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My name is Dawn E. Worswick and I am a survivor of child sex trafficking via CPS for four years I lives this torture. I have written three books and I fight vigorously against the corrupt systems of our government such as the family courts and CPS abuses.

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22 thoughts on “About Dawn E. Worswick

  1. I am wondering what making a claim against a judge’s bond might accomplish. The judge in my case regarding my granddaughter (also my daughter’s case), did not have Subject Matter Jurisdiction. In the past, the Court of Appeals in our state reversed several cases on the same grounds that our case has. However, I did not find out about this violation until several years after my granddaughter had been sold into adoption and there is no longer a right of appeal. I have just recently started the claim against the judge’s bond, but have very little information about what takes place after making a claim against the bond.

    Subject Matter Jurisdiction, I believe, would be a due process (constitutional) violation and can be challenged in any court at any time, no matter how long after a case has ended.

    I do understand that the judge will be removed from the bench until the issue is resolved. However, I think (but am not certain), that perhaps there must be more than one case against the judge’s bond and not just one in order to remove the judge from the bench and investigate.

    In the past, I have tried to get the issue of Subject Matter Jurisdiction into the state circuit court, the state’s court of claims and also into the US District Court. In each try, I get kicked out for some lack of writing in my complaint.

    Any information or direction that you might be able to give me, would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Dawn would it be possible to ask you a quick question or is there another place I might be able to post a question about a dhs/cps case in oregon? thanks i appreciate your time

  3. dawn i have a question about a dhs/cps case in oregon is there a place i can post it or may i just ask you on here?? do you know of any forums that might be of assistance to me?
    state law in oregon is if you want to appeal *[or review for error]* a “threat of harm” disposition that was founded you must do it within 30 days. my question is there any way to appeal/ file for a review of that disposition after the thirty days? it has been over 6 months.. the person founded is not the parent if that makes a difference I dunno. I desperately need help finding the answer to this!
    my answer is not found in oregon family service rule 413 -010-0745 or oregon law ors 418.005. many thanks for any responses.
    ** im not looking for legal advice, just a personal/professional opinion on this topic.

  4. Hi I am currently fighting a case against CPS. Our baby was misdiagnosed as being abused and we have medical proof that states otherwise. We are going to trail soon. Could you please email me. I would like your help. Thank you.

  5. I had custody of my son, now 11 y.o.
    In Dec of 10 i sent him to OK to spend Christmas with his moher. A round trip airfare was purchased ( by me).
    He was to be returned to me (in MT) by Jan 2.
    She did not do this. Instead, she withheld my son from me. Not one legal entitiy would do anything to help. June 2012 she was literally assisted by the OK courts in blackmailing me into signing papers. By blackmail, I mean that I was not allowed contact with my son until I signed new papers.
    I managed to work out an evev 50/50 agreement. Equal cutody, with niether parent having superior rights.
    He then had to spend the 1st semester of school with me in MT, the 2nd semester with her, in OK – where the ed system is 6-7 mos behind MT.
    OK District court has jurisdiction ( Stephens county).
    There has never been any support order. In fact it is ordered in the same papers that no support be involved.
    In lieu of support, I pay all transportation expenses.
    Custody dates are: Me, Fathers day to dec. 20. Her, dec 20 to fathers day.
    Birth cert, divorce decree, custody agreement all list me as father. There is no doubt that I am.
    Now, OK DHS has sent me ppwk (not certified(regular mail) demanding paternity testing and support.
    My son is consistantly withheld from me. He has called me crying, stating she has choked him, hit him with wooden paddles, striking his knee and hand. Law enforcement in OK says its a civil matter.

    I am concerned for my son. I wish to have jurisdiction moved to MT where her frivilous fillings are not allowed.

    Do you have any recomendations?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I feel as though I am being discriminated against because I am his father.

    Kris Ashcraft
    P.O. box 93 Sidney, MT 59270

  6. I am in desperate need of help. CPS and the CPS worker are destroying my family and not giving us any chance to get our kids back. They are ruining my marriage and trying to turn my wife and I against each other. please help me, we’re about to lose our third child that hasn’t even been born yet because of this monster of a case worker we have

  7. If someone can get back to me ASAP, I would greatly appreciate it! Looking for help right away, my family is in need!!!

  8. Hi am going through a dcf case they just tpr ed me Tuesday at court.that was so horrible and sad.my last visit with my 10 year old girls was yesterday. .my girls are vary SD and I an.they don’t like it there they always tell me.they wanna come home.i filed for a appeal on the judges decision .is that all u can do or is there something else I can do..Please Help I am desprite to get my children back home with mommy where they belong. Contact me at 386-631-8137 or email. finley_dorothy@yahoo.com. Thank You

  9. I have an open case in Kansas whether the social worker violated my finances HIPPA rights, passed along false information to KVC (a foster care placement agency), been biased towards the absentee father (we have hard evidence and multiple witnesses, including his own 17 year old daughter), he and his family have made zero effort to see our one and two year, test positive for methamphetamines regularly. The social worker made zero efforts to contact anyone in the mothers family, never returned any phone calls, and had the children placed in the home of the paternal grandparents, who have stated repeatedly that those kids aren’t his (the father) and that they aren’t shit to them. And now the children are temporarily placed with these people they do not know and are not allowed to see anyone in the mothers family according to the fathers girlfriend, who has zero rightS to them or any say in this case at all. The case workers supervisor is zero help and allowing private information, unrelated and false, to the paternal family. DCF is telling the family members there is a no contact order against myself when no such thing was ordered. Much more things involved that are proving the biased ways. We are looking for any advice on what should be done. Oh and the judge at the initial hearing asked for a urinalysis on the spot; the father tested dirty for methamphetamines and the mother tested clean; however, my fiancé is being treated like she tested dirty. Desperately seeking advice. Considering contact the main office in Topeka as well as multiple congressmen/women.

  10. I need help!!! I’m fighting CPS for my children!!! COS have ignored court orders concerning the use of drugs and alcohol use around the children that states is an immediate forfeiture of parental rights when I exercised this right they stepped in and took my kids away and gave them to the drug additict!!!! Please help me and protect my boys!!!!

  11. Dawn my name is.allen an my wife mandi aug.2015 arkansas dhs took our son. we had our problems but nothing to do with our childern. anyone can tell how much love we have. this is worst for me cause im daddy an i couldnt protect him ,,after dhs took him to foster home he was abused for days .our court appointed lawyer will not do anything. we would be forever greatful for any advice or just kind words

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