under False Allegations

By Trish Mehaffey, Reporter

Story Created:            Jan 5, 2010 at 9:33 PM CDT

Story Updated: Jan 5, 2010 at 9:33 PM CDT

IOWA CITY — A Guernsey mother filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Iowa Department of Human Services for placing her 5-year-old daughter in foster care based on a false allegation and asks the court to prevent this from happening again.Jessica Wilbur, 20, filed the civil lawsuit in Johnson County District Court, claiming Paul Lafauce, a DHS abuse investigator, and DHS Director Charles Krogmeier violated her constitutional rights by placing her child in foster care based on document signed by the child’s non-custodial father Robert Nino of Marshalltown, a convicted sex offender.

Nino took the 5-year-old girl for a weekend visit in November and instead of returning her to Wilbur, he kept her and filed a false sexual abuse complaint against Wilbur with the department, according to petition filed Nov. 13. Nino then signed a voluntary foster care placement agreement with DHS and the child entered foster care for two weeks.

The sexual abuse allegation was false and no child abuse investigation was filed by DHS, but the department refused to return the child until after the article about the case ran in The Gazette, Natalie Cronk, Wilbur’s attorney, said.

Cronk said DHS contacted Wilbur at that point and said her child would be returned if she signed a plan to assure the child’s safety. The plan had nothing to do with the initial allegations.

Cronk then went with Wilbur to the foster care home of Nino’s sister, who wasn’t a qualified foster parent, to take the child home after DHS couldn’t produce an order granting authority to restrain or withhold the child from her mother.

The Johnson County DHS office has retaliated against Wilbur after she took her daughter home by proceeding with a baseless investigation and has threatened additional action, the lawsuit contends.

Roger Munns, DHS spokesman, said Tuesday after reading the lawsuit that he had to consult with department officials and didn’t think he could comment.

The suit asks the court to declare the DHS policy of taking children away from their parents by obtaining signatures on voluntary foster care placement from parents with no custodial rights as a violation of Iowa law and constitutional principles.
It also asks for punitive damages against LaFauce.

An Example of Extreme Injustice and CPS Kidnapping of Newborns At Birth!

You have the right to contest the termination of parental rights as well as the right to contest any allegations made against you from CPS! In this case I would SUE the state for the illegal seizure if my children.

TIP: Reference this case in any case you are fighting against in family court if your newborn has been stolen from you or you think may be stolen from you! Oftentimes when fighting in cases the interpretation of the law is used and past rulings, such as this one, can help turn a case around.

It is of my opinion that these caseworkers and judges should have been held liable for such crimes such as kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, and fraud. They have caused irreparable damage to the children who are now 6 years old as well as the parents. This is straight up kidnapping and child abuse